How to Plan Your Cairo Tour: Egyptian Museum Private Half Day Guided Tour

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How to Plan Your Cairo Tour: Egyptian Museum Private Half Day Guided Tour

Cairo, the city of a thousand minarets, has a long history and is one of the most important and fascinating tourist destinations in the world. If you are planning a trip to Egypt, a visit to the Egyptian Museum is a must-do. This museum is home to more than 250,000 ancient artifacts, and a guided tour can help you make the most out of your visit. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through everything you need to know to plan your Cairo tour, focusing on the Egyptian Museum Private Half-Day Guided Tour.


The Egyptian Museum Private Half Day Guided Tour is perfect for those who are short on time but still want to experience the wonders of ancient Egypt. This tour is conducted by Sun Pyramids Tours, and you will be accompanied by a knowledgeable guide who will take you through the museum’s collection, providing you with valuable insights.


The highlights of the tour include:

  • Visiting the world-renowned Egyptian Museum
  • Experiencing the largest collection of Egyptian antiquities in the world
  • Seeing the famous Tutankhamen’s collection of gold jewels and treasures
  • Being accompanied by a private guide who will share valuable insights about the exhibition

Full Description

The tour begins with a private car picking you up from your hotel at the scheduled time. You will then be transferred to the Egyptian Museum. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the impressive collection of relics from the Pharaonic era, spanning 5000 years of Egyptian history. You will learn about mummification, ancient Egyptian religion, and get to know more about the life and culture of the ancient Egyptians.

One of the most popular attractions of the museum is the famous Tutankhamen’s collection of gold jewels and treasures. This collection was found in his tomb in the 1920s after being hidden for more than 3500 years. You will be amazed by the beauty and quality of the collection.

After the tour ends, you will be transferred back to your hotel in a private, air-conditioned car.


The following inclusions are part of the tour package:

  • Private car transfer to and from your hotel
  • Entrance ticket to the Egyptian Museum
  • Private guide

Booking Your Tour

To book the Egyptian Museum Private Half Day Guided Tour, visit This third-party service offers the tour with Sun Pyramids Tours, and is a reliable and safe way to book your tour.

Book the tour here


The Egyptian Museum Private Half Day Guided Tour is an experience that you should not miss when in Cairo. With a guide to explain the collection and its significance, you will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for Egyptian history and culture. Booking the tour through a reliable third-party service like guarantees a hassle-free experience, ensuring that you make the most of your visit to Cairo.

The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Cairo

Cairo, the capital of Egypt, is one of the most fascinating cities in the world. This city has a rich history, ancient architecture, and unique culture that leave visitors amazed. However, as a traveler, you may have some questions about visiting Cairo. In this post, we will answer the most frequently asked questions about the city.

1.What is the best time to visit Cairo?

The best time to visit Cairo is between November and March. The weather is mild, and you will avoid the scorching heat of summer.

2.What should I wear while visiting Cairo?

As Cairo is an Islamic country, it is recommended to dress conservatively. Women are advised to cover their shoulders and legs. Men are advised to wear long pants and short-sleeved shirts. It is essential to cover your head when visiting mosques.

3.How can I get around in Cairo?

Cairo has an efficient public transportation system, including buses and the metro. Taxis and ride-sharing services like Uber are also available. However, it is important to negotiate the price before getting in a taxi. Another option is to book a guided tour to avoid the hassle of navigating the city.

4.What are the must-see attractions in Cairo?

Cairo is home to countless historical and cultural attractions. Some of the must-visit sights include:

  • The Great Pyramids of Giza
  • The Sphinx
  • The Egyptian Museum
  • The Cairo Citadel
  • The Mosque of Muhammad Ali
  • Khan El-Khalili Bazaar
  • The Nile River

5. Is Cairo safe for tourists?

Yes, Cairo is generally safe for tourists. However, like any other big city, tourists should take precautions such as avoiding isolated areas at night and not carrying valuable items. It is also recommended to book a reputable tour company to ensure your safety during your stay.

6. What currency is used in Cairo?

The official currency of Cairo is the Egyptian pound. ATMs are available throughout the city, and credit cards are widely accepted in hotels, restaurants, and shops.

7. What is the food like in Cairo?

Cairo has a diverse culinary scene with a range of different dishes. Some of the must-try foods include falafel, shawarma, koshari, and kebabs. It is also worth trying the local street food stalls that serve delicious food at a low price.

8. What language is spoken in Cairo?

The official language of Cairo is Arabic, but English is widely spoken in most tourist areas.

9. Can I drink tap water in Cairo?

No, it is not recommended to drink tap water in Cairo. Visitors should drink bottled water or use a water filtration system during their stay.

10. How much should I tip in Cairo?

It is customary to tip in Cairo. In restaurants, it is common to leave a 10-15% tip on the bill. In hotels, it is recommended to tip the housekeeping staff around 20 Egyptian pounds per day.


Cairo is a fascinating, historic city that is definitely worth visiting. However, as with any international travel, it is essential to be prepared and informed before your visit. By following these tips and recommendations, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable trip to Cairo.

How to Plan Your Cairo Tour: Egyptian Museum Private Half Day Guided Tour

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