How to Plan Your Paris: Seine River Champagne Dinner Cruise with Live Music Tour

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How to Plan Your Paris: Seine River Champagne Dinner Cruise with Live Music Tour

Are you planning a trip to Paris and looking for an unforgettable experience? Look no further than the Seine River Champagne Dinner Cruise with Live Music, an enchanting journey through the heart of the City of Lights. Here’s how to plan your perfect evening on the Seine River.


The Seine River Champagne Dinner Cruise with Live Music is a breathtaking experience that provides the best views of Paris along the famous Seine River. This tour is perfect for couples looking for a romantic outing or anyone seeking a unique night out.


The highlights of this tour include a stunning setting, live music, champagne, and a spectacular culinary experience. You’ll enjoy a festive musical ambiance provided by our singer, while our chef and his staff provide a delicious multi-course dinner, made with seasonal ingredients.

Full Description

Embark on a fantastical journey through the heart of Paris with the Seine River Champagne Dinner Cruise with Live Music. Fall in love with the charmed aura of the Seine River as you dine on a delicious menu while surrounded by some of the most beautiful monuments in Paris. From the boat, you can admire the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame, among other landmarks. Our singer or duo will set the mood with festive musical ambiance while you dine on a delicious menu. The meal includes starters, main courses, and desserts, with each dish made with carefully chosen seasonal ingredients.

Menu Example

Here is an example of the menu, but please note that the menu is subject to change: – Heirloom tomato tartar, smoked salmon, black olive tapenade, Herbs de Provence finger – Corn-fed chicken breast, aubergine gratin, runner beans, thyme jus OR – Fillet of sea bream, creamy spelt risotto, courgettes, peppers

Booking Information

To book the Seine River Champagne Dinner Cruise with Live Music tour, visit the following link: book the tour here. Don’t hesitate to book your experience early, as it can sell out quickly.

Tips for the Tour

– Dress nicely for the occasion, as this tour exudes an understated elegance. – Don’t forget your camera, as you’ll want to capture the picturesque experience. – Arrive at the pier at least 30 minutes before the tour departs the keep things running smoothly. – Take a look at the menu for restrictions or options available for people with specific dietary requirements. – Take non-slip footwear.

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The Seine River Champagne Dinner Cruise with Live Music is one of the best ways to experience the City of Lights. This enchanting journey provides a night of celebration, great food, and stunning views of the famous monuments in Paris. Book your experience early and enjoy the best that Paris has to offer.

FAQ about Paris

1. What is the best time of the year to visit Paris?

The best time to visit Paris is from April to June or from October to November. During these months, the weather is mild, off-season crowds are low, and the hotel rates are reasonably priced. During July and August, the temperature can rise to over 30°C, and the tourist crowds are at their peak.

2. How do I get around in Paris?

Paris has one of the most extensive public transportation systems in the world. The metro, bus, and tram network are efficient and affordable. You can also use bicycles or electric scooters, which can be rented from various locations in the city.

3. What are some must-visit tourist attractions in Paris?

  • The Eiffel Tower
  • The Louvre Museum
  • Notre-Dame Cathedral
  • Champs-Élysées
  • Musée d’Orsay
  • Sainte-Chapelle
  • Arc de Triomphe
  • Palais Garnier

4. What are some good places to eat in Paris?

Paris is known for its excellent food, and there are plenty of restaurants and cafes to choose from. Some popular options include:

  • L’Ambroisie
  • Septime
  • Le Cinq
  • L’Avenue
  • Chez L’Ami Jean
  • Au Pied de Cochon
  • Buvette Gastrothèque

5. Is it safe to visit Paris?

Paris is generally a safe city, but like any other big city, it is advised to exercise caution and keep an eye on your belongings. Avoid unsafe areas at night, and be wary of pickpockets in crowded tourist hotspots.

6. What should I wear in Paris?

Paris is a fashion-conscious city, and dressing appropriately is necessary. It is recommended to avoid wearing shorts, flip-flops, or sportswear when visiting tourist attractions. Comfortable walking shoes, a jacket or scarf, and a stylish outfit should suffice.

7. What are some unique experiences to have in Paris?

  • Take a boat tour on the Seine River
  • Visit the Catacombs of Paris
  • See the Moulin Rouge Cabaret Show
  • Watch the Eiffel Tower light show at night
  • Explore the hidden Parisian passages and alleys
  • Visit the Palace of Versailles
  • Go on a wine tasting tour

8. What is the drinking age in Paris?

The legal drinking age in France is 18. However, some bars and clubs may have a higher age limit of 21 or 25 years. Always carry a valid ID when going out to drink in Paris.

9. Can I use my credit card in Paris?

Yes, credit cards are widely accepted in Paris, but it is advisable to carry some cash with you, especially when visiting street markets or small establishments.

10. How much does it cost to visit Paris?

The cost of visiting Paris varies depending on your travel style and budget. On average, a solo traveler might expect to spend around €50-€70 per day for accommodation, food, and transport. However, prices can rise or fall depending on the season, and the time of the visit.

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Paris is a beautiful city with a rich history and culture that is worth exploring. By following these tips, you can make the most of your trip and create unforgettable memories. Plan ahead, be prepared, and enjoy the City of Lights!

How to Spend Your Time as a Tourist in Paris

Paris, the city of love, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. From the almost clichéd Eiffel Tower to the magnificent Sainte-Chapelle, there are countless attractions that make Paris famous. The city is filled with amazing neighborhoods, incredible museums, and outstanding architecture. Whether it’s your first time visiting Paris or your fifteenth, there’s always something new to experience. Here are some tips for making the most out of your Parisian adventure!

1. Start with the classics – Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame Cathedral

No trip to Paris is complete without visiting the Eiffel Tower. It symbolizes the beauty, architecture, and the art of the city. You can climb the stairs to the second floor or take the elevator to the top of the tower. Also, don’t miss the chance to see the Notre-Dame Cathedral, which is known for its architecture and stunning stained glass windows. Since the fire in 2019, the cathedral is closed, but there are still plenty of ways to admire its beauty.

2. Explore the Museums of Paris:

Paris is known for its many museums. The most popular museum in Paris is the Louvre Museum, which is home to the famous painting of Mona Lisa. The museum has many other stunning pieces of art, like ancient Egyptian art, Greek sculptures, and paintings from the Renaissance period. Another great museum to visit is the Musee d’Orsay, which houses a wide collection of Impressionism and post-Impressionism. The Picasso Museum is another must-visit attraction, which has an extensive collection of Picasso’s work.

3. Take a stroll around Montmartre:

Montmartre is a neighborhood that has preserved its historical charm. It’s a lovely little area filled with winding streets, stunning architecture, and street art. Montmartre is famous for its artists, who can frequently be found selling their work in the square. From the top of the hill, you’ll get a great view of Paris, particularly of the famous white dome of the Sacré-Cœur Basilica.

4. Visit the Palace of Versailles:

The Palace of Versailles is located just outside of Paris and is a must-visit attraction. This stunning palace was built by Louis XIV, and it’s known for its stunning architecture and sprawling gardens. The Hall of Mirrors in the palace is one of the most famous rooms, and visitors are often impressed by the sheer scale and beauty of the palace.

5. Check out the Catacombs of Paris:

The Catacombs of Paris are a unique attraction that’s both interesting and eerie. This underground network of tunnels houses the remains of over 6 million people. Visitors can walk through the catacombs and explore the various rooms and tunnels that make up this massive network.

6. Visit the Champs-Elysées:

The Champs-Elysées is a famous avenue in Paris that’s known for its high-end shops, cafes, and theaters. It’s also famous for the annual Bastille Day military parade. The avenue is lined with trees and has a stunning view of the Arc de Triomphe at the end. The Arc de Triomphe is one of the most iconic landmarks in Paris, and it provides a stunning view of the city.

7. Enjoy French Cuisine:

Paris is known for its excellent food, and it’s a great city to try some of the classic French dishes. Some popular items to try include Croissants, Baguettes, and Macarons. Another must-try in Paris is its desserts, like Tarte Tatin or Crème Brulee. Additionally, France is famous for its wine, so don’t forget to taste some of the world-famous French wine with your meal!

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Paris is a city that has something for everyone. With its famous landmarks, museums, and excellent food choices, it’s a city that never gets old. There are so many things to do in Paris that you could spend weeks exploring and still feel like you’ve only scratched the surface. With a little planning, you can create the perfect Parisian adventure that you’ll never forget. So, go pack your bags and start exploring the magical city of Paris!

How to Plan Your Paris: Seine River Champagne Dinner Cruise with Live Music Tour

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