How to Plan Your Pigeon Forge Beyond the Lens Family Fun Center Ticket

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How to Plan Your Pigeon Forge Beyond the Lens Family Fun Center Ticket

If you’re looking to experience something fun and exciting in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, the Beyond the Lens Family Fun Center is an attraction that shouldn’t be missed. The fun center provides visitors with an opportunity to engage with different themes from pop culture such as the Royal Family Big Foot and UFOs. It also features interactive exhibits, exciting backdrops for pictures, and much more. To ensure that you make the most of your experience at the Beyond the Lens Family Fun Center, this guide will take you through everything you need to know to plan your visit. From the experience to the full description of the tour, here is what you need to know.


When you arrive at the Beyond the Lens Family Fun Center, you’ll have an admission ticket that will give you access to all the attractions inside. There’s plenty to see and do, with interactive exhibits that will take you through different eras of pop culture, from technology exhibits to emulating your favorite pop culture celebrities. Exhibits also take you on a journey through memory lane with an immersive experience that offers a unique perspective on technology and history.


There are several highlights to look forward to when you visit the Beyond the Lens Family Fun Center.

Engage with themes from pop culture

You’ll have an opportunity to engage with different themes from pop culture at the fun center. From the Royal family to Big Foot and UFOs, you’ll get to experience it all. With creative exhibits, this fun center offers an entertaining way to learn more about different cultures.

Capture pictures with exciting backdrops

The exciting backdrops available will give you an opportunity to capture memories that you can cherish forever. Whether you’re with family or friends, you’ll want to take pictures here. The center offers different themes for each exhibit, offering an ever-changing backdrop experience.

Partake in interactive exhibits like ‘Dance With Your Favorite Celebrity’

Beyond the Lens Family Fun Center takes interactive exhibits to another level, with this exhibit that allows you to emulate your favorite pop stars. Here, you’ll get to do some of the most popular dance moves, like moonwalking and performing routines with songs inspired by the biggest stars.

Take part in a fun-filled family-friendly experience

The Beyond the Lens Fun Center is perfect for visitors of all ages. With exhibits catering to families, kids, and adults, there’s something for everyone here.

Travel back in time with exhibits

The center has exhibits that take you back in history with an educational experience that is interesting, sobering, and entertaining. It is ideal for families, school groups, and individuals who want to learn about various events in history.

Full Description

The Beyond the Lens Family Fun Center provides plenty to explore, and this full description outlines everything you need to know from what’s included.


When you book a ticket, the following will be included:
  • Beyond the Lens admission
  • Free parking
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off

What to Expect

With the admission ticket, visitors can expect to experience interactive exhibits, interactive games, and much more. It’s a perfect experience to have with friends or family, and fun is guaranteed.

Additional Information

  • Printed or mobile vouchers are accepted
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Free parking available


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The Beyond the Lens Family Fun Center is a perfect destination to explore with family or friends in Pigeon Forge. With different exhibits and interactive experiences exploring popular culture, technology, and history, it guarantees visitors a good time. So, follow this guide and plan your visit to Beyond the Lens Family Fun Center, Get Your Guide, and enjoy the attraction.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pigeon Forge

Pigeon Forge, located in Tennessee, is a popular tourist destination known for its scenic beauty and various attractions. Here are some frequently asked questions about Pigeon Forge:

1. What is Pigeon Forge known for?

Pigeon Forge is known for its scenic beauty, family-friendly atmosphere, and various attractions. The most famous attraction in Pigeon Forge is Dollywood, a theme park owned by Dolly Parton. Other popular attractions include the Smoky Mountain Opry, Titanic Museum, and Hollywood Wax Museum.

2. How do I get to Pigeon Forge?

The nearest airport to Pigeon Forge is McGhee Tyson Airport in Knoxville, Tennessee. From the airport, you can rent a car or take a taxi or shuttle to Pigeon Forge, which is about 40 miles away. You can also drive to Pigeon Forge using the interstate highways.

3. When is the best time to visit Pigeon Forge?

The best time to visit Pigeon Forge is during the spring or fall when the weather is mild, and the crowds are smaller. However, if you want to experience the popular events and festivals like Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas, then winter is the best time to visit. Summer is the peak season, and it can be crowded and hot.

4. What are some of the outdoor activities in Pigeon Forge?

Pigeon Forge offers many opportunities for outdoor activities, including hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, fishing in the Little Pigeon River or Douglas Lake, and golfing at one of the many golf courses in the area. You can also go ziplining, horseback riding, or white-water rafting.

5. What are some of the indoor activities in Pigeon Forge?

Pigeon Forge has a wide range of indoor activities, including museums, theaters, and indoor amusement parks. Some popular indoor attractions include the Titanic Museum, WonderWorks, and the Hollywood Wax Museum.

6. What is there to do in Pigeon Forge for families with kids?

Pigeon Forge is a family-friendly destination with many activities for kids, such as theme parks, water parks, and museums. The most popular attractions for families with kids are Dollywood, Splash Country, and the Island in Pigeon Forge. You can also visit museums like the WonderWorks, Titanic Museum, and WonderWorks.

7. What is the cost of entry to the attractions in Pigeon Forge?

The cost of entry to the attractions in Pigeon Forge varies from attraction to attraction. For example, the cost of entry to Dollywood is around $70 per person, while the cost of entry to the Titanic Museum is around $25 per person. Some attractions like the Island in Pigeon Forge and the Old Mill Square are free. However, many attractions offer discounts and packages that can help you save money.

8. What is the food like in Pigeon Forge?

Pigeon Forge offers a wide range of cuisine options, such as Southern cuisine, BBQ, Italian, and Mexican cuisine. Some popular restaurants in Pigeon Forge include Bullfish Grill, The Old Mill Restaurant, and Johnny Rockets. You can also find fast-food restaurants and chain restaurants in Pigeon Forge.

9. What is the nightlife like in Pigeon Forge?

Pigeon Forge is not known for its nightlife, but there are some bars and clubs where you can enjoy live music and drinks. Some popular nightlife spots in Pigeon Forge include the Fox and Parrot Tavern, Smoky Mountain Brewery, and the Hard Rock Cafe.

10. What are some tips for visiting Pigeon Forge?

Some useful tips for visiting Pigeon Forge include booking your accommodation and tickets in advance, visiting during the offseason, and planning your itinerary to avoid crowds. You should also pack comfortable shoes and clothing for outdoor activities, carry a map or GPS device, and be prepared for changing weather conditions.

How to Spend Your Time as a Tourist in Pigeon Forge

Pigeon Forge is a city in Sevier County, Tennessee. It is a popular tourist destination and is known for its natural beauty, entertainment, and outdoor adventures. Pigeon Forge has a lot to offer tourists, from amusement parks and museums to hiking trails and water parks. In this blog post, we will discuss a few ways you can spend your time as a tourist in Pigeon Forge.

1. Visit Dollywood

Dollywood is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Pigeon Forge. It is a theme park owned by Dolly Parton, a famous country music singer, and songwriter. Dollywood has more than 40 rides, 15 shows, and numerous food and souvenir shops. Some of the popular rides at Dollywood include Lightning Rod, Wild Eagle, and Thunderhead. You can also enjoy musical performances and other shows while exploring the park.

2. Explore the Smoky Mountains National Park

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. It is located near Pigeon Forge and is a must-visit tourist destination. You can hike on the numerous trails, including the Appalachian Trail, which passes through the park. The park also has several picnic areas and campgrounds where visitors can enjoy the natural beauty of the area. You can also enjoy fishing or horseback riding while you’re here.

3. Visit the Titanic Museum Attraction

The Titanic Museum Attraction is a museum dedicated to the story of the RMS Titanic, the famous ship that sank in 1912. The museum has over 400 artifacts on display, including a section of the ship’s hull. Visitors can learn about the ship’s maiden voyage, the passengers and crew, and the fateful night when the ship hit an iceberg and sank. The museum also has interactive exhibits and features a replica of the Grand Staircase.

4. Enjoy Indoor Skydiving

If you’re looking for an adrenaline-filled activity, look no further than indoor skydiving. Pigeon Forge has several indoor skydiving facilities where you can experience the feeling of free falling without jumping from a plane. The facilities use wind tunnels that create a vertical wind to simulate the sensation of skydiving. It is a great option for people who want to experience a thrill without undergoing a lot of training.

5. Take a Ride on the Great Smoky Mountain Wheel

The Great Smoky Mountain Wheel is a 200-foot tall observation wheel that provides stunning views of the city and the surrounding mountains. The wheel has 42 glass-enclosed gondolas and takes about 10 minutes to complete one revolution. It is a great way to enjoy the scenery and take some memorable photos.

6. Visit the Alcatraz East Crime Museum

The Alcatraz East Crime Museum is a museum dedicated to the history of American crime. The museum has several exhibits, including a section on the Wild West, the Mafia, and a crime lab. Visitors can learn about famous criminals and law enforcement officers and even see authentic artifacts from famous crimes, such as the O.J. Simpson trial and the Lindbergh kidnapping.

7. Go Ziplining

Pigeon Forge has several zipline and adventure parks where visitors can zip through the tree canopies and enjoy breathtaking views of the mountains. Some of the popular zipline courses include Smoky Mountain Ziplines, Adventure Park Ziplines, and Legacy Mountain Ziplines. Make sure to check the age and weight requirements before booking your adventure.

8. Visit the Hollywood Wax Museum

The Hollywood Wax Museum is a museum dedicated to wax figures of celebrities. Visitors can take photos with their favorite celebrities, such as Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe. The museum also has several interactive exhibits, including King Kong’s 30-foot-tall animatronic head.

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Pigeon Forge is a great tourist destination with a lot to offer. From amusement parks and museums to outdoor adventures and natural beauty, there is something for everyone. We hope this guide has been helpful in planning your trip to Pigeon Forge. Remember to check the age and weight requirements for each attraction before booking, and most importantly, have fun!

How to Plan Your Pigeon Forge Beyond the Lens Family Fun Center Ticket

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