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How to Meet Other Travellers in Seoul

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How to Meet Other Travellers in Seoul

When travelling to Seoul, the bustling capital of South Korea, missing out on the opportunity to make new friends and network with other travelers is an inexcusable misstep. Thankfully, Seoul has plenty of great spots to mingle with locals and international tourists alike. From popular cafes and restaurants to lively bars and pubs, there’s something for every traveler. Here are some of the best places in Seoul to find other wandering nomads, share drinks and stories, and make the most out of your journey.


The vibrant and bustling area of Koreatown offers travellers plenty of opportunities to meet with other travellers. The vibrant nightlife in this area features some of Seoul’s top nightclubs and bars, including Club Evans and Wip Club, where people from all over the world come to party, eat, and drink. If you’re looking for a lively atmosphere and a chance to follow in the footsteps of other travelers, Koreatown is perfect for you. Sohyang and Showbox are two Korean traditional music places that are highly recommended for their unique performances and unique atmosphere. Koreatown’s huge shopping streets are also full of people from all over the world looking to explore the Korean culture through food, shopping, or simply walking around.

Finding yourself in Koreatown also provides the perfect opportunity to do something out of the ordinary: a nightlight walk through Mapo-gu/Seoul Metropolitan Building. Here you can enjoy a free panoramic view over the city, and catch up with other curious travelers.

Personal opinion: Even though I’m more into calmer places, Koreatown is great if you’re looking for a more lively place that gets you in touch with other travellers.

Common Ground

Common Ground is a unique structure located in Hongdae that brings together different people from all over the world in a unique blend of activities. Designed to cover the majority of popular leisure activities, this multi-storey building can host up to 10,000 people at once and has quickly become a favourite among Seoul’s tourists. With facilities ranging from shopping malls to restaurants and cafes, music halls and arcades, it’s no surprise why tens of thousands flock each day.

In addition to this incredible variety of activities, Common Ground also offers a unique space for like-minded individuals to connect with each other and make lifelong bonds with other world travelers. Whether it’s holding a book club meeting or conversing over coffee combined with cultural activities like hanbok-wearing, Common Ground’s diverse offerings have something for everyone — guaranteed.

Personal opinion: Common Ground is great if you’re into shopping and enjoy activities during the day too. It’s one of my favorite go-to places when I’m in Seoul.


With its eye-catching design, spacious environment and colourful art installations, The WING has become one of Hongdae’s most popular hangouts for travellers in no time at all. In addition to its aesthetically delightful decorations, this cafe also serves its own blend of coffee made with 100% imported specialty beans from Africa and South America that tastes amazing. It also comes with an added bonus – great music!

What’s more, The WING also hosts exciting events on a regular basis tailored towards visitors wishing to explore Seoul further — ranging from photography classes to open mic concerts — as way to help visitors learn more about Seoul’s vibrant culture and network with other line music enthusiasts alike.

Personal opinion: I love The WING for its aesthetics and coffee – I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a nice place to relax and meet with new people.

The Tinderbox Café

Located in Gangnam – a hotspot for trendy cafes and restaurants in Seoul – The Tinderbox Café is a haven for all caffeine-lovers traveling to Seoul . This petite hideout located in a quiet area just off bustling Sinsa offers visitors remarkable coffee made from freshly roasted beans hailing from the world’s best coffee producing regions — no wonder they won Seoul’s best Coffee Shop award! Even better? This award-winning cafe also offers lots of vegan treats ranging from cakes to smoothie bowls — something vegans traveling through Seoul often love!

In addition to excellent coffee and vegan food, The Tinderbox also offers creative workshops that range from game nights to photo editing classes — which often draw huge numbers of other travelers looking to do something fun while meeting new people.

Personal opinion: I love how cozy The Tinderbox Café is – I think it’s perfect for anyone who enjoys cozy cafes and the good company of others.

These four vibrant places offer perfect spots for travellers to connect with each other in Seoul – explore the amazing culture, eat great food, or drink some delicious coffee or beers until late at night! There’s something for everyone when visiting Seoul – no matter where your interests lie. With any luck, you’ll come out of your visit with memories that won’t soon be forgotten – memories created alongside fellow travellers from around the world, all connected through the remarkable culture that is found here.

This guide should help anyone have a more efficient visit when they arrive in Seoul and help them meet more fellow travellers in the process. For more information on Seoul’s vibrant attractions and activities, visit the Department of City Tourism website or your local hostel or travel agency!

This guide should give any traveler an idea of where they could go if they’re looking for a chance to meet other travelers in Seoul! From vibrant nightlife hotspots like Common Ground and Wip Club to petite hideouts like The Tinderbox Café, there’s something in Seoul for everyone when it comes to connecting with fellow globetrotters. Make sure you take advantage of these places when you visit Seoul!

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How to Meet Other Travellers in Seoul

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