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Exploring the Haunted Happy Hour Tour in Pike Place Market, Seattle

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Exploring the Haunted Happy Hour Tour in Pike Place Market, Seattle

Are you looking for a spooky, yet illuminating experience that is fun for all ages? If so, the Pike Place Market Haunted Happy Hour Tour in Seattle, Washington, is a must-try. Led by local historian, Erin Shafkind, this tour brings you back in time to the hauntings of Seattle’s past.

On this tour, you’ll explore some of the building’s famous sites, learn about its history, and hear about some of the rumored paranormal activity that has taken place within its walls. Plus, during happy hour, you can even enjoy local craft beer and wine that are exclusively served in the area!

A Brief History of Seattle’s Pike Place Market

The Pike Place Market has been a Seattle icon since 1907. It’s definitely one of the oldest and most respected public markets in the United States. The Market consists of various privately owned buildings, as well as city-owned buildings on the hillside adjacent to it, underutilized and otherwise known as Pike Place Market Historic District.

Pike Place Market is one of the main attractions of Seattle and is visited by more than 10 million people each year. This market is known for its craft shops, bustling crowds, and mouth-watering fish stalls. The market also houses more than 200 farmers, craftspeople, restaurants, and 500 resident small businesses. It was designated for historic preservation in 1971 and continues to be a major tourist destination.

What to Expect on the Haunted Happy Hour Tour

The Pike Place Market Haunted Happy Hour Tour offers a unique way of exploring the city. As part of this fascinating tour, you will be guided through some of Seattle’s historic spots by Erin Shafkind. Ms. Shafkind has an extensive background in history and investigation of paranormal phenomena, making her the perfect guide to lead the tour.

During the tour, you’ll get to see various sites in Pike Place Market, including the Elliott and Timeview Buildings, Post Alley, Victor Steinbrueck Park, and the Gum Wall—all which have interesting stories to tell. You will also get to experience the unique atmosphere of the old market and try some local craft beer and wine during happy hour.

By attending this tour, you will learn about Seattle’s history through a unique perspective and hear stories about Seattle’s legends, both human and supernatural. You’ll even have the chance to meet local ghosts! On this tour you may hear stories about Chief Sealth, a Native American figure who negotiated with early settlers, as well as Auntie Lou Wallis, a former market employee who roams through her old stomping grounds late at night.

What Makes It Special

The Pike Place Market Haunted Happy Hour Tour is filled with interesting historic spots and fascinating stories about Seattle’s past. It’s not a regular history tour—it’s an exploration of haunting tales filled with ghosts and dark secrets that lurk beneath the market. This experience is different from any other tour offered in the area, making it a definite must-do when visiting Seattle.

Ms. Shafkind is the perfect storyteller for this tour. With her engaging storytelling skills, she brings Seattle’s history alive and creates an unforgettable experience. Her wealth of knowledge makes every stop on the tour incredibly interesting—and her enthusiasm is contagious! Her tours are sure to leave you with a deeper understanding of Seattle’s unique cultural heritage.

When and Where Can You Visit?

The Pike Place Market Haunted Happy Hour Tour usually takes place at least once a month on Fridays from 5 pm – 7 pm. Tours usually last between 1 to 1 ½ hours, depending on the interest of the group. Reservations are required for this tour and can be done here.

The meeting location is at Sanitary Public Market (1500 Pike Pl #109), at the corner of Western Avenue and Union Street—the same place where Chief Sealth once made his appearance when negotiating with early settlers in 1855.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are looking for an informative and spooky experience for yourself or for your entire family—the Haunted Happy Hour Tour of Pike Place Market is definitely an enjoyable activity to add to your itinerary. Led by an experienced local historian, this tour exploration of Seattle’s rich past provides fun and interesting stories—as well as a unique view of Seattle’s haunted grounds! So why not book your tickets to this amazing tour now while they still last?

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