How to Plan Your Baku: Historic and Modern Baku Tour

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How to Plan Your Baku: Historic and Modern Baku Tour

Are you planning on visiting Baku and want to experience both its historic and modern sides? Look no further than the Baku: Historic and Modern Tour! This tour offers an exciting journey through the Old City’s medieval architecture, the oil boom period’s architecture, and modern-day Azerbaijan. Here’s everything you need to know to plan your tour.

Experience and Highlights

This Baku: Historic and Modern Tour is made up of three distinct parts, each showcasing a different aspect of the city’s history and development. You’ll start by exploring the Old City, a UNESCO world-heritage listed site and open-air museum that takes visitors back in time. See examples of medieval architecture from the 12th century, including the entrance gates to Gosha Gala Gapisi.

The second part of the tour takes you through the 19th and 20th-century buildings of the city, which are mostly linked to the oil boom and the history of the Russian Empire. You’ll also learn about the Soviet occupation of Azerbaijan and how it affected the city’s development.

Finally, the tour concludes with modern-day Baku. You’ll visit Upland Park to see the best panoramic views of the city and see contemporary architecture, including the Heydar Aliyev Center.

Full Description

The Baku: Historic and Modern Tour includes a professional guide who will meet you at the entrance gates to Gosha Gala Gapisi. The guide will take you for a walkthrough the ancient streets of the Old City and point out the historic architecture, including the entrance gates themselves.

After exploring the Old City, you’ll head to the 19th and 20th-century buildings that represent the oil boom period and the history of the Russian Empire. These buildings feature stunning architectural details, and your guide will explain the historical significance of each one.

Finally, the tour shifts to modern-day Baku. You’ll be taken to Upland Park to see the city’s panoramic views and see contemporary architecture. This is where you’ll get a sense of how Baku has developed in modern times. Your tour guide will explain the city’s shift towards modern architecture and point out key features of the contemporary buildings you’ll see throughout.

What’s Included

This tour includes a professional guide to lead you through each part of the tour. You’ll also enjoy a transfer from the Old City to Upland Park and the Heydar Aliyev Center (for private options),along with a Food tour, and funicular ticket. The tour does not include hotel pickup.


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The Baku: Historic and Modern Tour is an exciting opportunity to explore the city’s history and modern-day development. Don’t miss out on the chance to see the Old City’s medieval architecture, the oil boom period’s buildings, and contemporary architecture, all in one tour. Follow our suggestions for the best experience and book with GetYourGuide for a smooth tour experience.

Insider’s Guide to a Historic and Modern Tour of Baku

Baku is the capital city of Azerbaijan and one of the most captivating cities in the Caucasus region. It is a unique blend of contrasting cultures, offering both modern and ancient elements, with natural scenery adding to its charm. This guide is intended to help you plan the ultimate trip, exploring the historic side of the city, while also experiencing the modern spirit of Baku.

Local Attractions

Baku is an old city, and its age-old monuments and landmarks remain a witness to its rich history. Here are some of the most interesting places worth visiting:

– The Old City or Icheri Sheher: This is the historical center of Baku, and also the main attraction for most tourists. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site, with narrow alleys and winding streets that lead to impressive palaces, mosques, and other fascinating structures.
– The Maiden Tower: Located within the Old City, the Maiden Tower is a symbol of Baku and one of Azerbaijan’s landmarks. It is a mysterious cylindrical tower that dates back to the 12th century, and visitors can climb up the stairs to enjoy the breathtaking view of the Caspian Sea and the city.
– Shirvanshahs’ Palace: Located in the Old City, this is a group of 15th-century palaces and buildings that belonged to the Shirvanshahs dynasty. It’s an incredible example of medieval Islamic architecture, and the Palace has been beautifully preserved to this day.
– Heydar Aliyev Center: One of the most incredible modern constructions of Baku. The center is made up of concrete shells that seem to levitate above the ground and is visually stunning. Inside you’ll find art exhibitions and cafes.

Dining Spots

Baku’s culinary scene has a lot to offer; it is a mix of traditional Azerbaijan and international cuisines. Here are some of the best dining spots in the city:

– Fakhriyya Khalkhali Restaurant: The perfect place for trying traditional Azerbaijani cuisine. Situated in the Old City, this restaurant is a small, intimate space that serves delicious dishes like dolma (stuffed grape leaves), choban salad, and piti (a traditional Azerbaijani soup).
– Sumakh Restaurant: A chic restaurant that offers a mix of traditional and modern Azerbaijan dishes. Located in the heart of the city center, Sumakh has a distinct ambiance with a menu that includes levengi shashlik, khingal, and succulent lamb dishes.
– Nargiz Restaurant and Tea House: Situated near the Maiden Tower, this place is perfect for trying different types of tea and Azerbaijani sweets. It is an ideal location to relax after a day of exploration, where you can sample freshly brewed tea, baklava, shekerbura, and other sweet treats.

Cultural Experiences

Baku is not only famous for its historic monuments and natural beauty but also for its vibrant cultural scene. Here are some of the cultural experiences that you must have in Baku:

– Azerbaijan Carpet Museum: Azerbaijani carpets are world-renowned for their intricate designs and quality. The Azerbaijan Carpet Museum showcases some of the most beautiful carpets that tell the story of their history, development, and cultural significance.
– Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Hall: The Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Hall is a historic building located in the heart of Baku and home to the State Symphony Orchestra. If you’re a fan of classical music, then attending a live concert here is a must-do.
– Azerbaijan National Museum of Art: This museum is a treasure trove of Azerbaijani art, from ancient to modern-day. It also showcases works of famous Western artists like Picasso and Matisse.

Local History

Baku has been a center of commerce, culture, and science for centuries. Here are some important historical facts that are associated with the city:

– Baku has been a significant hub on the ancient Silk Road, which facilitated trade between the East and West.
– Azerbaijan was once part of the Persian Empire before being conquered by Russia at the beginning of the 19th century.
– Baku played an essential role in the thriving oil industry of the 19th century, which transformed the city from a small town into a major commercial center.

Off-the-beaten-path suggestions

For those travelers wishing to avoid the tourist hotspots and to delight in its unique offerings, Baku has plenty of off-the-beaten-path suggestions to satisfy. Here are some ideas:

– Yanar Dag (Burning Mountain): Yanar Dag is a natural gas fire on a hillside located on the Absheron Peninsula. The flame is challenging to extinguish and has burned continuously for centuries.
– Gobustan Rock Art Cultural Landscape: Gobustan is a UNESCO World Heritage site, located around 60 km from Baku. It has fascinating prehistoric rock art that depicts life and culture from the Stone Age up to the Middle Ages.
– Fire Temple of Baku: This temple dates back to the ancient Persian Zoroastrian faith. It’s an incredible location to learn more about the culture and religious history of Azerbaijan.


Baku is a city of contrasts, with its well-preserved historic monuments, intricate carpet art, and magical fire temple, alongside its cutting-edge modern architectural treasures. Immerse yourself in the city’s cultural diversity and experience the local way of life by exploring its vibrant markets and savoring its distinctive cuisine. Whether you’re interested in discovering its history or exploring its natural wonders, this historic and modern Baku tour guide is your ultimate reference for planning an unforgettable trip.


How to Plan Your Baku: Historic and Modern Baku Tour

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