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How to Plan Your Abisko Ice Climbing Tour with a Certified Guide

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How to Plan Your Abisko Ice Climbing Tour with a Certified Guide

Arctic conditions and ice climbing are enough to give even the most experienced adventure seekers butterflies in their stomachs. However, with a certified guide, you can scale vertical sheets of ice with confidence and ease. It is essential to plan your Abisko ice climbing tour carefully to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. In this guide, we will take you step by step through everything you need to know to plan and book your ice climbing tour.

Step 1: What to Expect from the Abisko Ice Climbing Tour

The Abisko ice climbing tour is a challenging but fun new adventure that is perfect for any level of experience. The tour is adjusted to accommodate all experience levels. During the tour, the guide will teach visitors how to climb ice and scale vertical sheets of ice while ensuring their safety. The tour includes all the necessary equipment, such as alpine boots, crampons, harnesses, and helmets.


  • Ice climbing equipment (alpine boots crampons harness and helmet)
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Certified guide (uiaa)
  • Small groups
  • Warm clothing
  • Food and drinks

Not Suitable For:

  • Children under 10 years
  • People with mobility impairments
  • People with heart problems
  • Wheelchair users
  • People with recent surgeries

Step 2: What to Bring on the Tour

When planning an Abisko ice climbing tour, it is essential to know what to bring. It is recommended that visitors wear warm, waterproof clothing and bring a lightweight backpack for storing personal belongings. Visitors should also bring gloves, socks, and a hat.

Step 3: Booking the Tour

When booking the tour, it is essential to choose a trusted and experienced provider. The following is a link to book the Abisko ice climbing tour. Click here: book the tour here. The tour includes pickup and drop-off from your hotel, all necessary equipment, a certified guide, and food and drinks. It is important to read the tour terms and conditions before booking the tour.

Step 4: Getting There

Abisko is situated in northern Sweden and is accessible by air, rail, and road. The closest airport to Abisko is Kiruna Airport, which is approximately 80 km away. Visitors can also take the train via the Iron Ore Line from Narvik, Norway, or from Kiruna.

Step 5: Other Things to Do in Abisko

Besides ice climbing, there are plenty of other things to do in Abisko. Visitors can take part in a variety of winter activities, such as snowmobiling, dog sledding, and skiing. Abisko National Park is also nearby and offers stunning views of the Northern Lights.


With a little bit of planning, visitors can have an unforgettable ice climbing experience in Abisko. It is essential to choose a trusted and experienced provider when booking your tour, bring the necessary equipment, and familiarize yourself with the tour conditions. With these tips in mind, visitors can focus on the adventure ahead and admire the breathtaking scenery while climbing sheets of ice safely and confidently.

Insider’s Guide: Abisko, Sweden

Abisko is a small town located in the Lapland region of Sweden, close to the border of Norway. It is a picturesque destination known for its vast wilderness, Northern Lights, and a host of outdoor activities. Its crown jewel, however, is its dramatic ice climbing opportunities. Before planning your Abisko Ice Climbing tour, explore this insider’s guide for a true local experience that you’ll never forget.

Getting to Abisko

The closest major airport is Kiruna Airport, located about an hour away by car from Abisko. From the airport, you can take a taxi or rent a car. Alternatively, you can take a train ride, as Abisko is connected to Sweden’s rail network. The railway station is a ten-minute walk from the center of the town.

Ice Climbing Tour

Ice climbing is a popular and unique way to explore Abisko’s rugged terrain. Before setting off on your climb, enlist the services of a certified guide from one of the local tour companies. They will provide you with all the necessary equipment and insights, ensuring that you have a safe and enjoyable climb.

Local Attractions

After your climb, take the time to visit some of the local attractions in Abisko. The Abisko National Park offers fantastic hiking trails, camping sites and the opportunity to witness the Northern Lights. The Aurora Sky Station, located on top of the mountain Nuolja, is home to a cozy restaurant and a chance to see the colors of the Northern skies.

Dining Spots

Abisko has a few dining options that cater to a range of tastes. For traditional Swedish flavors, Fjällstation is a popular option, known for its meatballs and lingonberry jam. For a more refined experience, try the Kungsleden Restaurant, which serves locally sourced ingredients in scenic surroundings.

Cultural Experiences

Abisko is a town steeped in Sami culture, which you can experience through various activities. Visit the Sami Siida Museum to learn about the Sami people and their way of life. Consider an overnight stay in a traditional Sami hut with a reindeer farmer to learn more about the culture first-hand.

Local History

Mining has been a significant part of Abisko’s history, and you can explore this at the Abisko Miner’s Trail. The trail passes through old mining settlements and showcases the life of the miners who lived and worked in the town. The Abisko Naturum exhibition is another excellent resource for learning about the natural and cultural history of the area.

Off-the-beaten-path Suggestions

For off-the-beaten-path experiences, try snowshoeing in the surrounding wilderness. The fresh air and peaceful surroundings are breathtaking. Another recommendation is to visit the nearby town of Narvik in Norway, just a 45-minute drive from Abisko. The town is known for its stunning fjords, and is a great place to explore Norwegian culture.

In conclusion, Abisko is a must-visit destination for adventurous travelers, especially those interested in ice climbing. Be sure to plan an extended stay to get a true taste of the town’s culture, history, and natural attractions.

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How to Plan Your Abisko Ice Climbing Tour with a Certified Guide

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