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Exploring Zambezi National Park on a Game Drive in Victoria Falls Town

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Exploring Zambezi National Park on a Game Drive in Victoria Falls Town

Victoria Falls, located in the southwest of Zimbabwe, is known as the “Smoke That Thunders’, and is one of the most impressive waterfalls in the world. The Zambezi National Park is an incredible wildlife preserve just a few kilometers away from Victoria Falls Town and a game drive is the best way to explore it. So if you’re looking for an exciting day of viewing big game up close, here’s everything you need to know about a Zambezi National Park game drive in Victoria Falls Town!

Why Go on a Zambezi National Park Game Drive?

Game drives in the Zambezi National Park are a terrific way to get close to the animals of the park, including elephant, lion, Cape buffalo, rhino, impala, kudu, hippo, giraffe and more. During these drives, you’ll be in a 4×4 off-road vehicle with a knowledgeable guide who will point out the various animals and teach you about them as you go.

Depending on the specific game drive you choose, you could either drive through the national park yourself or ride in an open-air safari truck while following a professional driver. Either way, you’ll get to enjoy the beauties of Africa’s nature and wildlife. In addition, you might also get lucky and spot some of the rarer species living in the park such as hyenas, honey badgers and antelopes.

When is the Best Time for a Zambezi National Park Game Drive?

The best time for a Zambezi National Park game drive is during the dry season from June to October! These months offer lower precipitation rates and mild temperatures which make the outing more pleasant, and visibility of wildlife easier since there are less trees and bushes obstructing views.

Of course, the wildlife should be visible year-round but during the wet season (November to April), the roads can get quite muddy and difficult to navigate. Additionally, most guides are available for drives every day of the week – but check with your tour provider to confirm.

Where to Find a Game Drive in Victoria Falls Town?

Luckily, booking a game drive in Victoria Falls Town is easier said than done! There are lots of tour companies offering game drives through thte Zambezi National Park. But before you choose one, be sure to do your research. Check online reviews or speak to previous customers to get their opinion on different tour packages.

One of the best tour operators that offers an amazing game drive experience is GetYourGuide. Their game drive tour includes a professional driver/ guide who will help you spot wildlife and answer any questions you might have about zoogeography and conservation efforts. Furthermore, GetYourGuide provides all necessary gear like binoculars, cameras and hats for a comfortable ride and can easily be contacted via tour operators’ website or their friendly customer service representatives.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Game Drive Tour Package

When booking a game drive tour package, you should consider what type of accommodation you would like to stay in while on your trip. For instance, if you don’t mind camping with limited facilities, then you could choose one of GetYourGuide’s tented or camping safaris. These options usually include around two nights at various campsites before moving on to the next spot.

On the other hand, if your budget allows it and if you prefer luxury accommodations with modern amenities, then look into one of their lodge or hotel options. These offer more spacious rooms with access to pools, hot tubs and other amenities so you can relax and enjoy your time in between game drives in comfort.

Is Booking a Game Drive Worth it?

When it comes to exploring Zambezi National Park, taking a game drive is an unforgettable experience. Not only will you get to witness amazing animals up close and personal, but your guide can provide insight into different species habitats and behaviors which will become even more meaningful after seeing them in person.

Booking a game drive is also a great way to get an introduction to Zimbabwe’s fantastic wildlife conservation efforts. Your guide can share details about their work preserving some of the most endangered species including rhinos and elephants as well as how other animal populations are managed within the park.

Additionally, booking with GetYourGuide ensures a safe, comfortable and enjoyable trip due to their access to local knowledge, tracking technology, Range Rovers and top-notch gear which professional riders use on every game drive. These tours also cover insurance costs so you don’t have to worry about any surprises either!

If you’re looking for an unforgettable wildlife experience in Victoria Falls Town then booking a game drive with GetYourGuide is definitely worth your time! Experience nature moments far away from civilization – the Zambezi National Park is brimming with wonders that can easily steal any traveller’s breath away! Click here to book your adventure today!

stephen arnold xSTQzSLJA4c unsplash

Exploring Zambezi National Park on a Game Drive in Victoria Falls Town

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