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Historic Pub Crawl in Philadelphia

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Historic Pub Crawl in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is one of America’s oldest and most vibrant cities, making it the ideal destination for a pub crawl. With its rich history, authentic pubs and craft breweries, and lively atmosphere, Philadelphia is a great place to explore and experience one of the country’s most beloved pastimes: the pub crawl.

Whether you’re a history buff or craft beer enthusiast, a pub crawl in Philadelphia is the perfect way to spend an evening discovering the city’s best bars and pubs. On this exciting tour, you can sample craft beers and snacks while learning about Philadelphia’s fascinating past. From colonial-era taprooms to modern microbreweries, this guide will give you all the details about the historic pub crawl in Philadelphia.

What is a Historic Pub Crawl?

A historic pub crawl is a guided tour of Philadelphia’s rich cultural and drinking scene. Guided by an experienced tour guide, participants can enjoy sampling local craft beers and learning about the area’s unique history. The tour typically includes stops at several of Philadelphia’s iconic pubs and brewpubs, which offer rare brews and tasty snacks. Along the way, participants can explore the city’s historic taverns and learn about the people and places that have shaped Philadelphia’s heritage.

Benefits of a Historic Pub Crawl

The benefits of a historic pub crawl are abundant:

  • Explore Philadelphia’s vibrant drinking and cultural scenes.
  • Sample a variety of craft beers, ales, lagers and more.
  • Discover the inspiring stories behind the bars and pubs.
  • Mix and mingle with locals and fellow tourists.
  • Learn more about Philadelphia’s fascinating history.

Where to Go on a Historic Pub Crawl

The heart of Philadelphia’s historic pubs is located in Old City. Old City is one of Philadelphia’s oldest neighborhoods and is home to numerous colonial-era taverns, bars and pubs. Whether you’re strolling down cobbled streets or navigating narrow alleys, you’ll find plenty of cozy places to have a beer or two. Here are some of Old City’s most inviting pubs:

  • Gettysburg Pub: Established in 1777 during the American Revolution, this historical German beer hall has remained largely unchanged since its inception. The interior blends old world charm with contemporary design while offering an extensive selection of German and American craft brews.
  • Bud’s Bar: Located in a former federal customs house built in 1762, Bud’s Bar offers an extensive menu of specialty beers from local artisans. The large mahogany bar has a quiet atmosphere and makes you feel like you stepped into a simpler time.
  • McGillin’s Old Ale House: Since 1860, McGillin’s has been an iconic drinking spot for generations of Philly locals. The tavern has retained its historic charm with its 150 year old wooden bar, cozy atmosphere and great selection of local craft beers.
  • Horseshoe Tavern: Dating back to 1755, The Horseshoe Tavern is a true survivor of Old City’s colorful past. The tiled walls and wooden floors provide the perfect backdrop for sampling dozens of uniquely brewed beers.

Tips for Planning a Historic Pub Crawl in Philadelphia

Whether you’re exploring Old City pubs or seeking out modern craft beer spots in East Coast cities like Chicago, Seattle and New York, here are some tips for planning a successful historic pub crawl in Philadelphia:

  • Choose your venues wisely: Be sure to pick out your venues carefully – the last thing you want is to be stuck drinking from a boring bar all night! Look for unique places with character that offer a great selection of craft beers. Do some research beforehand to make sure you won’t get disappointed.
  • Pace yourself: Remember – you don’t have to finish every beer in one go! Pace yourself throughout the night so you can enjoy each sip. This means sipping slowly, sipping moderately, spacing out your beers with snacks or food, and being aware of your limits.
  • Book in advance: When planning an organized pub crawl, it’s important to book your tour in advance – this ensures that you’ll get priority when selecting your venues and preferred seating.
  • Know the rules: Don’t forget to familiarize yourself with each bar’s policies before entering. Some pubs may have age restrictions or dress codes so it’s important to know what they are before you arrive.
  • Have Fun!: Above all, remember – you’re on vacation! Enjoy your time exploring some of the city’s best pubs and make sure you take plenty of photos to remember the great time you had!

Take an Organized Historic Pub Crawl in Philadelphia

For a hassle-free and memorable experience, consider booking an organized tour with a qualified guide. With GetYourGuide’s Historic Pub Crawl in Philadelphia, you can get all the benefits of a self-planned pub crawl without any of the hassle. You’ll be able to sample locally brewed craft beers at some of the city’s most beloved pubs while learning about their fascinating past. Plus, each tour come with complimentary drinks to make your evening even more enjoyable! To get more information or book your spot today, please visit GetYourGuide’s Historic Pub Crawl.

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