The 9 Best Guided Tours in Gran Canaria

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Welcome to Gran Canaria, a beautiful Spanish island in the Atlantic Ocean! Known for its stunning coastline and warm climate, Gran Canaria has become a top tourist destination in Spain. But with so much to see and do on the island, it can be overwhelming to plan your itinerary. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide of the best attractions and things to do in Gran Canaria. From pristine beaches to historic villages, adventurous hikes to lively nightlife, we’ve got you covered. So let’s dive in and explore all that this island paradise has to offer!

The 9 Best Guided Tours in Gran Canaria

  1. From South to North Vip Trip Total Price Per Group
  2. Gran Canaria Try Scuba Diving for Beginners
  3. Las Palmas Coastal Hike W Via Ferrata Zipline Snorkel
  4. Las Palmas Gran Canaria Jungle Abseiling With Waterfalls
  5. Surf Canaries Surf School No Experience Required
  6. Gran Canaria 5 Hour Sail Boat Trip from Puerto De Mogan
  7. Gran Canaria Guided Kayaking Trip
  8. Aguimes Cocodrilo Park Admission Ticket
  9. Discover the Old Town House of Christopher Columbus

The 9 Best Guided Tours in Gran Canaria

1. From South to North Vip Trip Total Price Per Group

Take a day trip to the inland sights of Gran Canaria with this exclusive tour. Get away from the beach and crowds and explore the island’s culture, cuisine, and stunning mountain peaks with the guidance of a knowledgeable local guide. During this all-day tour, you will stop at ten attractions, including the former astronomical observatory town of Fataga, Valley of the Thousand Palms, and Valley of Almonds. Taste the local specialties, including cheese, mojo sauce, and honey rum, and stop for a traditional lunch. All transportation is included, making it easy to cover more ground in one day. Hotel pickup, a bottle of water, and gratuities are also included. Welcome aboard for a unique and authentic experience of Gran Canaria!

2. Gran Canaria Try Scuba Diving for Beginners

Discover the amazing underwater world of Gran Canaria on a beginner’s scuba diving tour. Led by an experienced PADI Instructor, you’ll learn the basics of scuba diving and underwater breathing techniques. With top-of-the-line equipment and dive outfits provided, you’ll be fully prepared for your dive. Your instructor will provide a detailed briefing on all the essential safety points before taking you to a local dive site. In small groups, you’ll practice basic skills and become familiar with breathing techniques under the guidance of qualified instructors. Finally, get ready for your first dive to explore the incredible marine life of Gran Canaria. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to experience scuba diving in the calm and clear waters of Gran Canaria.

3. Las Palmas Coastal Hike W Via Ferrata Zipline Snorkel

Coastering is an aquatic adventure where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Mogan cliffs. The unique blend of sea and mountains makes this tour an exceptional experience. During the tour, you will have the chance to try via ferrata, suspension bridge, abseiling, snorkeling, and jumping. However, please note that you can skip any activity if you wish to walk or swim instead. This tour is suitable for all levels, and our experienced guides will provide you with all the necessary advice. As long as you are a bit fit and not afraid of heights or the ocean, you are good to go.

The meeting point for this tour is at the Medio Almud beach parking. From there, we will walk for 20 minutes until we reach the ocean. Don’t worry about bringing any equipment as everything will be provided. The tour will take approximately 2-3 hours, and we will finish at the same location where we started. A bus stop is available at the location, and we recommend carrying only essential items. Don’t miss the chance to experience the thrill of coastering while enjoying the stunning views of Las Palmas!

4. Las Palmas Gran Canaria Jungle Abseiling With Waterfalls

Looking for an adventure in Gran Canaria? Look no further than the Las Palmas Gran Canaria Jungle Abseiling With Waterfalls tour! This tour offers the chance to explore the original Gran Canaria jungle and abseil down waterfalls under the forest canopy.

The adventure begins with a 15-minute walk along a mountain trail, during which you’ll learn about the island’s geology and history. You don’t need any experience for this tour, just a normal level of fitness.

Once you arrive at the bottom of the canyon, you’ll start canyoning with a knowledgeable guide to show you the ropes. You’ll start with some fun, short slides to warm up before moving on to the main event: abseiling down the waterfalls.

The guide will teach you how to abseil and you’ll get to try it yourself (with a safety rope). You’ll learn and practice different techniques at different points in the canyon.

After you finish the tour, you’ll follow an old trail with lovely views and caves back to the starting point. The tour includes a professional guide, insurance, equipment, a snack, and pictures to remember your adventure. Don’t miss out on this thrilling, nature-packed tour in Gran Canaria!

5. Surf Canaries Surf School No Experience Required

Become a surfer for the day in Gran Canaria with the Surf Canaries Surf School tour. Learn to ride the waves in ideal summery conditions on some of the island’s best beaches. Your day begins with a fun and informative surf theory video that will prepare you for the water. Your expert instructors will guide you to the best spots and be with you at all times to ensure that you can safely and quickly learn to surf. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable experience with fun instructors and the perfect weather conditions for a day in the water.

6. Gran Canaria 5 Hour Sail Boat Trip from Puerto De Mogan

This 5-hour sailboat trip from Puerto De Mogan is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the stunning waters of the Atlantic Ocean in the South of Gran Canaria. With a maximum capacity of 10 passengers, you will have plenty of space to relax and take in the breathtaking views. The tour includes soft drinks, beer, wine, and a delicious lunch, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the journey.

Whether you want to be a part of the crew and steer the boat or simply enjoy the cruise, this experience promises to be unforgettable. You will be provided with snorkelling equipment and will have the chance to stop at one of the charming beaches along the South Coast of Gran Canaria. During the tour, you will have the thrill of watching the sails fill with the sea breeze as you admire the magnificent views of the coast.

This is a unique opportunity to explore Gran Canaria from a new perspective, and with a little luck, you may even spot some of the incredible marine life that inhabits the waters. Do not miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

7. Gran Canaria Guided Kayaking Trip

After meeting at Santa Águeda’s beach in El Pajar (Arguinerguin) you will be provided with your safety equipment and instructions for a half-day guided kayaking trip across the coast of Gran Canaria. Paddle your way through the rocks towards the Los Militares archeological site where you can learn more about Canarian culture and the last aboriginals that lived there. After a break, continue kayaking past the little beaches of the south-west coast and reach Playa de Montaña Arena, one of the last virgin beaches of the island. Here you will have some free time to relax before heading back. Experience the beauty of Gran Canaria from a different perspective on this guided kayaking trip.

8. Aguimes Cocodrilo Park Admission Ticket

Discover an incredible animal kingdom at the Cocodrilo Park, offering an unforgettable experience for you and your family. Witness funny interactions with little foxes and snakes and explore over its 20,000 square meters of zoo enclosures and attractions. There are over 500 different animals to discover, including the largest exhibit of alligators in Europe. Enjoy the company of meerkats, turtles, lizards, raccoons, birds, deers, tigers, pigs, pygmy goats, llamas, monkeys, and chimpanzees. Don’t miss the delicious menu of hot dogs and refreshing drinks served at the monkey snack-bar. Contribute to the care of these beautiful animals by purchasing an admission ticket, which includes entrance and food and drinks. Visit the Aguimes Cocodrilo Park for an adventure unlike any other in Gran Canaria.

9. Discover the Old Town House of Christopher Columbus

Explore the original Castilian city in the Atlantic Ocean, where Christopher Columbus set off on his famous journey. Take a stroll through the cobblestone streets of Las Palmas’s Vegueta and Triana districts and learn more about the history and culture of the area. Admire the beautiful Cathedral of Santa Ana, one of the most important monuments of Canarian architecture. See the decorative houses of the old Canarian nobility and gain more knowledge about Christopher Columbus and his role in history. This tour is a must-do for anyone with an interest in culture, history, and beautiful sights.

The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Gran Canaria: Answers to Help Tourists Plan Their Visit

Gran Canaria is a beautiful island located in the Canary Islands that is visited by millions of tourists every year. No matter what kind of traveler you are, there is something for everyone on this island – whether you’re looking for the perfect place to relax, have adventures, or learn about the local culture. But before you pack your bags and head for the island, you may have questions about what to expect during your trip. In this blog post, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Gran Canaria.

What is the Best Time to Visit Gran Canaria?

The best time to visit Gran Canaria is between the months of May to October, supported by the fact that most tourists opt for a summer beach holiday. During these months, the weather is warm and dry, with average temperatures ranging from the low to mid-20s. However, this is also peak tourist season, so expect crowds and higher prices both for accommodation and activities. If you are looking to avoid the crowds and get better deals, you may consider visiting the island during the winter months when the weather is still pleasant enough to enjoy outdoor activities and attractions without facing large crowds.

What is the Currency Used in Gran Canaria?

The currency used in Gran Canaria is the Euro. This means you can use Euros for any transactions on the island, from buying souvenirs and meals to payment for accommodation or attractions. There are numerous ATMs and banks in Gran Canaria that can change foreign currency and offer favorable exchange rates.

Do I Need to Learn Spanish to Visit Gran Canaria?

The official language spoken in Gran Canaria is Spanish, and it can be helpful if you have some knowledge of Spanish, especially if you plan on venturing outside tourist areas. However, most restaurants, shops, and tourist attractions have English speaking staff that can help tourists, making it easy to communicate in English. Additionally, it is always a good idea to learn a few basic phrases in Spanish as it shows respect to the locals and can make your trip more enjoyable.

What are the Must-See Attractions in Gran Canaria?

Gran Canaria is full of unforgettable sights and landmarks. After all, the island is known as the “miniature continent” due to its diverse landscapes that vary from golden sand dunes to pine forests, historic towns to modern cities. If you are visiting Gran Canaria, you certainly can’t miss the following attractions:

  • Puerto de Mogán: A charming fishing village with beautifully decorated houses, a marina, and a beach.
  • Las Palmas: The capital of Gran Canaria known for its historic Old Town, gorgeous long beach, and bustling city center.
  • Roque Nublo: The iconic volcanic rock that stands 80 meters tall in the Gran Canaria mountains.
  • Maspalomas Sand Dunes: A nature reserve in the stunning southern coast of the island, featuring rolling sand dunes that stretch for miles.
  • Jardín Botánico Canario Viera y Clavijo: A botanical garden located on Tafira alta, which showcases the unique flora found only in the Canary Islands.

Is Gran Canaria Safe to Visit?

Gran Canaria is generally a very safe place to visit. The island has a low crime rate, and most visits are trouble-free. Nevertheless, travelers should always take precautions to ensure their safety, especially by avoiding unlit and deserted areas at night, keeping valuable items hidden, and following standard safety recommendations like you would in any other travel destination.

What Activities Can I Do in Gran Canaria?

There are plenty of activities that you can do in Gran Canaria that will keep you entertained throughout your trip, whether you are traveling alone, as a couple, with friends or with family. Below are some of the popular activities that you can participate in while visiting Gran Canaria:

  1. Beach hopping: With over 80 beaches spread across the island, you are spoilt with choice for sunbathing or water sports activities,
  2. Hiking and mountain biking: Gran Canaria’s varied landscapes offer an excellent opportunity for travelers who love the great outdoors, to explore the island’s natural beauty
  3. Visit Museums: Gran Canaria has an impressive range of museums on offer, showcasing the unique culture and history of the Canary Islands.
  4. Go shopping: From the traditional open-air markets to modern shopping centers, Gran Canaria has something unique to offer to every type of shopper.
  5. Dining and Nightlife: Gran Canaria has an array of traditional eateries, modern restaurants, and bars to choose from where you can indulge in local cuisine or international flavors, beers, wines, and cocktails.

What is the Best Way to Get Around Gran Canaria?

The best way to get around Gran Canaria is by renting a car or by using public transport. You can get around the island easily by having access to your own car, giving you more flexibility to explore the island. Gran Canaria has an extensive network of buses that connect the island’s major attractions, including the north and the South. It is a convenient and budget-friendly option for travelers. Taxis are available throughout the island, but it is important to note that taxi fares can be expensive, especially during the peak season.

What is the Culture of Gran Canaria?

Gran Canaria has a culture that is heavily influenced by the Spanish and other European countries, close proximity to Africa and links to the pirate past of the Canary Islands. Its traditions, festivals, and cuisine reflect this heritage. Spanish is the official language, and Catholicism is the predominant religion. The island’s traditional cuisine is based on seafood and fresh vegetables, with Canarian dishes like papas arrugadas with mojo sauce, gofio, and sancocho being among the most popular menu items.

How to Spend Your Time as a Tourist in Gran Canaria: A Comprehensive Guide

Gran Canaria is a Spanish island located in the Atlantic Ocean that offers an impressive variety of activities and attractions for travelers. From sandy beaches and clear water to historical sites and exciting nightlife, this destination has something for everyone.So, if you’re planning a trip to Gran Canaria and wondering how to spend your time on this beautiful island of Canary, this guide is for you. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best activities and attractions that Gran Canaria has to offer.

1. Visit Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is the capital city of the island and the most populated one. Going on a guided tour of this city is the best way to get a taste of its unique history and culture. Some of the highlights of Las Palmas are:

  • The historical quarter of Vegueta where you can visit the cathedral of Santa Ana, the Casa-Museo de Colón, and the Canary Museum.
  • The Santa Catalina Park and its White Beach (Playa de las Canteras) where you can relax and enjoy the sun, swim, or snorkel in the sea.

2. Explore the Mountains of Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria’s interior is dominated by mountains, which means that the island offers a lot of opportunities for hiking and exploring. The most popular hiking routes are:

  1. The Roque Nublo and its Natural Monument – this tall rock is the symbol of the island and offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains.
  2. The Tamadaba Natural Park – a dense forest located in the northwest of the island that is home to countless endemic species of plants and animals.

3. Discover Gran Canaria’s Beaches

One of the main reasons why tourists flock to Gran Canaria is because of its beaches. Whether you’re looking for bustling beaches with lots of activities or quiet secluded ones, you’ll find your ideal spot on this island. Some of the top beaches to visit are:

  • Maspalomas Beach – one of the largest beaches on the island with sand dunes.
  • Anfi del Mar – a man-made beach located in the south of the island with crystal clear water and incredible views of the mountains.
  • Playa de Mogán – an authentic fishing village located on the southern coast of the island with a picturesque marina.

4. Go on a Food Tour in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria has a rich culinary tradition with influences from Spanish, African, and Latin American cuisines. Going on a food tour is the best way to discover the island’s gastronomy, which revolves around fresh seafood, traditional stews, and desserts made from local ingredients. Some of the must-try dishes are:

  • Papas Arrugadas – small salted potatoes served with mojo sauce.
  • Escaldón – a traditional stew made with gofio flour, fish, and vegetables.
  • Queso de Flor – a cheese made from goat milk and covered with flowers.

5. Enjoy Gran Canaria’s Nightlife

When the sun goes down, Gran Canaria comes alive with its bustling nightlife. The island has a huge variety of bars, clubs, and live music venues that cater to all tastes. Some of the most popular areas for nightlife are:

  • The Kasbah Centre in Playa del Inglés – a complex with bars, clubs, and restaurants that opens until late.
  • The Cita Centre in Playa del Inglés – an open-air shopping center with bars and restaurants that offers different shows and musical performances every night.

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Gran Canaria is a destination that has something to offer for everyone. Whether you’re looking to relax on the beach, explore historical sites, or discover local food and culture, this island is the perfect place to spend your time as a tourist. We hope that this guide has given you some inspiration for planning your next trip to this spectacular destination.

The 9 Best Guided Tours in Gran Canaria

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