How to Plan Your From Bruges Great War Flanders Fields Minibus Tour w/Lunch

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How to Plan Your From Bruges Great War Flanders Fields Minibus Tour w/Lunch

If you’re visiting Bruges and want to experience Belgium’s extraordinary history, then the Great War Flanders Fields Minibus Tour w/Lunch is an excellent way to do so. This full-day minibus tour takes you from Bruges to Ypres in West Flanders, where you can discover key sites of World War I, including battlefields, bunkers, and the town of Ypres.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to plan your Great War Flanders Fields Minibus Tour w/Lunch:

Step 1: Book Your Tour

To book your tour, you can follow this link and select your preferred date and language for the tour. You can also choose to add-on an audio guide or a pick-up from your hotel in Bruges for an additional fee.

Step 2: Be Prepared for Your Tour

Before you embark on the tour, there are a few things you should know. The tour is not suitable for children under 8 years, people with mobility impairments, or wheelchair users. You’ll be traveling in an air-conditioned mini-coach with a guide and museum entry ticket and lunch at Hooge Crater or an alternative stop are included. However, drinks are not included, so make sure to bring some money with you for beverages.

Step 3: Experience the Tour

Once you arrive at the meeting point, you’ll be welcomed by your guide, who will accompany you throughout the tour. You’ll be taken through the picturesque Flemish countryside, where you’ll see iconic poppy fields and learn historical facts about Belgium and Flanders.

You’ll also discover key sites of World War I, including battlefields and bunkers. The highlight of the tour is the town of Ypres, where you can explore the city nicknamed Wipers, which was rebuilt according to a medieval blueprint after being completely razed to the ground in the early 1900s.

At Hooge Crater or an alternative stop, you’ll be provided with a museum entry ticket and lunch to enjoy before continuing on with the tour.

Step 4: Wrap Up Your Tour

After the tour, you’ll return to the meeting point in Bruges, where you can say goodbye to your guide and fellow travelers. You’ll leave with a newfound appreciation of Belgium’s rich history and the sacrifices made by those who lived through the Great War in Flanders Fields.


In summary, the Great War Flanders Fields Minibus Tour w/Lunch is an excellent way to explore Belgium’s history and learn about the first World War. By following these simple steps, you can book your tour, be prepared for the tour, experience the tour, and wrap up your tour. The tour is well worth the journey from Bruges to Ypres to discover key sites and learn historical facts about Belgium and Flanders.

An Insider’s Guide to Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is a beautiful and historic city located in the Flanders region of Belgium. Known for its picturesque canals, charming cobblestone streets, and impressive architecture, Bruges is a popular destination for tourists from around the world. This insider’s guide will provide you with everything you need to know to plan your trip to Bruges, including must-see attractions, top dining spots, cultural experiences, local history, and off-the-beaten-path suggestions.


One of the best ways to explore Bruges is on foot or by bicycle. There are plenty of bike rental shops in the city, and many of the main attractions are within walking distance of each other. Here are some of the top attractions in Bruges:

– The Markt: This historic city square is the heart of Bruges and features many restaurants, cafes, and shops. The Belfry of Bruges, a medieval bell tower with 366 steps, is located in the Markt and offers stunning views of the city.

– The Beguinage: This tranquil area of Bruges is home to a group of historic buildings and a garden. It was originally built as a community for religious women, and today visitors can tour the beautiful grounds for free.

– The Church of Our Lady: This gothic-style church is one of the most impressive in Bruges and is home to a unique marble sculpture of Madonna and Child by Michelangelo.

– The Groeningemuseum: This fine arts museum is home to an impressive collection of Flemish and Belgian art from the 15th to the 21st century.


Bruges is known for its delicious cuisine, especially its chocolate, waffles, and beer. Here are some of the top dining spots in the city:

– De Halve Maan Brewery: This family-owned brewery has been operating since 1856 and serves up some of the best beer in the region. Visitors can take a brewery tour and taste some of the famous Brugse Zot beer.

– Chocolaterie Sukerbuyc: This artisanal chocolate shop offers a wide variety of handmade chocolates, truffles, and pralines. Visitors can watch the chocolate-making process and even attend a chocolate-making workshop.

– Lieven: This cozy restaurant serves up delicious Flemish cuisine, including classic dishes like beef stew and rabbit in beer sauce. They also have a great beer selection.

Cultural Experiences

Bruges is steeped in culture and history, and there are plenty of experiences that will allow you to immerse yourself in the city’s rich heritage. Here are some cultural experiences not to be missed in Bruges:

– The Historium: This interactive museum takes visitors on a journey back in time to medieval Bruges. The museum features virtual reality exhibits, multimedia displays, and special effects.

– Lace-Making: Bruges is famous for its lace-making, and visitors can watch lace-makers at work in the Lace Center. There are also plenty of shops where you can buy lace souvenirs, including handkerchiefs, tablecloths, and doilies.

– Canal Boat Tour: A canal boat tour is a great way to see the city from a different perspective. You can relax and enjoy the scenery as you pass by historic buildings, charming bridges, and picturesque canals.

Local History

Bruges has a long and fascinating history that is evident in its many historic buildings, monuments, and museums. Here are some highlights of Bruges’ local history:

– Bruges During the World War I: Bruges played a significant role in World War I, and there are several important sites in and around the city that commemorate this history. For example, one can participate in the From Bruges Great War Flanders Fields Minibus Tour w/Lunch to learn and witness the poignant reminders of the War.

– The City Hall: The Bruges City Hall is a beautiful example of Gothic architecture and was built in the 14th century. Visitors can tour the building and see the historic rooms where city officials worked and made important decisions.

Off-the-Beaten-Path Suggestions

Looking for something a bit more unique and off the beaten path? Here are some suggestions for things to do in Bruges that you might not find in your guidebook:

– Sculpture Route: The Sculpture Route is a self-guided tour that takes visitors to some of the city’s most interesting sculptures. The route is marked with bronze plaques and takes about an hour to complete.

– Windmills of Bruges: Bruges is known for its iconic windmills, and there are four remaining in the city. Visitors can climb the steps to the top of the windmills for incredible views of the city.

Bruges is an enchanting city that is sure to capture your heart with its romantic canals, charming streets, delicious cuisine, and rich history. This insider’s guide will help you make the most of your trip to Bruges, whether you’re interested in exploring the top attractions, immersing yourself in local culture, or discovering hidden gems off the beaten path.


How to Plan Your From Bruges Great War Flanders Fields Minibus Tour w/Lunch

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