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Horseback Ride and Swim in Montego Bay: A Complete Guide

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Horseback Ride and Swim in Montego Bay: A Complete Guide

Have you ever wanted to explore Jamaica’s lush jungle on horseback, then cool off with a leap into the crystal blue Caribbean Sea? Montego Bay is one of Jamaica’s top tourist destinations and offers spectacular views, pristine beaches, and plenty of adventure activities. Among the most popular excursions is a horse ride culminating with a swim in the Caribbean Sea.  

This guide will give you a step-by-step guide to riding and swimming in the beautiful Montego Bay waters, with all the essential information you need for planning your trip.

Where Can I Horseback Ride and Swim in Montego Bay?

Horse rides and swims can be organized from both Montego Bay and Negril. The two sites are very different but both are great places to experience this unique adventure.
In Montego Bay, your ride will take place at a renowned local ranch and horse center along Irwin Estate Road. It’s here where you’ll take off from your beach ride across the ranch trails, through small streams, and eventually leading to a picturesque white-sand beach. Once at the beach, it’s time for a much-needed break and a chance to splash into the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Negril is also a great place for your horse ride and swim experience. The ride usually begins at Haughton Hall, a large plantation that’s home to the island’s most exquisite horse collection. As you ride through the winding trails, you might come across some local wildlife, like monkeys and tortoises, plus some incredible views of the Caribbean Sea. As part of your journey, you’ll also take a plunge into the sea while still on horseback!

What Does This Activity Include?

Most tour operators will include all the necessary gear, like helmets and life vests. You’ll also be provided with an experienced guide who will ensure everyone feels comfortable while riding their horse and make sure the tour is adapted to the skill level of each person riding that day.

Before you start galloping across the trails, a few minute of basic instructions about horseback riding and methods of communication between you and the horse will be provided. Safety is always a priority with any adventure tour so make sure you listen carefully to your guide each step of the way.

What Requirements are There?

Some tour operators might require a minimum of 4 participants to run the tour. Also, expect to be asked about your riding experience before braving the trails since this activity is designed for beginner-intermediate riders.

Chances are you’ll get a bit wet during your ride, so be sure to come prepared to get splashing in the sea. Bring along a swimsuit, shorts, t-shirt, towel, sunscreen, and a hat if you plan on spending time in the sun. You can also bring along some money in case you want to buy souvenirs or snacks during the tour.

What’s the Best Time for This Activity?

Most tours usually start around mid-morning or early afternoon for optimal conditions and weather. That said, since this activity relies heavily on weather conditions such as sun and wind, confirm with your tour operator on what time would be best for your ride and swim adventure.

How Long Does this Activity Last?

Rides typically last anywhere from 1-2 hours, depending on the size of the group and their skill levels. You should also count on at least an hour or two of swimming in the crystal clear waters of Montego Bay.

What Should I Expect During My Tour?

Your tour operator will take care of every detail while you enjoy your ride. So expect a lot of fun and adventure each step of the way! During your ride, you’ll be accompanied by picturesque views of the Caribbean Sea and lush jungle trails. You’ll also take a dip in the sea on horseback – definitely an unforgettable experience!


There are few experiences as unique as horseback riding and swimming in Montego Bay! So if you’re looking for an unforgettable adventure full of natural beauty and plenty of fun, then this is definitely something you should try during your next visit to Jamaica. Don’t forget to book yours online and get ready for Caribbean waves and thrilling rides! To make sure you have everything planned out perfectly book your own horseback ride and swim here: Horseback riding and swimming experience in Montego Bay.

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Horseback Ride and Swim in Montego Bay: A Complete Guide

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