How to Make the Most of Your 360 Chicago (Formerly John Hancock Observatory) Admission in Chicago

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How to Make the Most of Your 360 Chicago (Formerly John Hancock Observatory) Admission in Chicago

Chicago is one of the most amazing American cities, and the Windy City’s world-famous skyline is nothing but breathtaking. One of the most-visited tourist attractions in Chicago that offers bird’s-eye views of landmarks like the Willis (Sears) Tower and the lakefront shoreline is the 360 Chicago Observation Deck. Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect when you book your admission for 360 Chicago (Formerly John Hancock Observatory).

Overview of 360 Chicago Admission Tour

The 360 Chicago Admission Tour provides you with access to the 94th floor of the John Hancock Center, currently known as 360 Chicago. This observation deck sits above the Magnificent Mile and presents visitors with 360-degree views of the Chicago skyline and Lake Michigan. One of the highlights of this tour is that you get to ascend 94 floors in just 40 seconds aboard North America’s fastest elevators. Once you reach the top, you’ll be able to access a range of exhibits that are designed to provide you with more information about the city’s history and its skyline. 360 Chicago Admission Tour also provides you with access to BAR 94 – a bar located in the deck that serves a variety of drinks and snacks. You’ll also enjoy free Wi-Fi access during your visit.

Upgrade Your Ticket

You can upgrade your admission ticket with two options: TILT and Sun and Stars. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.


TILT is a thrill ride that provides visitors with unique downward-facing views from 1030 feet. The ride slowly tilts out from the building’s side, giving visitors a unique view of the city from above. This is a perfect option for adrenaline-seekers who’re looking to add an extra level of excitement to their visit.

Sun and Stars

If you’re looking for a more flexible admission tour, then you should consider selecting the Sun and Stars option. This provides you with a two-visit ticket, which grants you access to the observation deck twice within 48 hours. This option is perfect if you’re looking to spread your visit across a couple of days or if you’re not sure about your schedule.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Visit

To ensure that you make the most of your visit to 360 Chicago (John Hancock Observatory), you should consider the following tips:

Visit Early or Late in the Day

Typically, the observation deck is less crowded early in the morning or later in the day after sunset. If you’re looking to avoid the crowds, consider booking your visit at these times.

Bring a Camera

You’ll want to document your visit with photographs, and there’s no better way to do this than with a camera. Don’t forget to bring a camera that has a broad-angle lens or a device that can capture panoramic views.

Dress Appropriately

The observation deck can get quite chilly, so make sure you wear warm clothing if you’re visiting during the winter months. Additionally, high winds are common at these heights, so you should dress appropriately to avoid any discomfort.

Book Your Tour in Advance

To avoid any disappointment, book your admission tour in advance. By booking your ticket in advance, you can avoid waiting in long lines or finding out that admission is sold out for the day.

The Best Day to Visit

The best day to visit 360 Chicago (John Hancock Observatory) is during the week. This is because during the weekend and holidays, the observation deck can get quite crowded, and you’ll have to deal with longer lines.

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There’s no doubt that a visit to 360 Chicago Observation Deck is an unforgettable experience. Book your tour today using this link here, and you’ll be able to tower above the Windy City’s world-famous skyline in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions about Chicago

Chicago is a vibrant city that sits on the shore of Lake Michigan in the Great Lakes region of the United States. It is the third most populated city in the country and is known for its architecture, world-class museums, deep-dish pizza, and its diverse population. Chicago is a city that has something for everyone. Whether you’re visiting for the first time or you’re a seasoned veteran, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you navigate your way around the Windy City.

What is the best time of year to visit Chicago?

Chicago has distinct seasons which mean the weather can vary substantially throughout the year. If you’re looking to avoid the extreme weather, the best time to visit would be between late April and May when the temperatures start to warm up, and the flowers are in bloom. Another good time to visit would be during September to November when the temperature drops to a comfortable level, and the fall colors are in full effect.

What should I pack when visiting Chicago?

When visiting Chicago, it’s essential to pack weather-appropriate clothing. During the winter months, temperatures can drop below freezing, so it’s important to bring a warm coat, gloves, and a hat. In the summer, temperatures can get quite warm, so it’s a good idea to pack breathable clothing, a hat, and sunscreen. It’s also important to pack comfortable shoes if you plan to do a lot of walking around the city.

What are the top tourist attractions in Chicago?

Chicago is home to many world-class attractions that are a must-see for visitors. Some of the top tourist attractions in Chicago include:

  • The Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower)
  • The Art Institute of Chicago
  • The Navy Pier
  • The Museum of Science and Industry
  • The Field Museum of Natural History
  • The Shedd Aquarium
  • The Lincoln Park Zoo
  • The Skydeck Chicago
  • The Magnificent Mile

What is the best way to get around Chicago?

Chicago has an excellent public transportation system that includes the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) trains and buses. Taxis and ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft are also readily available. Biking is another popular way to get around the city, and there are many bike-friendly streets and trails.

Where can I find the best pizza in Chicago?

One of the things Chicago is famous for is its deep-dish pizza. There are many pizzerias throughout the city that serve this delicious pizza style, but some of the most popular ones include:

  • Lou Malnati’s
  • Pizzeria Uno (home of the original deep-dish pizza)
  • Gino’s East
  • Giordano’s

What are some of the best rooftop bars in Chicago?

Chicago is known for its stunning skyline, and one of the best ways to experience it is from a rooftop bar. Some of the best rooftop bars in Chicago include:

  • Cindy’s Rooftop
  • The J. Parker
  • The Godfrey Hotel Rooftop
  • The ROOF on theWit

What are some unique things to do in Chicago that most tourists don’t know about?

Chicago has many unique and exciting things to do that most tourists are unaware of. Here are a few things to check out:

  • Visit the Garfield Park Conservatory – this is one of the largest and most stunning conservatories in the world
  • Check out the Museum of Contemporary Art – this museum hosts a collection of art and exhibits from around the world
  • Take a cruise down the Chicago River – this is a great way to see the city’s stunning architecture from a unique perspective
  • Visit the National Museum of Mexican Art – this museum showcases the history and culture of Mexican Americans in the United States

What is the weather like in Chicago?

Chicago has a humid continental climate, meaning that the city experiences all four seasons. The winters are cold and snowy, while the summers are hot and humid. Spring and fall are pleasant, and the temperature is usually mild.

What is the cost of living like in Chicago?

Chicago is one of the more expensive cities in the United States, with a higher cost of living than many other cities in the country. However, there are many affordable neighborhoods to live in, and the cost of living will vary depending on your lifestyle and needs.

What are some of the best neighborhoods to live in Chicago?

Chicago has many unique and desirable neighborhoods, each with its own distinct vibe and style. Some of the most popular neighborhoods to live in include:

  • Lincoln Park
  • Wicker Park
  • Logan Square
  • West Loop
  • Lakeview

What are the top annual events in Chicago?

Chicago hosts many annual events that draw crowds from all over the world. Some of the top annual events include:

  • The Chicago Jazz Festival – held in August
  • The Chicago Marathon – held in October
  • The Taste of Chicago – held in July
  • The Air and Water Show – held in August

What sports teams are located in Chicago?

Chicago is home to several professional sports teams, including:

  • The Chicago Cubs (baseball)
  • The Chicago White Sox (baseball)
  • The Chicago Bears (football)
  • The Chicago Bulls (basketball)
  • The Chicago Blackhawks (hockey)

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Chicago is a city that has something for everyone. Whether you’re interested in world-class museums, delicious cuisine, or outdoor activities, Chicago has it all. We hope this FAQ has helped you plan your visit to the Windy City and has given you an idea of what to expect during your stay.

How to Spend Your Time as a Tourist in Chicago

Chicago, also known as the “Windy City,” is a bustling metropolis with plenty to offer visitors. From iconic architecture and museums, to world-class dining and nightlife, to sports and outdoor activities, there’s something for everyone in Chicago. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to spend your time as a tourist in Chicago.

1. Visit the Willis Tower

Formerly known as the Sears Tower, the Willis Tower is a Chicago icon and the tallest building in the city. Visitors can buy tickets to go up to the Skydeck, located on the 103rd floor, where they can enjoy stunning views of the city and beyond. Be sure to step out onto the Ledge, a glass box that extends four feet out from the building and lets you look straight down at the city below.

2. Explore Millennium Park

Millennium Park is a must-visit destination in Chicago. The 24.5-acre park is home to several iconic attractions, including the Cloud Gate sculpture (also known as “The Bean”), the Jay Pritzker Pavilion, and the Crown Fountain. Visitors can enjoy concerts and events at the pavilion, relax in the park’s many gardens and green spaces, and take in the unique art and architecture.

3. Tour Chicago’s Architecture

Chicago is known for its stunning architecture, and there’s no better way to explore it than by boat tour. Several companies offer architecture tours on the Chicago River, where you can view the city’s most famous buildings and learn about their history and design. Be sure to look out for landmarks like the Wrigley Building, the Tribune Tower, and the Marina City towers.

4. Visit the Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago is one of the oldest and largest art museums in the United States. The museum’s collection includes more than 300,000 works of art, ranging from ancient artifacts to contemporary pieces. Visitors can spend hours exploring the galleries, which feature art from all around the world.

5. Try Chicago-style Pizza and Hot Dogs

No visit to Chicago is complete without trying some of the city’s famous cuisine. Chicago-style pizza is a deep-dish pizza that’s known for its thick, buttery crust and generous toppings. Be sure to try a slice at one of the city’s iconic pizzerias like Giordano’s or Lou Malnati’s. Chicago-style hot dogs are also a must-try. They typically include steamed hot dogs, mustard, onions, relish, tomatoes, and a pickle on a poppy seed bun.

6. Catch a Game at Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field is one of the oldest ballparks in the country and home to the Chicago Cubs. Even if you’re not a baseball fan, a visit to Wrigley Field is a quintessential Chicago experience. Take a tour of the stadium, enjoy a game-day hot dog and beer, and soak up the history and atmosphere of this iconic venue.

7. Take a Stroll Along the Lakefront

Chicago’s lakefront is one of the city’s most popular attractions, and for good reason. The shores of Lake Michigan are home to several beaches, parks, and trails that offer stunning views of the water and the city skyline. Take a stroll or bike ride along the Lakefront Trail, stop for a picnic in Lincoln Park, or lounge on the beach at North Avenue Beach.

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Chicago is a vibrant, diverse city with plenty to offer visitors. Whether you’re interested in history, art, sports, or food, there’s something for everyone in the Windy City. Use this guide to plan your trip and make the most of your time in one of America’s most iconic cities.

How to Make the Most of Your 360 Chicago (Formerly John Hancock Observatory) Admission in Chicago

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