How to Plan Your Gozo Full-Day Tuk-Tuk Tour and Lunch in Malta

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How to Plan Your Gozo Full-Day Tuk-Tuk Tour and Lunch in Malta

Malta is a magnificent island with plenty of cultural and historical attractions, but if you’re looking for a unique way to see the beauty of the Maltese islands, why not try a Gozo Full-Day Tuk-Tuk Tour and Lunch? This tour takes you on a tour of Gozo, with its charming towns, stunning coastline, and rich history, before sailing the crystal-clear waters of Comino.

In this blog post, we’ll guide you through everything you need to know to plan your tour, from the tour’s experience and highlights to important tips and what to expect throughout the day.


The Gozo Full-Day Tuk-Tuk Tour and Lunch is a fantastic experience that will introduce you to the stunning beauty of Gozo and its surroundings. You’ll visit Gozo’s highlights, including Victoria, Ta’ Pinu Church, Xlendi Bay, and the Salt Pans. You will travel through the countryside and on the narrow roads and ancient streets of the island that are inaccessible to larger vehicles.

Your Tuk-Tuk driver will provide you with a fascinating commentary, teaching you about the island’s history, local stories and legends whilst ensuring that you get to the most beautiful sites of Gozo. You’ll be amazed by the stories that are told and how they tie in with the island’s architecture, sculpture, and lifestyle.

After exploring the best of Gozo, the tour will take you to Comino, where you’ll experience the breathtaking beauty of the Blue Lagoon and the Crystal Lagoon, azure waters with incredible submerged landscapes, The tiny unspoiled island is the perfect place to enjoy swimming, snorkeling or sunbathing. The caves surrounding the island will be visible as well.


The tour has excellent highlights, some of which include:

Enjoy a Gozitan Lunch

As part of the tour, you’ll enjoy a light, traditional Gozitan lunch with a refreshing glass of local wine or water. This Gozitan lunch is an opportunity to taste the local flavours of Maltese cuisine.

Discover hard-to-reach places on Gozo with Tuk-Tuk

Exploring Gozo by tuk-tuk will take you to the hard-to-reach places of the island that large vehicles cannot access. The Tuk-tuk’s open design allows for a 360-degree view of the island’s beauty, its breathtaking views and its historical sites.

Immerse yourself in the local culture with stories from your local driver

Your local driver will share with you the culture of Gozo and the stories that make this island unique. They will be your story-tellers, providing you with fascinating tales about Gozo’s past, present, and future.

See the beauty of Comino’s coast as you sail by Blue and Crystal Lagoons

This tour is a great opportunity to relax on a Mediterranean cruise along with Comino’s coast. You will see crystal clear water and stunning landscapes whilst sailing through the Blue and Crystal Lagoons.

Uncover the ancient history of Gozo island as you ride over cobbled streets

The island’s history goes back to ancient times, and it has experienced many cultures and civilizations over the years. As you ride along cobblestone streets, you will learn about the living history of the island, its past, architecture and the ancient ways of life of the people living on Gozo.

Full Description

The tour begins with pickup from your hotel or another pre-arranged spot in Malta, before taking a 25-minute ferry ride to Gozo. The first stop will be the beautiful Ta’ Pinu Church.

Afterwards, you’ll begin a scenic driving tour of Gozo’s northern coast, passing by the red sands of Ramla Bay and the Calypso Cave. You will also discover the beautiful views of the Salt Pans of Gozo, used by salt workers since the Roman times, and still in active use today.

The Lunch will be served after the visit to Victoria, Gozo’s capital city, which boasts a labyrinth of pedestrian alleys and beautiful traditional food stalls. You will taste the local flavours of the Mediterranean cuisine.

After lunch and a few more stops for photos and sightseeing, the tour will take you back to Mgarr Harbour for a Comino Cruise. You will be sailing along the breathtaking coastline of Comino, past crystal-clear waters and beautiful beaches before stopping for some time to swim or snorkel in the Blue Lagoon area. The tour will end with a ferry ride back to Malta.


The tour includes:

– Pickup and drop-off in Malta or Gozo
– Boat to/from Gozo
– Gozitan Lunch with water or wine
– Multilingual storytellers at each stop
– Visiting all the highlights in Gozo
– Views of the Comino Caves (weather permitting)


Here are a few tips to help you prepare for the tour:

– Bring a hat, sunscreen, and a swimsuit for when you reach Comino.
– The Tuk-Tuk is an open-air vehicle, it is a good idea to bring a sweater or jacket on cooler days.
– Wear comfortable shoes to walk on uneven terrain and to climb the steps of the various sites.
– If you have any dietary requirements, please inform the tour operator beforehand.

Not Suitable For

The Gozo Full-Day Tuk-Tuk Tour and Lunch in Malta is not suitable for people with epilepsy.

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You can book the Gozo Full-Day Tuk-Tuk Tour and Lunch in Malta by clicking on this link: book your tour here. We hope you have found this guide helpful in planning your tour, and we are confident that you will create amazing memories on this tour that will last a lifetime.


How to Plan Your Gozo Full-Day Tuk-Tuk Tour and Lunch in Malta

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