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How to Plan Your Full Day Guided Tour of West Serbia – Mokra Gora

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How to Plan Your Full Day Guided Tour of West Serbia – Mokra Gora

If you’re planning a trip to Serbia and want to explore the country’s natural beauty, a full day guided tour of West Serbia that includes Mokra Gora should be on your list. This tour is offered by a third-party company and provides a perfect balance between natural beauty, culture, and history.


Prepare yourself for an exciting and unforgettable adventure set in Western Serbia the most naturally vibrant region in the country. With a morning departure from Belgrade, this unforgettable day will start with a drive to wild and almost untouched nature, tasty cuisine, and friendly and hospitable people.


The highlights of this tour include visiting attractive viewpoints along the Drina River, traveling through time aboard an old charming Šargan 8 train, and experiencing the charm of the Wooden town movie scenography.

Full Description

After being picked up from your hotel in Belgrade, your professional licensed guide will take you to West Serbia, where you’ll explore the natural beauty of the region. You’ll visit attractive viewpoints along the Drina River, where you’ll get to experience the pristine beauty of the river and its surrounding mountains. Next, you’ll travel through time aboard an old charming Šargan 8 train. This narrow-gauge railway is a UNESCO heritage site and a unique attraction that lets visitors experience the charm of an earlier era. You’ll get to see some of the most stunning views of the mountainous landscape. Finally, you’ll visit Mokra Gora, one of the most charming places in Serbia. You’ll be a part of a movie scenography at charming Wooden town, where the movie “Life Is a Miracle” was filmed. You’ll get to learn about the history of the town and enjoy the traditional architecture of the wooden houses. The tour includes transportation by air-conditioned car, van, or minibus, hotel pickup and drop-off, train ticket for the Sargan Eight railway, entrance fee for Wooden City, and lunch.

What’s Included

  • Professional licensed guide
  • Transport by air-conditioned car, van or minibus
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Train ticket for Sargan Eight railway (approximately €10)
  • Entrance fee for the Wooden city (approximately €2)
  • Lunch
  • Tips

Not Suitable for

People with mobility impairments should not take this tour as it requires some walking and climbing.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Mokra Gora

Are you considering visiting Mokra Gora in Serbia? Then you must have some questions about this beautiful city. Below is a list of common questions asked by travelers who are interested in visiting Mokra Gora.

1. Where is Mokra Gora located?

Mokra Gora is a small town located in the western part of Serbia, near the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is part of the Zlatibor District and is situated between two mountains, Zlatibor and Tara.

2. What is the best time to visit Mokra Gora?

The best time to visit Mokra Gora is during the summer months, from June to September, when the weather is warm and sunny. However, if you are interested in winter sports, then the best time to visit Mokra Gora is from December to March.

3. What are the top attractions in Mokra Gora?

Mokra Gora is known for its scenic natural beauty, historical sites, and unique attractions. Some of the top attractions in Mokra Gora include:
  • The Sargan Eight: A narrow-gauge railway that takes visitors through the beautiful countryside of Mokra Gora.
  • Kustendorf: A traditional Serbian village built by filmmaker Emir Kusturica.
  • Tara National Park: A beautiful park with hiking trails, waterfalls, and stunning views.
  • Drvengrad: A village designed by Emir Kusturica, with traditional Serbian houses, shops, and restaurants.
  • The Wooden City: A unique attraction that features wooden huts, bridges, and ladders.

4. What is the Sargan Eight?

The Sargan Eight is a narrow-gauge railway that runs through the beautiful scenery of Mokra Gora. It is named after the shape of the railway, which resembles a figure-eight. The railway was built in the early 20th century to connect the industrial town of Uzice with Sarajevo, but it stopped operating in the 1970s. In 1999, the railway was reconstructed and turned into a tourist attraction. It takes visitors on a 15-kilometer journey through 22 tunnels, over five bridges, and through some of the most beautiful landscapes in Serbia.

5. What is Kustendorf?

Kustendorf, also known as Drvengrad, is a traditional Serbian village built by filmmaker Emir Kusturica. The village features traditional wooden houses, a cinema, a library, and a church. It is also home to the annual Kustendorf Film and Music Festival, which attracts filmmakers, musicians, and artists from around the world.

6. How do I get to Mokra Gora?

You can get to Mokra Gora by car, bus, or train. The nearest airport is in Belgrade, which is about 200 kilometers away. From Belgrade, you can take a bus or a train to Mokra Gora. If you are traveling by car, you can take the E763 highway from Belgrade to Uzice and then follow the signs to Mokra Gora.

7. What is the currency used in Mokra Gora?

The currency used in Mokra Gora is the Serbian Dinar (RSD). It is recommended that you exchange your currency at a bank or an exchange office, as the exchange rate at hotels and tourist shops is often lower.

8. What is the language spoken in Mokra Gora?

The official language in Mokra Gora is Serbian. However, many people in the tourist industry speak English, and some also speak German or Russian.

9. What are some traditional Serbian dishes I should try in Mokra Gora?

Mokra Gora is known for its traditional Serbian cuisine. Some of the dishes you should try include:
  • Cevapi: Grilled minced meat served in a flatbread with onions and kaymak (a type of cream).
  • Kajmak: A type of cream made from milk, similar to clotted cream.
  • Sarma: Stuffed cabbage rolls filled with minced meat and rice.
  • Burek: A savory pastry filled with meat, cheese, or vegetables.
  • Rakija: A traditional Serbian brandy made from fruit.

10. Is Mokra Gora a safe city to visit?

Mokra Gora is a safe city to visit, and violent crimes are rare. However, as with any tourist destination, you should take normal precautions to avoid becoming a victim of petty crime, such as pickpocketing or theft. It is also recommended that you avoid traveling alone at night and that you stay in well-lit areas.

How to spend your time as a tourist in Mokra Gora

Mokra Gora is a small tourist village located in the west of Serbia, built around the heritage railway, the “Sargan Eight” and is known for its beautiful scenery, unique architecture and rich cultural heritage. Visiting Mokra Gora is like stepping back in time, it’s the perfect place to relax and unwind. If you’re planning a trip to Mokra Gora, here are some things you should do:

1. Ride the “Sargan Eight” Railway

The “Sargan Eight” Railway is a narrow-gauge heritage railway that connects Mokra Gora with the nearby town of Šargan. This touristic train ride offers a unique experience, taking you through the scenic landscapes of the nearby mountains all while enjoying the fresh air and nature. During the ride, you’ll get to see stunning views of the surrounding countryside, and through tunnels and across the famous “Devil’s Bridge.” The train ride usually takes about 2.5 hours, and it’s a perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

2. Visit Kustendorf

Kustendorf is a small village near Mokra Gora that was built by the Serbian film director Emir Kusturica for his movie “Life is a Miracle.” The village is open to visitors year-round and has a unique architectural style. Here, you will find cobblestone streets, wooden buildings, and a beautiful lake. There are many sights to see throughout the village, with the most prominent being the Orthodox Church of Saint Sava that was built entirely from wood. Additionally, there are many cafes and restaurants where you can savor some authentic Serbian dishes and enjoy a relaxing atmosphere.

3. Explore the Drvengrad – Wooden Town

Drvengrad, also known as Mećavnik, is a unique village located near Mokra Gora. It was created by the famous Serbian director Emir Kusturica for his movie “Life is a Miracle,” as well. The village is famous for its unique wooden architecture and serves as a cultural center with exhibitions, cinemas, and music festivals throughout the year. Visitors can explore the winding streets, see a traditional wood-carving workshop, and relax in one of the many cafes or restaurants. Drvengrad is an excellent alternative to Kustendorf with a more significant emphasis on culture and education.

4. Enjoy traditional Serbian food at “Vardjenje” Restaurant

If you’re looking to savor some traditional Serbian cuisine, look no further than the “Vardjenje” Restaurant in Mokra Gora. The restaurant is located near the “Sargan Eight” Railway station and has a gorgeous panoramic view of the surrounding mountains. Here, you can try some typical Serbian dishes like ćevapi, kajmak, or pljeskavica, along with a glass of local rakia (brandy).

5. Go hiking in the nearby mountains

Mokra Gora is located near the Zlatibor mountain range, which is an excellent place for hiking, biking, and nature walks. There are many hiking trails near Mokra Gora that range in difficulty from easy to challenging. The trails provide stunning views of the surrounding countryside, including waterfalls, mountain peaks, and dense forests. One popular route is the hike to Tornik, which is the highest peak in the Zlatibor area.

6. Visit the Ethno Village Sirogojno

The Ethno Village Sirogojno is a unique open-air museum located near Mokra Gora that showcases traditional Serbian rural life. The village consists of several old homes, barns, and workshops, all reconstructed into the authentic 19th-century style of the region. Visitors can learn about traditional crafts, such as weaving or pottery, as well as the rich folklore and customs of the region. Additionally, there are several cafes and restaurants in the area where you can enjoy some traditional Serbian dishes and drinks.

7. Attend a music or film festival

Mokra Gora is a popular destination for music and film festivals, held throughout the year. These festivals bring together people from different cultures and art styles, providing an excellent opportunity to explore new cultural expressions. One of the most famous is Kustendorf film festival, held annually in January. It’s a unique event where filmmakers from all over the world gather to screen their best works.

8. Explore the famous Uvac Canyon

The Uvac Canyon is located located a short drive from Mokra Gora and is one of the most beautiful natural wonders of Serbia. Here, you can take a boat or a kayak ride on the Uvac River and explore the numerous caves, rock formations, and waterfalls of the area. The canyon is home to the rare griffon vultures, which can be seen soaring in the skies above. The scenery is breathtaking, and it’s a perfect place to unwind and reconnect with nature.

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Mokra Gora is a unique destination, renowned for its picturesque landscapes, unique architecture, and rich cultural heritage. Visiting this beautiful area is a remarkable experience, offering a diverse range of activities and attractions. Whether you’re looking to relax and unwind, explore traditional Serbian life, or discover new cultural expressions, Mokra Gora has something for everyone. So, pack your bags and start your adventure now!
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How to Plan Your Full Day Guided Tour of West Serbia – Mokra Gora

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