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How to Plan Your Chiang Rai Small Group Sightseeing Tour

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How to Plan Your Chiang Rai Small Group Sightseeing Tour

Chiang Rai is a fascinating destination in Northern Thailand that offers a wealth of natural beauty, cultural landmarks, and contemporary art. One of the best ways to explore Chiang Rai’s highlights is by booking a small group sightseeing tour, which allows you to travel with a knowledgeable guide and a small group of like-minded travelers. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to plan your Chiang Rai small group sightseeing tour and make the most out of your time in this beautiful city.


Chiang Rai small group sightseeing tour is an unforgettable experience that takes you to some of the most iconic landmarks in the city. With this tour, you’ll have the opportunity to:

Explore the Famous White Temple and Blue Temple

The Chiang Rai White Temple is one of the most popular attractions in the city and is known worldwide for its unique architecture and art. Inside the temple, you’ll find impressive murals, statues, and sculptures that tell the story of Buddha’s life. Your guide will take you on a tour of the temple, explaining its history and significance.

Next on the list is the Blue Temple, another stunning temple in Chiang Rai that is a must-visit. The temple is an excellent example of contemporary Thai art, with beautiful blue murals depicting Buddhist stories.

Marvel at the Mysterious Black House – Contemporary Art Museum

True to its name, the Black House is a group of houses decorated using a lot of different shades of black. You can explore the inside of each house, filled with contemporary art and rare artifacts that will give you a glimpse into Thai culture.

Enjoy a View from Big Guan Yin (Big Buddha)

The Big Buddha is an impressive statue located on a small hill that offers the most spectacular views of the cityscape below. You can climb up inside the Buddha’s head for panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

Stop for Lunch and Enjoy Thai Food

Your tour will stop for lunch, where you can enjoy traditional Thai cuisine prepared by local chefs. It’s an excellent opportunity to try out different Thai dishes and flavors.

Journey Back to the Meeting Point

The Chiang Rai small group sightseeing tour will end with a journey back to the meeting point Tower clock in Chiang Rai, around 4:00 PM. If you wish to continue your journey to Chiangmai, please let your guide know, and you can be dropped off at your hotel. However, please keep in mind that space for baggage is limited.

How to Plan Your Chiang Rai Small Group Sightseeing Tour

Booking a Chiang Rai small group sightseeing tour is easy and convenient. Here are some steps you can follow to plan your tour and make the most out of your visit:

Step 1: Choose a Tour Operator

The best way to book a Chiang Rai small group sightseeing tour is through an online tour operator. They have a wide selection of tours available and offer excellent customer service. The tour operator we recommend for this tour is GetYourGuide, which offers a Chiang Rai small group sightseeing tour that ticks all the boxes.

Step 2: Check the Tour Details

Before booking the tour, make sure to check the tour details, including the itinerary, duration, and price. The Chiang Rai small group sightseeing tour is a full-day tour that lasts around 6 -7 hours, and it costs around THB 1,560.00 per person.

Step 3: Book the Tour

Once you’ve chosen your tour operator and checked the tour details, it’s time to book your tour. You can book the Chiang Rai small group sightseeing tour on the GetYourGuide website by following the link: book the tour here

Step 4: Prepare for the Tour

Before the tour, make sure to prepare for the tour by wearing comfortable clothing and shoes. The weather in Chiang Rai can be quite hot and humid, so make sure to bring sunglasses, a hat, sunscreen, and a refillable water bottle. It’s also a good idea to bring some Thai Baht for tips and other expenses.


Chiang Rai small group sightseeing tour is an excellent way to explore the highlights of this beautiful city. With this tour, you’ll visit iconic landmarks, enjoy delicious Thai cuisine, and learn about Thai culture and history. By following the steps we’ve outlined in this blog post, you can easily plan your Chiang Rai small group sightseeing tour and make the most out of your visit to this charming city. Book today and get ready for an unforgettable adventure in Chiang Rai.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chiang Rai

If you’re planning a trip to Thailand, don’t forget to consider visiting Chiang Rai, a charming city in the northern part of the country. In this blog post, I’ll answer some commonly asked questions about Chiang Rai to help you plan your trip more effectively.

1. Where is Chiang Rai and how do I get there?

Chiang Rai is located in the northernmost part of Thailand about 785 kilometers (487 miles) from Bangkok. The city is known for its lush landscape, peaceful atmosphere, and rich cultural heritage. You can get to Chiang Rai in different ways, depending on your preference.

By air

The best option is to travel by taxi or bus to Chiang Mai and fly directly to Chiang Rai from the Chiang Mai International Airport (CNX). The flight time takes about an hour and prices are reasonable. You can also fly to Chiang Rai International Airport (CEI) from Bangkok, Phuket or Koh Samui airports.

By bus

Alternatively, you can take a bus from Bangkok to Chiang Rai, which will take around 14 hours. Buses are comfortable with reclining seats and air conditioning.

2. When is the best time to visit Chiang Rai?

The best time to visit Chiang Rai is between November and February, during the dry season when the temperatures are milder (25°C or 77°F). During this time, the sky is clear with lots of sunshine, making it the perfect time to explore the city’s famous attractions such as Wat Rong Khun (White Temple), Singha Park and the Chiang Rai Night Bazaar.

The rainy season around July to October could hamper outdoor activities, while the hot dry months from March to June are less comfortable for outdoor activities.

3. What are the must-see attractions in Chiang Rai?

Chiang Rai offers an array of attractions that appeal to people of all ages and interests. Here are a few must-see attractions in Chiang Rai.

Wat Rong Khun (White Temple)

This is undoubtedly one of the most popular attractions in Chiang Rai. The temple is known for its white exterior with intricate details and stunning wall paintings. The temple, designed by Thai artist Chalermchai Kositpipat, is still under construction and continues to be a work of art with no specific date of completion.

Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle, where the borders of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos meet, is a landmark in the city, and best visited during the dry season. It’s here that the Mekong River converges with the Ruak River, and the views from the mountainous terrain are simply breathtaking.

Choui Fong Tea Plantations

These plantations produce some of the world’s most unique teas, and they’re well worth a visit. You can take a guided tour of the plantations, sample different types of tea, or simply enjoy the stunning views from the elevated terrace while sipping a hot cup of tea.

4. What is the currency used in Chiang Rai?

The official currency used in Chiang Rai is the Thai Baht (THB), which is convenient throughout Thailand. Most hotels and restaurants accept credit cards, while ATMs are widely available if you need cash.

5. What are the best ways to get around Chiang Rai?

There are several ways to get around Chiang Rai, depending on your preference.

Taxis and Tuk-tuks

The most common way to get around Chiang Rai is by taxi, which is inexpensive and convenient. Taxis are metered, which means you will always know how much you’ll be paying. Alternatively, you can use tuk-tuks, which are motorized rickshaws, typically used over short distances.

Rent a Scooter or Bicycle

An affordable and fun way to explore the city is to rent a scooter or a bicycle. It’s a great way to move around without the hassle of traffic, and you get a chance to explore the city at your own pace.


For those who like to admire the scenery while taking a leisurely stroll, walking is a great way to get around Chiang Rai. The city is relatively small and has several pedestrian-friendly streets, so you can comfortably walk around and enjoy the sights.


Chiang Rai is a charming city that offers visitors a unique experience of rich history, beautiful landscapes, delicious food, and an endless array of activities. Whether you’re planning a family vacation or a romantic getaway, this northern Thai city should be on your list of must-visit destinations.

By answering these frequently asked questions, I hope that I’ve provided you with useful information that will make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable. Remember to plan ahead, have an open mind, and most importantly, have fun exploring the beautiful city of Chiang Rai.

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How to Plan Your Chiang Rai Small Group Sightseeing Tour

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