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How to Have the Best Key West Pub Crawl Ever?

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How to Have the Best Key West Pub Crawl Ever?

Are you planning an unforgettable night out in Key West? A pub crawl is the perfect way to explore the popular bars, clubs, and other nightlife establishments of this notorious party destination. We’ll walk you through the best approach to planning and executing your Key West Pub Crawl and how to maximize your fun and avoid common pitfalls!

What is a Pub Crawl?

A pub crawl (or bar crawl) is where a group of friends or acquaintances visit a selection of bars in a predetermined route over the course of an evening. This allows for a lot of variety and likely some interesting conversations! Traditionally, pubs provided simple food like nuts or pretzels to accompany the drinks. Today, pub crawls take many forms from beer tasting to cocktail mixology lessons.

What to Include in Your Key West Pub Crawl

For the ultimate Key West pub crawl, you’ll want to include some of the most popular bars and clubs in the area. Most of these destinations offer discounted drinks, live music, and great vibes. Here are some of our top picks:

  • Irish Kevin’s Bar & Grill
  • 80’s Retro Bar
  • Eightyeight Bar
  • Treasure Tavern Cabaret & Piano Bar
  • Rick’s & Durty Harry’s
  • Bahama Village Music Club & Making Spirits Bright

Overall, Key West boasts dozens of great bars and clubs that provide entertaining nights out. Make sure to do your research and pick the ones that best fit your group’s tastes and preferences.

Creating the Perfect Pub Crawl Route

When planning a pub crawl, you’ll want to map out the route ahead of time so that your group has a plan for the night (and a way back home afterwards!). The exact route will depend on your group’s preferences, but generally we recommend avoiding long walks between bars. Try to make visits about evenly spaced-out throughout the night, giving everyone enough time to enjoy each establishment without having to rush. You don’t want to miss out on experiencing some of the best portions of a particular bar! Additionally, depending on your distance you could consider a party bus or taxi for transportation.

When planning a pub crawl route, you may want to consider the times that different bars close or move your group along accordingly. Many popular Key West bars close earlier than in other towns, so be aware of what hours each bar remains open until. Alternatively, if you’re not looking to rush through multiple bars in one night, consider focusing your pub crawl on just one area. Key West is great with many bars located within walking distance of each other!

Best Practices For Your Key West Pub Crawl

When organizing and attending a pub crawl, there are certain behaviors you should exercise caution with. Generally, pub crawls are meant to be fun and social events, but too much drinking can result in bad experiences for everyone involved. To maximize your enjoyment and ensure everyone’s safety:

  • Plan a route ahead of time and make sure everyone understands it before leaving.
  • Try not to mix drinks with different levels of alcohol content.
  • Keep drinks to moderate amounts – too much alcohol can be dangerous.
  • Be mindful of your surroundings and respectful of others.
  • Be aware of the drinking laws in each state and adhere to them.
  • Always have a designated driver who is sober.

Another important thing to consider when organizing your Key West Pub Crawl is your budget – more drinks mean more money! Be aware of how much money you have available while planning your route so that all members can have an enjoyable evening without running out of funds. Consider booking a tour experience with Viator that includes drinks at certain locations – they offer great value and allow you to control your budget accordingly.


Key West has amazing bar scenes that are perfect for an unforgettable night out with friends – or even strangers! A pub crawl is the perfect way for visitors and locals alike to experience multiple hotspots without having to choose just one destination. With some planning and caution, you can ensure your Key West pub crawl gets off on a good (and safe) start and is something that everyone will remember.

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An Insider’s Guide to Key West

When it comes to exploring the many delights of Florida, Key West is a destination that should be at the top of your list. This beautiful island city tucked away in the southernmost tip of the United States is a hidden gem that offers a unique blend of history, culture, and stunning natural beauty. Discover the best-kept secrets and hidden gems of Key West in this insider’s guide.

Local Attractions

While the beaches and bars are the most popular things to do in Key West, the island has so much more to offer. Take a stroll down Olivia Street to see the most outstanding collections of Victorian homes in the city. The Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum is also worth a visit; once the home of the famous author, it offers visitors a glimpse into the life and work of this literary icon. For nature lovers, the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory is a must-visit attraction where you can get close to the beautiful butterflies and exotic birds.

Dining Spots

Key West’s cuisine is unique, reflecting the island’s Caribbean and Latin American influences. You can try some of the best seafood and island flavors at El Siboney, a local institution known for its Cuban cuisine. Get a taste of the Caribbean with classic dishes like Cuban pressed sandwiches, picadillo, and ropa vieja. The Six-Toed Cat is another great spot offering diner-style fare with significantly sized portions and excellent service. If dessert is your thing, stop by the Flamingo Crossing Ice Cream & Deli for a fantastic key lime pie.

Cultural Experiences

Key West is a city steeped in rich history, traditions, and culture that can be traced back many centuries. The customs of the islands blend with the Cuban and Caribbean heritage to create a unique cultural fusion. The annual Fantasy Fest, held each year in October, is an event worth attending for art lovers, parades, and masquerades. The Key West Literary Seminar and the Hemingway Days Festival attract literature enthusiasts from around the world to celebrate their love for the written word.

Local History

The city’s history is one of hardship, heroism, and resilience, which adds a layer of depth to any visit to the city. Stop by the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum to learn about the wreck of the sunken treasure ship Atocha in 1622, which played a vital role in the city’s history. A guided tour of the Key West Cemetery is also an interesting way to learn about the city’s history, which is dotted with the graves of notable characters from its past.

Off-The-Beaten-Path Suggestions

For those looking to get off-the-beaten-path, a trip to the Bahia-Honda State Park is perfect for forest hikes and snorkeling in the crystal clear waters. An alternative experience is kayaking through the islands or paddleboarding in the bays and estuaries. Plan a trip to Dry Tortugas National Park, which is accessible by ferry or seaplane from Key West. The park’s charming lighthouse, seabirds, and marine life make for an unforgettable experience.

Key West is a city that has remained unspoiled by commercial tourism. By exploring the city’s hidden gems and unique experiences, you’re guaranteed to have a memorable visit that goes beyond the usual tourist traps. So, put on a comfy pair of shoes, get out, and start exploring!

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