How to Plan Your Collingwood: Blue Mountains Brewery Tour with Tastings

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How to Plan Your Collingwood: Blue Mountains Brewery Tour with Tastings

Looking for a fun way to spend your day with friends while learning about Ontario’s craft beer scene? The Blue Mountains Brewery Tour with Tastings is an excellent choice! This tour from Collingwood will take you on a journey to some of the most prominent local breweries in the area while you indulge in flights of craft beer.

While planning your tour, make sure to choose between the tour options with or without beer tastings, as this will affect the price.


  • Sample some of the top local craft beers in the area with flights at each stop
  • Get access to pre-booked venues and have fun with your group of friends
  • Skip the need for a designated driver with air-conditioned bus transportation
  • Enjoy an in-depth tour of the Collingwood or Blue Mountains craft brewery
  • Do a fascinating deep dive into Ontario’s beer wine and spirits scene


The tour guide will meet you at a central location in Collingwood, where you’ll board a comfortable minibus. The bus will take you to the first stop on the brewery tour. Throughout the day, you’ll have the chance to visit multiple craft breweries and taste their top beers. Your guide will ensure that you get an accurate and lengthy description of the beer-making process at each brewery. You’ll even learn about the history of beer in Ontario!


  • Transportation via minibus
  • Pre-booked venues
  • Behind-the-scenes tour of the Collingwood or Blue Mountains craft brewery
  • Beer flights at each location (four 4oz beers at each brewery)
  • Water
  • Food


This activity is not suitable for:

  • People with mobility impairments
  • People under 19 years of age

Booking and Tips

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Make sure to wear comfortable clothing and shoes, and don’t forget to bring a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the tour. Also, keep in mind that tipping your guide is not required but always appreciated.


The Blue Mountains Brewery Tour with Tastings is an excellent opportunity to learn about the beer-making process while indulging in some of the best craft beers in the area. With pre-booked venues and an air-conditioned bus, all you need to worry about is having a good time with your friends. Book your tour today and let the adventure begin!

Frequently Asked Questions About Collingwood

If you are planning on visiting or moving to Collingwood, Ontario, there are many questions that you may have. To help you out, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about Collingwood.

1. What is Collingwood Known For?

Collingwood is a town located in Simcoe County, Ontario. It is known for its beautiful natural scenery, including the Georgian Bay and Blue Mountains. It is also well-known for its outdoor recreational opportunities, such as skiing, hiking, and golfing. The town has a strong maritime history and is home to a number of cultural festivals throughout the year.

2. What is the Population of Collingwood?

As of the 2016 census, the population of Collingwood was 21,793 people.

3. What is the Weather Like in Collingwood?

Collingwood experiences cold winters and mild summers. The average temperature in January, which is the coldest month, is -6°C, while the average temperature in July, which is the warmest month, is 23°C. Collingwood also receives a significant amount of snowfall each winter due to its proximity to the Blue Mountains.

4. What are the Best Things to Do in Collingwood?

Collingwood offers a wide variety of activities for people of all ages. Some of the best things to do in Collingwood include:

  • Visiting the Blue Mountains for skiing or hiking
  • Exploring the trails in the Town of Collingwood Trail Network
  • Browsing the local galleries and antique shops on Hurontario Street
  • Enjoying the local cuisine at one of Collingwood’s many restaurants
  • Taking a boat tour of the Georgian Bay

5. What Schools are Located in Collingwood?

There are a number of schools located in Collingwood, including public, Catholic, and French immersion schools. Some of the schools in Collingwood include:

  • Admiral Collingwood Elementary School
  • École élémentaire catholique de l’Ange-Gardien
  • Collingwood Collegiate Institute
  • St. Mary’s Catholic Elementary School
  • Georgian Bay Community School

6. What is the Housing Market Like in Collingwood?

The housing market in Collingwood is competitive, with prices rising rapidly over the past few years due to an influx of people moving to the area. However, there are a wide variety of housing options available, from single-family homes to condos and townhouses. It is important to work with a local real estate agent to find a home that fits your needs and budget.

7. How Far is Collingwood from Toronto?

Collingwood is located approximately 150 km northwest of Toronto. It is a popular weekend getaway destination for many Torontonians.

8. How Do I Get to Collingwood?

Collingwood is easily accessible by car, with Highway 26 running right through the town. It is approximately a two-hour drive from Toronto. There are also a number of bus services and private shuttle services that travel to and from Collingwood. The closest international airport is Toronto Pearson International Airport, which is approximately two hours away by car.

9. When is the Best Time of Year to Visit Collingwood?

The best time of year to visit Collingwood depends on your interests. If you enjoy skiing and snowboarding, the winter months of December through March are the best time to visit. If you enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and golfing, the spring, summer, and fall months are ideal. Collingwood is also home to a number of cultural festivals throughout the year, such as the Elvis Festival in July and the Collingwood Farmers’ Market from May through October.

10. Is Collingwood a Safe Town?

Collingwood is generally considered a safe town. However, as with any town, crime can occur. It is important to take normal safety precautions, such as keeping your doors locked and being aware of your surroundings, to reduce your risk of becoming a victim of crime.

Final Thoughts

Collingwood is a beautiful town with a rich history and a wide variety of activities to enjoy. Whether you are planning on visiting or moving to the area, we hope that this FAQ has helped to answer some of your questions. If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to a local real estate agent or tourism office for more information.


How to Plan Your Collingwood: Blue Mountains Brewery Tour with Tastings

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