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Halifax: What’s the Best City To Live In?

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Halifax: What’s the Best City To Live In?

Halifax is one of the most beautiful and history-rich cities in Canada, making it a highly popular choice for people looking to relocate. Whether it’s for a job opportunity, educational advancement, or any other reason, plenty of people are eager to know if Halifax is the right city for them. So, what’s the best city to live in – Halifax or elsewhere?

What Makes Halifax Such An Attractive City

Halifax combines an extremely vibrant and diverse cultural scene with endless opportunities for outdoor adventure. Whether it’s picturesque walking trails through breathtaking natural landscape, nearby skiing and snowboarding opportunities in winter, or just the many myriad of excellent restaurants and bars, Halifax has it all. Smaller local businesses make up much of the commercial activity here, helping to sustain a strong community spirit which is rare in bigger cities.

The cost of living in Halifax is also quite reasonable compared to other major Canadian cities such as Toronto and Vancouver. The provincial government provides efficient healthcare services and excellent educational institutions, so you’d be hard pushed to find a better place to raise a family. Furthermore, with no provincial sales tax, there are plenty of economic incentives for businesses to set up shop here. This has seen a steady growth in employment opportunities in Halifax and, as such, a series of initiatives to promote investment and new development in the city over the past few years.

Experience True Maritime Culture

It has to be said that one of the great attractions Halifax has is its incredible maritime history. Along with being highly regarded as one of the oldest settlements in Canada, Halifax also holds relevance as a major port of North America. Thanks to its unique history, it’s easy to experience true Maritime culture – something that many find hugely appealing when relocating to the area. From traditional fishing villages to awe-inspiring historical sites such as Fort Needham Park, there is truly plenty to explore. In addition, its location along the Atlantic Ocean means there’s a staggering array of outdoor activities available all year round – from sunrise kayaking excursions to whale-watching trips – at extremely reasonable cost.

The Verdict: Is Halifax The Best City To Live In?

When it comes to considering whether Halifax is the best city to live in, it really depends on personal preferences and needs. The obvious fact is that the city offers a great combination of natural beauty and easy access to cultural experiences/history; however, places like Toronto and Vancouver continue to remain top choice for people hoping for more exciting career opportunities. Nevertheless, for those wishing for a more laid back lifestyle and plenty of outdoor activities for all seasons, Halifax is undoubtedly the best city to live in.

To learn more about all aspects of living in Halifax, from property availability and job market prospects to education options and cultural experiences you can read this in-depth guide from Halifax Bloggers. This article contains an excellent overview of every aspect of Halifax life and provides invaluable insight into what you can expect when you decide to up sticks and move to this vibrant Maritime city.

Insider’s Guide to Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax is a bustling and vibrant city located on the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada. It’s a city steeped in history, culture, and natural beauty, making it the perfect destination for travelers looking for a bit of everything. Listed below is a comprehensive guide to some of the best things to see and do in Halifax, suitable for tourists with various interests and preferences.

Explore the Local Attractions

There are plenty of things to see and do in Halifax, including visiting some of the city’s top attractions. A great place to start is the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site, where you can explore the fort’s ramparts and tunnels while learning about the city’s military history. You could also visit the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, which highlights the city’s maritime heritage and features Titanic artifacts. The Halifax Public Gardens is another popular destination, offering visitors a peaceful oasis in the heart of the city with various walking paths, ponds, and colorful gardens.

Dine in Style

Halifax is known for its seafood, so dining out represents a must-have experience for seafood lovers. Some of the top seafood spots include The Five Fishermen Restaurant & Grill, The Shore Club Lobster Suppers, and The Press Gang Restaurant & Oyster Bar. For those who prefer something less fishy, there are plenty of other options, such as French cuisine at Bistro Le Coq, farm-to-table options at The Wooden Monkey, or gourmet burgers at Ace Burger Co.

Experience the Local Culture

Halifax is bustling with cultural experiences and events, with various festivals taking place throughout the year. For history and architecture lovers, the Historic Properties and Alexander Keith’s Brewery offer a glimpse into the past, or you could take a tour of the Halifax Distillery Co. and try some local liquor. To experience live entertainment and music, visit the Halifax Metro Centre, the Rebecca Cohn Auditorium or The Lower Deck Bar & Grill. In addition, the Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market, which is one of the oldest in the country, is an excellent place to grab some locally made crafts, foods, and beverages.

Learn About the Local History

Halifax’s history spans way back, from the Mi’kmaq people through to the British, French, and American periods. To get an in-depth look into this history, you could visit the Black Cultural Centre for Nova Scotia, which celebrates the African Nova Scotian community. Other notable sites include the Grand-Pré National Historic Site, where you can learn about the Acadian Expulsion, or the Province House, which is a national historic site that hosted the first responsible government in the British Commonwealth.

Off-the-beaten-path suggestions

If you’re looking for something more unconventional, head a bit outside of town and explore some of the natural wonders surrounding the city. A popular spot is Peggy’s Cove, only an hour’s drive away from Halifax; its lighthouse and vast granite outcrops making it a breathtaking photo opportunity. Another must-see destination is Kejimkujik National Park Seaside, which has plenty of hiking trails through pristine forests, beaches, and coastal landscapes. Or escape to McNabs Island, the biggest island in Halifax Harbor with historical military tunnels and buildings, and beaches perfect for picnics.

With everything from fresh seafood to natural beauty, Halifax represents a perfect blend of history, culture, adventure, and cuisine. No matter what your interests are, you’ll find plenty of ways to explore and enjoy this stunning city.

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Halifax: What’s the Best City To Live In?

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