How to Find the Best Pub Crawl on Frenchmen Street in New Orleans?

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by | Feb 2, 2023 | Activities, New Orleans

How to Find the Best Pub Crawl on Frenchmen Street in New Orleans?

Frenchmen Street in New Orleans is well known as a mecca for live music and nightlife. With an amazing variety of bars, clubs and music venues, it is easy to get overwhelmed by all the choices. To help you get the most out of Frenchmen Street and experience the best of its nightlife, we have put together a Frenchmen Street live music pub crawl with the top bars and hopping spots in the area.

What’s a Pub Crawl?

A pub crawl is an organized tour of a specific set of bars or pubs in a specific area. Usually led by a host, the tour will include a selection of pubs that are in close proximity to each other, taking guests through a walking tour of the city to enjoy some of the area’s best drinks, food, and nightlife.

Depending on the specific tour, you could spend the day buzzing between multiple bars, or you can even spend the entire evening meandering from one spot to the next. No matter where you start, most pub crawls provide a unique way to experience all of the exciting nightlife locations in a city like New Orleans.

Why You Should Join a Frenchmen Street Live Music Pub Crawl

When it comes to pub crawls, Frenchmen Street has long been known as one of New Orleans’ biggest and best. With a vibrant arts culture, electric live music scene and endless selection of nightlife venues, it is no surprise that Frenchmen Street is one of the most popular destinations for pub crawls.

Whether you’re looking for live music or good vibes, Frenchmen Street has something to offer everyone. On any given night, the street is alive with street musicians, performing artists, and out-of-towners who are ready and willing to show you a great time. The best part about joining a Frenchmen Street pub crawl is that locals know all the best spots for drinks and dancing, and will help guide you through the city.

Where to Go on a Frenchmen Street Live Music Pub Crawl

To ensure that your evening of barhopping and partying is as amazing as possible, here’s a look at some of the best bars on Frenchmen Street.


This iconic live music venue has been welcoming guests with some of New Orleans’ most unique and eclectic performances since 2010. The bar has earned a reputation as a bastion for emerging talent from an impressive line-up of genres including pop, folk, jazz and more. Plus, there’s never a cover charge for live music.

The Three Muses:

The Three Muses is a beloved neighborhood spot for dinner and beers on Frenchmen Street. With an expertly crafted dinner menu that focuses on Mediterranean flavors, this is also one of the best places to hear New Orleans’ best jazz and acoustic bands from Thursday to Sunday.

Apple Barrel Bar:

This beloved dive bar on Frenchmen Street has long been known as one of the city’s best spots for cheap drinks and great vibes. With vintage video arcade games, cheap beer specials, and no cover charge to boot, the Apple Barrel Bar is one stop on your pub crawl that you’re definitely going to remember.

These are just a few great bars on Frenchmen Street – there are plenty more – but they’re all great spots to make sure your pub crawl is one to remember!

How to Find the Best Frenchmen Street Live Music Pub Crawl

If you are searching for the best way to experience Frenchmen Street’s lively nightlife in New Orleans, then look no further than a pub crawl. Experienced local guides can help show you all the amazing spots as well as some local favorites that you might not find anywhere else. To make it worth your while, look for pub crawls that also include great drinks discounts and VIP access to some of the best venues in town.

For those wanting to find an evening tour of the live music in Frenchmen Street, you won’t have to look far – Viator offer a very popular Frenchmen Street tour. This tour takes you hopping between some of the best spots on the street each night including The Three Muses and Maison (just to name a few). There is also special discounts for many restaurants, bars and clubs along these popular streets so that you make sure that backpackers get great value for money. The tour also includes VIP access for two of our favorite venues at The Apple Barrel Bar and The Dragon’s Den in exclusive balconies overlooking the busiest parts of town.

Whether you are looking for a unique party experience as part of ongoing celebrations or taking an international trip with friends or family – this tour is ideal for giving a local tour guide experience with all the details taken care of ahead of time – from pick up and drop off at hotels in central locations, to discounts for eating and drinking along the way. So join this popular Frenchmen Street tour today and find out why it is fast becoming the most popular pub crawl in New Orleans!

How to Find the Best Pub Crawl on Frenchmen Street in New Orleans?

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