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How to Plan Your Sarandë: Butrint Archaeological Park and Ksamil Day Trip

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How to Plan Your Sarandë: Butrint Archaeological Park and Ksamil Day Trip

Are you planning a trip to Sarandë and wondering how to make the most of your time there? Look no further than the Sarandë: Butrint Archaeological Park and Ksamil Day Trip, which offers an unforgettable journey through some of Albania’s most beautiful and historically significant sites. In this post, we will provide you with all the information and steps to plan your trip with ease, including itinerary highlights, what’s included, and how to book it.


This day trip will take you on a journey to discover two of the most amazing locations in Albania: Butrint Archaeological Park and Ksamil Beach. You’ll explore this UNESCO-listed archaeological site, one of the most important in Albania, and uncover its fascinating history. Then, you’ll visit the stunning Ksamil Beach, with its crystal-clear waters and white sandy beaches, where you can relax and enjoy the breathtaking scenery.


Some of the highlights of this tour include:

– A guided tour of Butrint Archaeological Park, one of the most significant archaeological sites in Albania, including its Roman theatre and watchtowers.
– A visit to the “Ionian pearl”: Ksamil Beach, with its three small islands offering stunning views of the Albanian Riviera.
– A trip in comfortable AC cars or minivans and entry tickets to Butrint Archaeological Park included.

Full Description

The tour starts with a comfortable ride in an air-conditioned car or minivan from your hotel in Sarandë to Butrint Archaeological Park. After arriving, you will start your guided tour of the site, where you’ll learn about its rich history and see the impressive Roman theatre and watchtowers. You’ll also discover some of the well-preserved monuments that have earned the site its UNESCO heritage status.

After your visit to Butrint, you’ll take a 30-minute drive to Ksamil Beach, the “Ionian pearl,” to explore its stunning sandy beaches, clear waters, and three small islands that can be reached by swimming, kayaking, or boat. This magical place is renowned for its breathtaking scenery and stunning views of the Albanian Riviera.

Finally, you’ll head back to Sarandë, where you’ll arrive at your hotel after a full day of sightseeing and relaxation in the beautiful surroundings.

What’s Included

This tour includes the following:

– Comfortable AC car or minivan transportation
– Entry tickets to Butrint Archaeological Park
– A guided tour of the park
– Hotel pick-up and drop-off

How to Book

Booking this tour is incredibly easy. Simply click on this link: book the tour here and follow the instructions. You’ll need to enter some basic information, including the date of the tour, the number of people in your group, and the pickup location. Payments can be made securely via credit card or PayPal, and you’ll receive an email confirmation with all the necessary details.


The Sarandë: Butrint Archaeological Park and Ksamil Day Trip is a fantastic way to discover two of the most amazing locations in Albania. With its comfortable transportation, guided tours, and stunning sights, this trip guarantees you an unforgettable experience. Don’t hesitate to book this tour and start planning your dream vacation in Sarandë.

An Insider’s Guide to Sarandë, Albania

Beautiful Sarandë, nestled on the picturesque Albanian Riviera, is a charming seaside town with plenty of things to see and do. Among the must-visit attractions are Butrint Archaeological Park and Ksamil Day Trip. Here’s your ultimate insider’s guide to exploring Sarandë like a local.

Local Attractions

There’s no shortage of things to do in Sarandë, with plenty of beaches, restaurants, and cultural hotspots to explore. Here are just a few recommendations to get you started:

– Butrint Archaeological Park: This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a must-visit for history enthusiasts. The park dates back to the 7th century BC and boasts incredible Roman-era ruins, including a theater, forum, and basilica.

– Saranda Promenade: Take a stroll down the promenade, which offers stunning sea views and is lined with restaurants, cafes, and shops. It’s a great spot to relax and soak up the atmosphere.

– Blue Eye: A natural spring located just outside Sarandë, the Blue Eye is known for its crystal-clear blue waters and is one of Albania’s natural wonders.

– Lëkurësi Castle: Climb to the top of this castle and you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking views of Sarandë and the surrounding area.

Dining Spots

Albanian cuisine is delicious and varied, with plenty of local specialties to try. Here are some of the best dining spots in Sarandë:

– Gipsy’s Restaurant: Serving up traditional Albanian dishes made with the freshest local ingredients, Gipsy’s is a top choice for foodies.

– Mare Nostrum: This seafood restaurant is situated right on the seafront and offers stunning views and delicious seafood dishes.

– Bar Restaurant Limani: Located in the heart of Sarandë’s port, this restaurant is known for its grilled meat dishes and friendly service.

Cultural Experiences

Albania has a rich cultural heritage, and there are plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in the local culture in Sarandë. Here are some recommendations:

– Sarandë Ethnographic Museum: Located in a historic mansion, the museum displays traditional Albanian clothing, tools, and artifacts.

– Orthodox Church of the Dormition: This beautiful church was built in the late 18th century and is one of the most important religious sites in Sarandë.

– Sarandë International Festival: Held annually in July, this festival is a celebration of music, dance, and culture from around the world.

Local History

Sarandë has a fascinating history that goes back thousands of years. Here are some highlights:

– Ancient Butrint: The Butrint Archaeological Park is the most famous historical site in Sarandë. The park’s ruins date back to the 7th century BC and include Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Venetian structures.

– Mussolini’s Bunkers: During World War II, Italian dictator Benito Mussolini built a series of bunkers along the Albanian coast. Many are still standing and can be visited today.

Off-the-Beaten-Path Suggestions

For those looking to explore beyond the usual tourist attractions, here are some off-the-beaten-path suggestions:

– Lukova Beach: This secluded beach is located a short drive from Sarandë and is a great spot for some peace and quiet.

– Gjirokastra: This historic town, located a couple of hours’ drive from Sarandë, is known for its Ottoman-era architecture and UNESCO-listed castle.

– Blue Flag Beaches: If you’re looking for some of the best beaches in Albania, head to the Blue Flag beaches near Sarandë, including Ksamil Beach and Pasqyra Beach. These beaches have clean water, soft sand, and plenty of facilities for visitors.

Sarandë is a beautiful and fascinating place to visit, with plenty to see and do. This insider’s guide should give you a great starting point for exploring this charming seaside town and the surrounding area.

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How to Plan Your Sarandë: Butrint Archaeological Park and Ksamil Day Trip

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