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From Cartagena: Day Trip to Playa Blanca with Lunch Included

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From Cartagena: Day Trip to Playa Blanca with Lunch Included

Are you looking for a unique day filled with adventure, private activities, and even lunch included? If so, then taking a day trip from Cartagena to Playa Blanca is the perfect way to spend your day. Here we will look at what you can expect on this trip, how to book it, and more – so let’s get started!

What’s In A Day Trip To Playa Blanca From Cartagena?

When you book a day trip to Playa Blanca from Cartagena, you’re going to be taken on a complete journey. From the pick up in one of the specially designed vehicles, to the private boat ride across the Caribbean, right up to lunch and return home – here are just some of the activities included on a typical trip:

  • Pick up from your hotel in a private & comfortable vehicle
  • 20-minute stop at La Boquilla port
  • A 2-hour boat ride across the Caribbean Sea
  • Snorkelling in Cholón – a protected marine reserve
  • Time for a refreshing swim in Playa Blanca beach
  • Traditional Lunch
  • 2-hour drive back to your hotel

As you can see, this full day trip will truly be an adventure like no other; you’ll have all the time you need to enjoy snorkelling at Cholón, swimming in Playa Blanca, and more; all while having lunch included and feeling secure in a safe and comfortable environment.

What’ll the Weather Be Like?

The Caribbean can offer some very unpredictable weather, but the majority of days are filled with warm sunshine during the Spring, Summer, and Autumn months between May til October. It’s always important to check in advance what the temperature and waves will be like around La Boquilla and Playa Blanca – but typically if it is a warm day, you can expect temperatures of around 29 C (84 F) during the day and around 19 C (66 F) during nighttime. Likewise, there might be some rainy days now and then – but this won’t stop the journey; if it does rain, you can expect your vehicle to be climate controlled inside the cabin.

What Activities Are Included?

The exact activities that are included can change from one trip to another, but here are what you can expect on a typical journey during your day trip:

  • 30 minutes at La Boquilla port where your guide will give you detailed instructions on the day’s journey
  • 2-hour boat ride to Cholón and back – with some stops along the way
  • 1.5 hour snorkelling time at Cholón – while a guide takes pictures of your tour
  • 1 hour relaxing time at Playa Blanca to enjoy a refreshing swim or go kayaking
  • 1 hour lunch break at a beach-side restaurant.

You will also have an experienced guide with you during your trip who will be available to help with any questions or problems that might arise during the journey. As mentioned, you will also be taking part in a private boat tour – so even though multiple vehicles may be travelling together to La Boquilla and back, your boat tour will just be for your group size and no other guests will join.

What Will Lunch Be Like?

Lunch is included in your private boat tour – and you’ll actually have one hour to enjoy this special meal. Typical lunchtime dishes range from barbecued fish or chicken with various accompaniments such as rice, salads, plantains, and more. There will also be time to enjoy some soft drinks while you relax in the Caribbean Coast’s beautiful setting. You’re even able to ask for any special dietary needs in advance – so it’s important to mention them when booking if necessary.

How Far Is Playa Blanca From Cartagena?

The distance between Cartagena and Playa Blanca can depend on whether you take a boat or drive – but typically it takes around 4 hours to reach your destination by boat. This includes your travelling time from your hotel in Cartagena (typically 30 minutes) followed by a 2 hour boat journey across the Caribbean via La Boquilla port. When returning you can expect to have almost the same journey time, as it takes roughly 2 hours by land back home.

How To Book A Trip To Playa Blanca?

There are multiple ways that you can book a day trip to Playa Blanca from Cartagena. Your best bet is to find a reliable tour operator that specialises in trips such as this one, who will be able to provide an overview of the trip as well as guidance with any questions or requirements that you might have. You should also check if they are affiliated with any official institutions or organisations (such as tourist organisations or other official bodies) before booking through them – as this could give you added peace of mind in knowing that you are using a valid service.

One such tour operator who is able to provide this kind of experience is GetYourGuide; they offer what they dub a “Voayage Cotero” tour where users can book a whole day of private excursions at an affordable fee. The tour has all of the features listed above; pick up, private boat ride, snorkelling at Cholón, lunch break at Playa Blanca, and of course returning transfer back to your accommodation. Taking into account all of these features, GetYourGuide’s “Voayage Cotero” tour is definitely one of the best on offer – and it can all be booked simply at https://www.getyourguide.com/activity/-t292405?partner_id=UWJ1LS2SDrFm.

Taking advantage of this great opportunity will leave you with an unforgettable day excursion from Cartagena to Playa Blanca; from the crystal clear waters of Cholón Marine Reserve to a refreshing swim at Playa Blanca beach – and of course a delicious lunch included as well; there really is no better way to spend your day! So why not take this amazing opportunity and book your tour today? We promise you won’t regret it!

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