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Hong Kong: Plover Cove Bicycling and Hiking Adventure

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Hong Kong: Plover Cove Bicycling and Hiking Adventure

The stunning landscape of Hong Kong makes it a standout among holiday destinations. One of the best ways to explore the city is to go on a cycling and hiking trip to Plover Cove, one of Hong Kong’s most picturesque, peaceful outdoor places.

If you love outdoor activities, Plover Cove is the perfect place to explore. It is located on the eastern part of the New Territories, surrounded by the tranquil Plover Cove and Tolo Harbors. In this scenic spot, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the vibrant nature and participate in various activities, such as bird watching and walking tours.

What’s more, the Plover Cove Reservoir is a popular destination for cycling and hiking enthusiasts. Located in the Tai Po district, the reservoir boasts more than 12 trails for both experienced and amateur hikers. Along these trails, travelers can explore the countryside and take in beautiful views of the reservoir and its ever-changing landscape.

The trails are open all day, giving you plenty of time to explore this underrated region of Hong Kong. The trails range from easy to difficult, so everyone can find something suitable for their level of experience. Some trails provide a more challenging terrain, while others are designed to be more walkable.

The scenery around Plover Cove is gorgeous. It is a great spot for bird-watchers, campers and even photographers seeking Instagram-worthy shots of the Eastern countryside. The combination of lush green trees and refreshing lake water is almost heavenly.

What to Bring on a Plover Cove Bicycling and Hiking Adventure

A Plover Cove bicycling and hiking adventure requires some preparation. Before heading out, make sure to think about what you need to bring to make the most of your adventure.

First and foremost, you will need to wear suitable clothing and footwear. Depending on the season and the trail you choose, it’s important to dress accordingly. Sturdy shoes with good grip are always important, as are light jackets for cooler days. If you’re cycling, make sure to bring a good-quality bike lock as well.

Aside from clothing, always carry some drinking water with you. Even during cooler months, it’s crucial to stay hydrated while exploring the trails. Some light snacks are also a good idea if you’re going out for a longer period of time.

How to Get to Plover Cove

For those interested in taking a Plover Cove bicycling and hiking adventure, getting there can be a bit tricky. The easiest way to get there is by car. There are several car parks located on site, giving visitors easy access to get outdoors and start their journey. Public transportation is also an option, with buses from Kwun Tong and Tai Po taking travelers directly to nearby stops.

What to See at Plover Cove

Visitors exploring Plover Cove will be able to enjoy a rich selection of native wildlife and other attractions. Along with its tranquil waters, the area presents some of Hong Kong’s most picturesque landscapes. Here are some of its highlights:

  • Native wildlife: Wildlife lovers will be able to observe native birds, butterflies and other species throughout their hike.
  • Picturesque waterfalls: Plover Cove offers several waterfalls with varying levels of difficulty. For those looking for a peaceful stroll, they could try the Plum Blossom Falls while more challenging options such as the Horned Sun Flower Falls may interest more experienced hikers.
  • Historical monuments: The area also provides several historical sites that have played an important role in Hong Kong’s past. Notable locations include Castle Peak and Needle Point Temple.

Exploring Plover Cove Through a Guided Tour

For the best experience in Plover Cove, it’s recommended to book a guided tour from GetYourGuide. Enjoying the area with an experienced guide allows visitors to learn more about the local history, receive explanations about wildlife species and discover hidden spots that were not easily accessible before. Plus, having someone to lead your group makes it easier for everyone to focus more on savoring the beauty of nature rather than getting lost in unfamiliar terrain.

Most tours provide visitors with bicycles, making it easier for all members of their group, including those without much cycling experience or not familiar with the area, to keep up with the tour’s stops while having fun with others. Furthermore, each tour offers informative talks guided by professional guides about any subject related to the place that’s visited during the day.

So if you’re looking for an unforgettable experience near Hong Kong’s countryside, book a Plover Cove biking and hiking adventure today! A journey through this picturesque region is something you won’t soon forget!

ugur akdemir HbYnglDQmuo unsplash

Hong Kong: Plover Cove Bicycling and Hiking Adventure

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