How to Plan Your Bridge 1.5 Hour Ghost Walking Tour in London

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How to Plan Your Bridge 1.5 Hour Ghost Walking Tour in London

If you’re looking for a spooky and thrilling adventure in London, the Bridge 1.5 Hour Ghost Walking Tour is the perfect option for you. This tour takes you through the central London and Southwark areas, right up to the banks of the River Thames. Along the way, you’ll hear eerie stories of London’s past and visit historic sites where ghosts are said to haunt. In this article, we’ll provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to plan your Bridge 1.5 Hour Ghost Walking Tour in London.

Step 1: Book Your Tour

To start planning your Bridge 1.5 Hour Ghost Walking Tour, you need to book your tour through the official website. The tour is offered by a third-party company and you can book it through their partner website at Don’t worry about the booking process, it’s simple and easy to use. You’ll receive a confirmation email with all the details of your tour, including the meeting location.

Step 2: Prepare for Your Tour

To make the most of your Bridge 1.5 Hour Ghost Walking Tour, you should be prepared for the experience. Here are a few tips to help you get ready:

  • Wear comfortable shoes – You’ll be walking for 1.5 hours, so make sure your shoes are comfortable and suitable for walking.
  • Dress appropriately – The tour takes place after dark, so dress warmly and bring a rain jacket or umbrella just in case.
  • Charge your phone or camera – You’ll want to take photos along the way, so make sure your phone or camera is fully charged.
  • Bring a bottle of water – It’s important to stay hydrated during the tour, so bring a bottle of water with you.

Step 3: Meet Your Ghostly Guide

The meeting location for the Bridge 1.5 Hour Ghost Walking Tour is near London Bridge in central London. Look for your ghostly guide who will be holding a sign with the company’s name. Once you’ve met your guide, the tour will begin.

Step 4: Explore Central London and Southwark

The Bridge 1.5 Hour Ghost Walking Tour takes you through central London and Southwark. You’ll visit historic sites where ghosts are said to haunt and hear spine-tingling tales from centuries gone by. Keep your eyes peeled for sightings of ghosts and ghouls along the way.

Step 5: Visit a 16th-Century Pub and Hear About the Canine Ghost

One of the highlights of the tour is visiting a 16th-century pub and hearing about the canine ghost whose soul refuses to rest. Your guide will recount the history of the pub and the spooky occurrences that have taken place there over the years.

Step 6: Look Out for the Ghost of Miss Murray Haunting Her Favorite Pub

Another highlight of the tour is hearing about the ghost of Miss Murray who haunts her favorite pub. Your guide will take you to the pub and tell you the chilling story of Miss Murray and her tragic demise.

Step 7: Beware of Body Snatchers Lurking in Hidden Lanes

As you venture through the hidden lanes of Southwark, your guide will warn you about the danger of body snatchers. Learn about the dark history of the body snatchers who roamed the streets of London in the past.

Step 8: Listen Out for the Cries of Ladies of the Night Buried in a Mass Vault

Your ghostly guide will take you to locations where the cries of ladies of the night can still be heard. The tour includes a visit to a mass vault beneath the city streets where these women were buried.

Step 9: Enjoy the Thrills and Chills of the Bridge 1.5 Hour Ghost Walking Tour

After 1.5 hours of exploring central London and Southwark, the Bridge 1.5 Hour Ghost Walking Tour comes to an end. You’ll leave with a newfound appreciation for London’s haunted history and thrilling tales to share with your friends and family.

In conclusion, the Bridge 1.5 Hour Ghost Walking Tour is an exciting and educational way to explore London’s haunted history. By following these nine steps, you can plan your tour with ease and enjoy a thrilling adventure through the streets of central London and Southwark. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience and book the tour here today!

The Most Frequently Asked Questions about London

As one of the world’s most visited cities, London receives millions of tourists every year. With its rich history, diverse cultures, breathtaking sights, and vibrant nightlife, it’s no surprise that people are curious about what London has to offer. However, planning a trip to such a big city can be overwhelming, and tourists often have many questions. In this post, we will answer the most frequently asked questions about London.

1. When is the best time to visit London?

London’s weather can be unpredictable, but it’s best to avoid the winter months, from November to February when it’s cold and rainy. You will find warmer weather and longer daylight hours between March and May and September to November. However, keep in mind that summer is also the busiest tourist season for London, and prices are typically higher during this time.

2. What are the must-visit places in London?

London has an abundance of attractions to visit, but some of the must-visit places include:

  • Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament
  • The British Museum
  • The Tower of London and Tower Bridge
  • Buckingham Palace and the Changing of the Guard
  • The London Eye
  • The West End and its theaters
  • The Southbank and its street performers

3. How do I get around London?

London has an extensive transportation system that includes buses, trains, and an underground network affectionately known as the Tube. The Oyster card is the best way to pay for transportation; it’s a pre-paid smart card that can be used on all public transportation in London. Taxis and ride-sharing services like Uber are also available, but they can be expensive.

4. What is the currency used in London, and how much should I budget per day?

The currency used in London is the pound sterling (£). The cost of accommodation, food, and attractions can vary greatly, but a budget of at least £100 per day is recommended to enjoy a comfortable stay in London.

5. Is London safe?

London is generally a safe city, but like any major city, it’s essential to take precautions. Avoid carrying large amounts of cash and and be vigilant in crowded areas like tourist attractions and public transportation. It’s also a good idea to use a money belt for extra security.

6. What should I wear in London?

London has a mild climate, and it’s best to dress in layers, even during the summer months. Comfortable walking shoes and a raincoat or umbrella are also essential as it can rain unexpectedly.

7. What is the food scene like in London?

London’s food scene is diverse and vibrant. You can find cuisine from all around the world, from traditional British dishes to international favorites. London is also home to numerous markets, like Borough market, where you can try local produce and street food.

8. What is the nightlife like in London?

Nightlife in London can be as varied as the city itself. From the traditional pubs in the West End to the trendy bars and nightclubs in neighborhoods like Shoreditch and Camden, there is something for everyone.

9. What is the best way to experience London?

The best way to experience London is by exploring its culture, history, and entertainment. Take a walking tour of the city, visit museums and galleries, and don’t be afraid to try new foods and activities. London is a city that has something for everyone.


If you’re planning a trip to London, it’s essential to research and plan ahead. By knowing the answers to these frequently asked questions, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying this vibrant and historic city. Remember to pack smart, plan your activities and budget accordingly, and immerse yourself in everything that London has to offer.


How to Plan Your Bridge 1.5 Hour Ghost Walking Tour in London

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