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How to Plan Your Ice Climbing Tour in Abisko

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How to Plan Your Ice Climbing Tour in Abisko

If you’re looking for a unique and challenging adventure, ice climbing in Abisko may be just what you’re looking for. This arctic excursion is tailored for all experience levels and is guided by certified professionals with years of experience. Here’s what you need to know to plan your tour:


Ice climbing in Abisko is a one-of-a-kind experience that you won’t find anywhere else. With towering ice formations and breathtaking views, this adventure is perfect for anyone interested in a unique and challenging experience.


During your tour, you’ll have the opportunity to:
  • Try a fun and new arctic adventure with ice climbing
  • Learn to scale vertical sheets of ice in safety under careful guidance
  • Challenge yourself as you learn how to climb ice
  • Know you are safe with a certified instructor
  • Enjoy the convenience of pickup and drop-off from your hotel

Full Description

Your ice climbing tour in Abisko will be led by a certified guide with years of experience climbing in arctic conditions. You’ll learn how to navigate the ice safely while challenging yourself to reach new heights. The tour includes all necessary equipment, including alpine boots, crampons, harnesses, and helmets. Pickup and drop-off from your hotel are also included, making it easy and convenient to join the excursion. This tour is designed to be small and intimate, allowing for a personalized experience. The guide will tailor the tour to your experience level, ensuring that everyone is pushed to their limits in a safe and controlled environment.


  • Ice climbing equipment (alpine boots, crampons, harness, and helmet)
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Certified guide (UIAA)
  • Small groups
  • Warm clothing
  • Food and drinks

Not Suitable For

  • Children under 10 years
  • People with mobility impairments
  • People with heart problems
  • Wheelchair users
  • People with recent surgeries


To book your ice climbing tour in Abisko, head over to GetYourGuide. Don’t forget to bring warm clothing, as temperatures can drop significantly in arctic conditions. Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime!

Abisko: A Comprehensive Guide to the Northern Swedish Paradise

Abisko is a small Swedish village located in the far north of Sweden, near the border of Finland and Norway. It is surrounded by stunning natural beauty, including the Abisko National Park, which is home to the Aurora Sky Station and the famous Aurora Sky Station chairlift. Here is a list of frequently asked questions about Abisko to help you plan your trip.

Where is Abisko located?

Abisko is located in the far North of Sweden, in Lapland province. Specifically, it is situated close to the border between Sweden and Norway.

Why is Abisko famous?

Abisko is famous for being an excellent spot to view northern lights, thanks to its ideal location in the Aurora zone. Also, the Abisko National Park is one of the most beautiful in Sweden, with its large and clear sky, snowy peaks and magical Aurora.

What is Abisko National Park?

Abisko National Park is a protected natural area covering over 77 square kilometers of Northern Sweden. The park is known for its stunning natural scenery, including the Abisko canyon, the Lapp gate, and the Lapporten mountain pass. It is also home to a wide range of Arctic animals, including polar bears, moose, and reindeer. In winter, guided tours into the National Park can be arranged for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.

What is the Aurora Sky Station?

The Aurora Sky Station is a unique observation platform located on top of the mountain in the Abisko National Park. It is one of the world’s best places to see the Northern Lights. A tour to the Aurora Sky Station will take you on a chairlift from the base of the mountain to the summit. Once at the top, you can take in the amazing views of the surrounding nature and watch the northern lights while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate.

When is the best time to visit Abisko?

The best time to visit Abisko is during winter, from December to the end of March. This period offers the best chance to see the northern lights as well as some of the clearest skies in Europe. The weather is cold, but this means the snow is great for winter activities like skiing, snowmobiling and dog sledding. In summer, Abisko is still a beautiful place to visit, but the northern lights are not visible, and temperatures can be really high.

Can I see Northern Lights in Abisko?

Yes, you can! Abisko is one of the world’s best places to see the Northern Lights as it is located in the heart of the Aurora Sky Zone, which increases your chances of seeing the Aurora Borealis. The best time to see northern lights is in the winter months from December to the end of March, so book your trip accordingly, and don’t forget to bring a good camera.

What outdoor activities are there to do in Abisko?

There is a range of outdoor activities to do in Abisko, such as hiking, skiing, snowmobiling, husky dog safaris, and ice-fishing. Ice-climbing is also available for the more adventurous of travelers. It is an excellent opportunity to try various outdoor activities and explore the breathtaking nature that surrounds Abisko.

How do I get to Abisko?

There are a few ways to get to Abisko. The easiest way is to fly to Kiruna and take a train from the airport. Another option is to fly to Stockholm and take a train or bus. Once you arrive at the Abisko train station, it is just a short walk to the village center where you can find accommodation or transfer directly to the Aurora Sky Station.

What kind of accommodation options are available in Abisko?

Abisko offers a range of accommodation options, from budget-friendly hostels to luxurious hotels. There is a range of campings areas and cosy cabins to rent as well, guaranteeing that all budgets are able to find the perfect place to stay. It is important to note that accommodations fill up quickly during the winter months, so it is advisable to book in advance.

What is the weather like in Abisko?

Abisko is a cold destination, so it is important to come prepared. In winter months, December to March, temperatures can drop below -30°C, and in summer, average temperatures are around 10°C. It is important to note that regardless of the time of year, weather can change quickly, making it essential to pack accordingly.

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Abisko is an ideal holiday destination for those who love the outdoors and want to experience the magic of the Northern Lights. With its location in the Aurora Sky Zone and its stunning natural scenery, it is an impressive place to visit year-round. The town provides a range of activities, from winter sports to nature trips and offers suitable accommodations to provide a truly unforgettable experience. Plan your visit to Abisko now and create unforgettable memories in this Arctic paradise!

How to spend your time as a tourist in Abisko

If you’re planning a trip to Sweden and want to experience something unique, consider visiting Abisko. Abisko is a small village situated in the northern Lapland region of Sweden, famous for its stunning natural beauty, clear skies, and Northern Lights. Here’s a guide on how to spend your time as a tourist in Abisko.

When to visit Abisko

The best time to visit Abisko depends on the activities you want to do. The village is open all year round, but the activities vary with the season. – Summer: June to August is the peak tourist season in Abisko. This is the best time to experience the Midnight Sun, which is when the sun never sets, and you can enjoy 24 hours of daylight. You can go hiking, fishing, kayaking, or wildlife spotting during the summer season. – Autumn: September to November is a good time to visit Abisko if you want to see the Northern Lights. The weather is chilly, but the skies are clear, making it easier to spot the Aurora. You can also go hiking in the fall to see the changing colors of the autumn leaves. – Winter: December to February is the winter season in Abisko. This is the best time to experience snow activities such as dog sledding, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling. You can also see the Northern Lights in the winter season. However, the weather can be extremely cold, so make sure to pack warm clothes.

Activities to do in Abisko

There are numerous activities to do in Abisko. Here are some of the most popular activities:

1. Aurora Sky Station

Aurora Sky Station is a must-visit attraction in Abisko. It’s located at the top of Mount Nuolja and provides a perfect view of the Northern Lights. To get there, you’ll have to take a cable car from Abisko Turiststation. You can book a guided tour to learn about the Northern Lights and enjoy a traditional Swedish dinner.

2. Husky Sledding

Husky sledding is a unique experience that you wouldn’t want to miss in Abisko. You can book a tour with a local guide who will take you on a ride through the forest and mountains. The huskies are friendly, and you’ll have the opportunity to interact with them and take photos.

3. Icehotel

The Icehotel is a magnificent hotel made entirely of ice and snow. The hotel is open from December to April, and you can book a room or just take a tour. The hotel has a bar, restaurant, and an ice chapel. It’s an unforgettable experience to sleep in a room made of ice.

4. Cross Country Skiing

Cross-country skiing is a popular activity in Abisko during the winter season. The village has over 85 kilometers of groomed ski trails that provide a scenic view of the mountains and forests. You can rent equipment and take a lesson if you’re a beginner.

5. Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing is an excellent alternative to cross-country skiing that allows you to explore the wintery landscape at a slower pace. You can rent snowshoes and take a guided tour to learn about the flora and fauna of Abisko.

Accommodation options in Abisko

Abisko offers various accommodation options for tourists. Here are some of the most popular options:

1. Abisko Mountain Lodge

Abisko Mountain Lodge is a cozy lodge located in the village center. The lodge offers comfortable rooms with private bathrooms, a restaurant, and a bar. It’s an excellent option for budget travelers.

2. Abisko Turiststation

Abisko Turiststation is a comprehensive resort located near the Abisko National Park. The resort offers a range of accommodation options, from basic rooms to cabins, apartments, and suites. It also has a restaurant, bar, sauna, and an outdoor hot tub.

3. STF Abisko Mountain Station

STF Abisko Mountain Station is a historic hostel that offers budget accommodation in the heart of the Abisko National Park. It has simple rooms with shared bathrooms, a communal kitchen, and a sauna.

The final word

Abisko is a destination that offers something for everyone. Whether you’re interested in natural beauty, adventure, or cultural experiences, you’ll find an activity that suits you in Abisko. With proper planning and preparation, you’ll have an unforgettable experience in Abisko.
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How to Plan Your Ice Climbing Tour in Abisko

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