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How to Plan Your 9 Days Hippos, Chimps, Gorillas and Lion’s Safari Tour in Uganda

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How to Plan Your 9 Days Hippos, Chimps, Gorillas and Lion’s Safari Tour in Uganda

If you’re interested in experiencing the best of Uganda’s wildlife, then the 9-days Hippo, Chimps, Gorillas, and Lion’s Safari tour is the perfect package for you. This tour will take you on an amazing adventure across Uganda, where you’ll get the opportunity to meet with some of the most exhilarating primates and mammals in their natural habitat. In this blog post, we will walk you through how to plan your tour, what to expect, and provide other necessary information you should consider before embarking on this adventure.

Overview of the 9 Days Hippos, Chimps, Gorillas, and Lion’s Safari Tour

This tour package covers all the key areas of Uganda, from the historic Titanic city, Kampala, to the iconic gorilla and chimpanzee reserves. This package is designed to give you the ultimate experience of Uganda’s diverse wildlife in their natural habitat. The tour covers the following places:

  • Kampala
  • Murchison Falls National Park
  • Queen Elizabeth National Park
  • Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park

What’s Included in the Tour

This tour package provides you with everything you need for a comfortable and enjoyable adventure across Uganda. The following items are included in the package:

  • Accommodation for eight nights
  • An English-speaking guide/driver
  • All entrances to the parks
  • Tips for the guides
  • Third-party/health insurance/travel insurance
  • Souvenirs

Meeting and Pickup

You can either go directly to the meeting point, which is in Kampala, or request a pickup. The meeting point for this tour is located in Kampala, Uganda. The tour starts at 12:00 PM and ends back at the meeting point. Pickup is available from any place you want to be picked up.

What to Expect on the Tour

This tour package is designed to provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You’ll get an opportunity to explore Uganda’s famous parks, watch animals in their natural habitat, and learn about the country’s culture and history. You’ll have an English-speaking guide/driver who will explain everything to you and ensure that you have a wonderful time.

Murchison Falls National Park

On the first day of the tour, you will be driven to Murchison Falls National Park. This park is the largest national park in Uganda and is famous for its spectacular views of the waterfalls, hippos and Nile crocodiles. You will also have the chance to explore the park through game drives and boat cruises.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

The second day of the tour is spent exploring Queen Elizabeth National Park, which is known for its large and diverse species of animals. You’ll have the opportunity to watch lions, leopards, hyenas, antelopes and more.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park

On the third day of the tour, you’ll visit Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, which is home to several gorilla families. This park is best known for offering gorilla trekking opportunities for visitors. You’ll spend a full day in the park tracking and observing these gentle giants in their natural habitat.

Additional Info

Before embarking on this trip, consider the following:

  • Confirmation will be received at time of booking
  • Not wheelchair accessible
  • The activity is near public transportation
  • You should have a certain level of fitness while tracking chimpanzees and gorillas due to hiking.
  • You should wear walking/hiking shoes, jacket/sweater, and a hat while on this safari.
  • The official currency in Uganda is the Ugandan shilling. US Dollars printed after 2006 are widely accepted.

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If you’re interested in exploring Uganda’s wildlife, history, and culture, then the 9 days hippos, chimps, gorillas and lion’s safari tour is perfect for you. The tour covers all of Uganda’s most famous national parks, and everything you need for a comfortable and enjoyable adventure is provided. Book now and embark on a journey of a lifetime!

An Insider’s Guide to Kampala, Uganda

When you think of Uganda, your mind might immediately jump to gorilla trekking or safaris. While these experiences are certainly a must-do, there’s so much more to this vibrant and culturally rich country. Kampala, the capital city, is an excellent starting point to explore Uganda’s hidden gems.

Local Attractions

Kampala is full of surprises, and there are plenty of hidden gems that only locals know about. One such place is the National Museum of Uganda. Many tourists overlook this museum, but it’s a fascinating way to learn about Uganda’s history and culture. From ancient artifacts to traditional musical instruments, there’s a lot to see and explore here.

Another local favorite is the Ndere Centre, which features nightly performances of traditional Ugandan music, dance, and storytelling. This is an excellent way to immerse yourself in the local culture and traditions. Make sure to sample some of the local street food, including Rolex (a delicious dish made from scrambled eggs and chapati) and chapati with beans.

Dining Spots

Ugandan cuisine is a blend of traditional African flavors and Indian influence, which means there’s plenty of spice and flavor. One of the must-visit places is the Kasubi Market, where you can find everything from fresh produce to street food. It’s the perfect spot to sample the local delicacies and soak up the lively atmosphere.

If you’re looking for a more upscale dining experience, try the Khana Khazana Restaurant. This popular spot serves up delicious Indian cuisine, and the dishes are bursting with flavor. Make sure to try the samosas and lamb biryani.

Cultural Experiences

Uganda is known for its vibrant culture, and Kampala is the perfect place to experience it. The city is home to many traditional dance and music groups that perform at various venues around the city. One such group is the Ndere Troupe, which puts on performances at the Ndere Centre.

Another cultural experience is exploring the colorful markets that line the streets of Kampala. These markets showcase the local crafts, fabrics, and art, and are the perfect place to find souvenirs to take back home.

Local History

Kampala has a rich and fascinating history, and there are plenty of captivating stories to explore. One such story is that of the Kasubi Tombs, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that houses the burial grounds of Buganda Kings. It’s an excellent way to learn about the traditional customs and practices of the local people.

Another piece of local history is the Uganda Martyrs Museum, dedicated to the 22 Catholic and Protestant martyrs who died for their faith in the late 1800s. The museum features artifacts, relics, and historical records that tell the story of these brave martyrs and their faith.

Off-the-beaten-path suggestions

For a unique and unforgettable experience, take a trip to Lake Victoria, located just outside Kampala. This vast lake is the source of the Nile river and is considered one of the world’s most exceptional fishing grounds. Hire a boat and a local guide to take you around the lake and explore the local fishing villages.

Another must-do experience is the Kampala city tour on a Boda Boda (motorcycle taxi). It might sound intimidating, but it’s an excellent way to see the city’s sights and sounds like a local. Make sure to negotiate the fare beforehand and wear a helmet!

Kampala is a beautiful city and a perfect starting point for exploring Uganda’s hidden gems. With this insider’s guide, you’ll be ready to dive into the local culture, history, and cuisine and make unforgettable memories.

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How to Plan Your 9 Days Hippos, Chimps, Gorillas and Lion’s Safari Tour in Uganda

Experience Adventure Like Never Before: Book Your Tour Today!