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How to Plan Your Colonia Sightseeing Tour with Guide from Montevideo

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How to Plan Your Colonia Sightseeing Tour with Guide from Montevideo

Colonia del Sacramento is a beautiful city located in southwestern Uruguay, and it is a UNESCO World Heritage site. If you are exploring Montevideo and looking for a great day trip, the Colonia Sightseeing tour with a guide is a perfect option. This tour includes a visit to Nueva Helvecia, an old Portuguese settlement, and enough time to explore Colonia’s historic and architecturally rich city center. Here is how to plan your Colonia Sightseeing Tour with a guide from Montevideo.

Experience & Highlights

This tour is perfect for anyone who loves art, architecture, culture, and exploring UNESCO World Heritage sites. Your guide will start the tour by talking about Uruguay’s history, and along the way, you will be able to explore the beautiful countryside of Uruguay that includes plenty of cattle, sheep, and soya plantations. During the tour, you will visit the former bullring, Plaza de Toros Real de San Carlos, and the Old Fort, which was a former Portuguese settlement. You will also stop at Nueva Helvecia, formerly known as Colonia Suiza, which has maintained its Swiss traditions and customs to this day.

Tour Description

The Colonia Sightseeing tour starts from Montevideo, and you will drive along the beautiful Uruguayan coastline for about two hours to reach Colonia. On the way, the first stop is Nueva Helvecia, which is about one hour from Montevideo. Nueva Helvecia is a small town that was established by Swiss settlers, and it is a great example of how different cultures have blended in Uruguay. Here, you will have some time to explore the town, learn about its history and traditions, and interact with the locals.

After Nueva Helvecia, you will continue your drive to Colonia del Sacramento, which is located on the Rio de la Plata River. On the way, your guide will provide you with a brief history of Uruguay, the countryside’s agriculture, and what you can expect from the rest of the tour. Once you arrive in Colonia, you will first visit the picturesque former bullring, Plaza de Toros Real de San Carlos, which was inaugurated in 1910. This bullring has an impressive capacity of 10,000 spectators, and its architectural style is a mix of Italian and Spanish influences.

After the Plaza de Toros, you will head to the Old Fort, which was built in the 17th century by the Portuguese to protect the city from the Spanish. The fort has undergone restoration, and you will be able to explore its well-preserved walls, moats, and gates. Once you have explored the fort, you will have plenty of time to wander around the Historic Quarter of Colonia, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. You can enjoy the narrow, cobbled streets lined with whitewashed Spanish-Portuguese houses or marvel at the architecture of the city’s plazas and churches.

Booking Your Tour

To book your Colonia Sightseeing Tour with a guide, visit the GetYourGuide website by clicking here. The tour lasts about nine hours, and the price includes pickup and drop-off from your Montevideo accommodation, a professional guide, transportation in a comfortable vehicle, and a panoramic drive along the coast.


If you are looking to explore Uruguay’s UNESCO World Heritage sites, the Colonia Sightseeing Tour with a guide is an excellent option. From the Swiss traditions in Nueva Helvecia to the impressive architecture of the Plaza de Toros and the Old Fort, this tour has a lot to offer. Also, you will have enough time to explore the historic city center of Colonia on your own, which is a great way to soak up the atmosphere of this charming city. Book your tour today and enjoy an unforgettable day trip from Montevideo.

An Insider’s Guide to Colonia del Sacramento

Are you planning a trip to the beautiful city of Colonia del Sacramento? Well, you’re in luck! This insider’s guide is packed with amazing tips and insights to make your trip a memorable one. Colonia is a charming and peaceful city located on the Rio de la Plata, the perfect destination for a weekend getaway from Montevideo. From local attractions to cultural experiences and off-the-beaten-path suggestions, this guide has got you covered.

Local Attractions: Beyond the Tourist Spots

While there are plenty of well-known tourist attractions in Colonia del Sacramento, we recommend exploring some hidden gems that only locals know about. One must-visit spot is the Plaza de Toros, a bullfighting arena from the 19th century turned into a museum. It’s a fascinating way to learn more about the history of bullfighting in Uruguay. Another off-the-beaten-path attraction is the botanic garden behind the Basilica of the Holy Sacrament, which boasts many beautiful and rare species of plants and flowers.

Dining Spots: Local Cuisine and Interesting History

When it comes to dining in Colonia, you can’t miss trying the famous “asado,” Uruguay’s staple barbecued meat. One of the best places to try it is at “El Buen Suspiro,” a charming restaurant with a cozy courtyard and a great selection of wine. You should also try “chivito,” a delicious sandwich filled with steak, ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and egg, at Barrio Sur. Did you know that the history of the Chivito dates back to the 1940s? Legend has it that a customer at a popular restaurant complained that his portion of meat was too small, and the cook improvised a new, larger sandwich by adding the ingredients on hand.

Cultural Experiences: Traditions, Festivals, Art, Music, and Customs

Colonia is well-known for its traditional carnival celebration, which involves dancing and music parades throughout the month of February. If you’re not visiting during carnival season, we recommend visiting the Spanish-era lighthouse, which offers incredible panoramic views of the city and the Rio de la Plata. You can also check out the Colonia Street Art Festival, held in November, which showcases local artists through murals and graffiti.

Local History: Fascinating Stories from the Past

Colonia del Sacramento is an old city with a rich history, and there are plenty of fascinating stories from the past to explore. For example, did you know that the city was founded by the Portuguese in 1680, and over time, it became a battleground between the Portuguese and Spanish for control of the region? You’ll love exploring the ruins of the Portuguese fort, which was captured by the Spanish in the mid-18th century. Another must-see historical spot is the old city gate, which is said to date back to the 1740s.

Off-the-Beaten-Path Suggestions: Unforgettable and Unique Experiences

If you want to experience something truly unique, we recommend taking a day trip to the nearby island of Colonia Suiza. This island is home to an exclusive country club and resort that allows day visitors to explore its beautiful gardens, swimming pools, and private beaches. Another exciting option is to take a hot air balloon tour of the city, which offers a bird’s-eye view of the city’s stunning architecture and natural beauty.

In conclusion, Colonia del Sacramento is a hidden gem in Uruguay that offers so much more than traditional tourist spots. Whether you want to explore local attractions, dine on delicious cuisine, discover cultural experiences, learn about local history, or venture off the beaten path, you’ll find plenty to enjoy in this charming and peaceful city.

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How to Plan Your Colonia Sightseeing Tour with Guide from Montevideo

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