How to Plan Your Agia Anna Sailing Cruise to Ano&Kato Koufonisi with BBQ

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How to Plan Your Agia Anna Sailing Cruise to Ano&Kato Koufonisi with BBQ

If you’re looking for an unforgettable sailing trip in Agia Anna, look no further than the Ano&Kato Koufonisi tour. Departing from Agia Anna port at 09:45, you’ll set sail along Naxos’ west coast to reach Kato Koufonisi in just two hours.


This full-day tour offers the perfect combination of relaxation, exploration, and adventure. You’ll have the chance to swim in Kato Koufonisi’s turquoise waters, explore the charming alleys of Ano Koufonisi, and visit some of the most famous beaches in the area. With a delicious BBQ lunch onboard and plenty of refreshments, this tour is guaranteed to be a lifetime experience.


– Enjoy the stunning views of Naxos’ west coast – Swim in the crystal clear waters of Kato Koufonisi – Explore Ano Koufonisi’s charming alleys and villages – Visit famous beaches and hidden coves – Indulge in a delicious BBQ lunch onboard – Enjoy refreshments such as local wine and salads

Full Description

Leaving from Agia Anna port at 09:45, you’ll set sail for Kato Koufonisi, arriving at one of the famous sandy shores with crystal-clear water within two hours. Here, you’ll have a two-hour stop for swimming and relaxation in the sun. During this time, you’ll experience the most picturesque beach scenery and indulge in a delicious BBQ lunch onboard, which includes a variety of delicacies such as salads, fresh bread, tzatziki, eggplant salad, and more. You’ll also be served with water refreshments and local wine in abundance during the entire trip. Next, you’ll head towards the famous Ano Koufonisi island, located just 2 miles away from its sister island. You’ll have 3 hours to explore the island on your own, with the choice of swimming at nearby beaches, strolling in the villages, or jumping in the sea taxi at a low cost. You will have the option to visit beaches such as Pori, Fanos, and Italida. At approximately 17:15, you’ll depart from Ano Koufonisi and sail back to Agia Anna’s port, enjoying the stunning sunset on the way back. You’ll arrive at Agia Anna at 19:30, with unforgettable memories and new experiences to cherish for a lifetime.


– Barbecue onboard – Water refreshments and local wine – Salad (potato salad and traditional Greek salad) – Tzatziki – Eggplant salad – Fresh bread

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The Agia Anna Sailing Cruise to Ano&Kato Koufonisi with BBQ offers a unique experience that is perfect for those seeking a bit of adventure, relaxation, and exploration. With stops to swim in crystal-clear waters and explore charming villages, along with a delicious BBQ lunch onboard, this tour is guaranteed to provide an unforgettable experience. Don’t miss your chance to book this fantastic tour and explore the stunning Naxos coast!

Frequently Asked Questions about Agia Anna

If you’re planning to visit Agia Anna, the charming seaside village located in the heart of Naxos Island in Greece, you may have many questions in your mind. In this FAQ, we’ll answer some of the most common queries that tourists usually ask when they plan to visit Agia Anna.

1. What is Agia Anna?

Agia Anna is a picturesque village located on the west coast of Naxos Island in Greece. It is situated between Agios Prokopios and Agios Georgios beaches, just 6 km from the capital town of Naxos, Chora. Agia Anna is a small but charming place, perfect for anyone who wants to relax in a peaceful environment while enjoying the beauty of the Aegean Sea.

2. How do I get to Agia Anna?

You can reach Agia Anna by taking a ferry from Athens to Naxos. There are regular ferry services available, and the journey usually takes around 5-6 hours. Once you reach Naxos, you can reach Agia Anna by bus, taxi or rental car. The village is just a 10-15 minute drive from the port of Naxos.

3. What are the must-see attractions in Agia Anna?

Agia Anna is famous for its beautiful beaches, crystal-clear waters and stunning sunsets. The following are some of the top attractions you should not miss when in Agia Anna:

Agia Anna Beach:

Agia Anna Beach is the most popular attraction in the village. It is a long stretch of white sand and turquoise water perfect for swimming, sunbathing or just enjoying the view.

Maragas Beach:

Maragas Beach is another beautiful beach in Agia Anna. It is less crowded and quieter than Agia Anna Beach and perfect for anyone who wants to escape the crowds.

Plaka Beach:

Plaka Beach is one of the longest beaches in Naxos and is located just 3 km south of Agia Anna. It is known for its soft sand and crystal-clear waters and is perfect for a long walk along the shore.

Agios Prokopios Beach:

Agios Prokopios Beach is located just a kilometer north of Agia Anna and is another popular attraction. It is a long sandy beach with shallow waters, perfect for families with kids.

Naxos Town:

Naxos Town, also known as Chora, is the main town of Naxos Island and located just 6 km from Agia Anna. It is famous for its Venetian castle, narrow streets, and lively atmosphere, and is a must-visit attraction in Naxos.

4. Where can I stay in Agia Anna?

Agia Anna has a variety of accommodation options, ranging from luxury resorts to family-friendly apartments. Some popular places to stay in Agia Anna include Agia Anna Studios, Galini Studios, and Iria Beach Art Hotel. It’s recommended to book your accommodation in advance, especially during peak seasons, to avoid any last-minute hassles.

5. What are the best restaurants in Agia Anna?

Agia Anna has many quality restaurants that serve delicious Greek cuisine. Some of the best restaurants in Agia Anna include Taverna Axiotissa, Kavouras Grill House, and Ostria Restaurant. You should try some of the local specialties, such as moussaka, fava, and octopus stifado, for a unique taste of Greek cuisine.

6. Is Agia Anna suitable for families with children?

Yes, Agia Anna is a family-friendly destination with plenty of activities to keep kids entertained. The beaches in Agia Anna are safe and have shallow waters suitable for kids to play. Many restaurants and cafes offer kids’ menus and high chairs, making it easier for families to dine out. You can also take a day trip to Aqua Fun Water Park, located just 5 km from Agia Anna, for a fun-filled family adventure.

7. What is the best time to visit Agia Anna?

The best time to visit Agia Anna is from May to October, which is the peak season. During this time, the weather is warm, and the beaches are crowded, with plenty of activities to keep tourists entertained. However, if you want to avoid crowds and save money, you can also visit Agia Anna in the shoulder seasons of April and November, when the weather is still pleasant, and prices are lower.

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Agia Anna is a beautiful and peaceful village that is perfect for anyone looking to relax and unwind in an idyllic setting. Whether you’re looking for long sandy beaches, delicious Greek cuisine, or a family-friendly destination, Agia Anna has something for everyone. So, pack your bags and head to Agia Anna for an unforgettable holiday experience.

How to Spend Your Time as a Tourist in Agia Anna

Agia Anna is a small and picturesque village located on the eastern coast of the island of Naxos, Greece. It is famous for its beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters, traditional tavernas, and relaxed atmosphere. If you are planning to visit Agia Anna, here is a list of things to do and see.

1. Visit the Beaches

The main attraction of Agia Anna is its stunning beaches. The village has two main beaches – Agia Anna Beach and Maragas Beach. Agia Anna Beach is the more popular of the two and is located in the heart of the village. The beach is long and sandy with crystal clear waters, ideal for swimming and sunbathing. Maragas Beach, on the other hand, is a quieter beach located a bit further north of the village.


Be sure to bring your own beach towels and sunblock as these items can be quite expensive to purchase locally.

2. Explore the Village

Agia Anna is a traditional and peaceful village, perfect for wandering around and getting a feel for the local culture. Take a stroll through the narrow streets and alleys, admire the traditional Cycladic architecture, and discover the hidden corners of the village.


Visit the Church of Agia Anna, located at the end of the village near the beach. The church is dedicated to the patron saint of the village and has a beautiful bell tower and courtyard.

3. Dine at the Tavernas

Agia Anna has a variety of traditional tavernas and restaurants where you can enjoy authentic Greek cuisine. The tavernas are located right on the beach, offering stunning views of the sea while you dine. Don’t miss the opportunity to try some of the local dishes, such as stuffed tomatoes or grilled octopus.


Order the famous Naxian cheese, which is made from the milk of the island’s goats and has a distinctive sweet taste.

4. Take a Boat Trip

Agia Anna is the perfect base from which to explore the nearby islands and beaches. Take a boat trip from the village harbor and visit some of the nearby beaches, such as Plaka Beach or Mikri Vigla Beach. Alternatively, explore the small islands of the Cyclades, such as Koufonisia or Iraklia.


Book your boat trip in advance to ensure you get a spot on the boat as they can fill up quickly, especially in peak season.

5. Go Windsurfing

Agia Anna is one of the best places in Greece for windsurfing. With crystal clear waters and consistent winds, it is a popular spot for both beginners and experienced windsurfers. There are several windsurfing schools located on the beach that offer lessons and equipment rental.


Check the wind conditions before heading out to make sure it is safe to windsurf. Also, be sure to wear appropriate safety gear such as a life jacket and helmet.

6. Visit the nearby Villages

Naxos Island has many other traditional villages worth visiting. Take a day trip from Agia Anna and explore some of the nearby villages, such as Chalki or Filoti. These villages are known for their charming architecture, quaint cafes, and traditional craft shops.


Rent a car or scooter in Agia Anna to make getting around the island easier. Remember to bring your driver’s license and IDP (International Driving Permit).

7. Visit the Archaeological Sites

Naxos Island has a rich history and is home to several important archaeological sites. Visit the Temple of Apollo in Naxos Town, the ancient city of Grotta, or the Kouros sculptures in Melanes. These sites offer a glimpse into the island’s ancient past and are a must-see for any history buff.


Wear comfortable shoes and bring plenty of water and sunscreen as some of the archaeological sites involve walking and can be quite hot in the summer months.

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Agia Anna is a beautiful and relaxing village that offers something for everyone. Whether you prefer to spend your days lounging on the beach or exploring the island’s history and culture, there is something for everyone in Agia Anna. Use this guide to plan your trip and make the most of your time in this charming Cycladic village.

How to Plan Your Agia Anna Sailing Cruise to Ano&Kato Koufonisi with BBQ

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