How to Plan Your Self-Guided Treasure Hunt Tour in Oxford

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How to Plan Your Self-Guided Treasure Hunt Tour in Oxford

Are you craving a unique way to explore Oxford? Look no further than the Private Self-Guided Treasure Hunt around Oxford Towers and Taverns. The tour allows you to uncover stories, solve cryptic clues, and follow a treasure map all while discovering lesser-known facts about Oxford.

Here’s how to plan your self-guided treasure hunt tour in Oxford:

Booking Your Tour

The first step is to book your self-guided treasure hunt tour around Oxford on Viator’s website. As soon as you book, you will receive an SMS message to the number you booked with. Open the link in the message to finish setting up your game. On the day of your tour, open the game link, and you’re ready to go.
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Meeting Point

Your meeting point is Oxford Castle, Oxford OX1 in the United Kingdom. The tour is all outdoors, so make sure to dress accordingly based on the time of year and weather.

The Tour Itself

The self-guided treasure hunt tour is a flexible way to explore Oxford at your own pace. The game can be accessed via a link on your smartphone, so there is no need to pick up any equipment. This tour is perfect to avoid crowds and learn more about Oxford’s lesser-known stories and facts.

With no fixed schedule, you can start and stop the game whenever you like, allowing you to spend more time in a particular area if desired. The tour is an excellent way to tick off top sights and discover stories and hidden gems about Oxford that you may not find on a traditional tour.

As you navigate the city, the clues will take you to various locations, revealing interesting facts and stories along the way. You’ll have the thrill of following a treasure map while having a blast with friends or family.


The tour includes a link to the game that you can share with everyone in your group. You can play solo or with others, making it an excellent activity for groups of all sizes.


A self-guided treasure hunt tour around Oxford is a flexible, fun, and unique way to explore the city at your own pace. The game is all outdoors and eliminates the need to keep up with a group, making it ideal for a wide variety of people. So why not book your next adventure today and discover Oxford’s hidden story gems!

Frequently Asked Questions About Oxford

If you’re planning a trip to Oxford or are just curious about the city, you might have some questions that you want to be answered. Here we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about Oxford that will provide you with helpful insights.

1. Where is Oxford located?

Oxford is a beautiful city located in the south-east of England. It is the county town of Oxfordshire and is located about 60 miles away from London. The city is renowned for its beautiful architecture, world-renowned universities, beautiful gardens, and rich history.

2. How do I get to Oxford?

Oxford is easily accessible by train, bus, and car. If you’re traveling from London, the journey takes approximately an hour by car or train. There are regular bus services from London to Oxford, making it easy and affordable to travel.

3. What are the best things to do in Oxford?

There are plenty of things to do and see in Oxford. Some of the best things to explore in the city include:

  • Visiting one of the world-renowned universities such as Oxford University, Christ Church, or Magdalen College
  • Stroll around the beautiful gardens such as the Botanic Garden or University Parks
  • Exploring the museums such as the Ashmolean Museum or Museum of Natural History
  • Enjoying a punting trip along the River Thames or Cherwell
  • Discovering the city’s rich history through walking tours or visiting some of the oldest buildings in the city such as the Oxford Castle and the Radcliffe Camera

4. What are the best places to eat in Oxford?

Oxford is home to a fantastic food scene. There are a variety of restaurants and cafes in the city that cater to different tastes and budgets. Some of the best places to eat in Oxford include:

  • The Eagle and Child – a traditional English pub where J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis used to meet
  • The Ashmolean Rooftop Restaurant – a fine-dining restaurant with views over Oxford
  • The Perch – a beautiful riverside pub with a stunning garden
  • The Vaults & Garden Café – a vegetarian café located in the beautiful Church of St. Mary the Virgin
  • Cinnamon Kitchen – an Indian fine-dining restaurant located in the heart of Oxford

5. Is Oxford expensive to visit?

Oxford is regarded as one of the most expensive cities in the UK. However, there are plenty of affordable things to do in the city. Many of the museums, galleries, and beautiful gardens offer free entry. There are also great budget-friendly dining options available, such as food trucks, street vendors, and cafes.

6. When is the best time to visit Oxford?

The city of Oxford is beautiful all year round, but the best time to visit is during the summer months (June – August). During this time, the weather is typically pleasant and there are plenty of outdoor events and festivals taking place. However, it’s important to note that during peak season, the city can be crowded with tourists.

7. Where is the best place to stay in Oxford?

There are many excellent accommodation options available in Oxford. Some of the most popular areas to stay in the city include:

  • City Centre – This area offers a range of hotels, hostels, and apartments located near to many of the city’s best attractions
  • Jericho – A trendy and up-and-coming area known for its independent shops, bars, and restaurants
  • Summertown – A quiet and affluent suburb located just north of Oxford city centre
  • Iffley Road – A peaceful and residential area located just south of Oxford city centre


Oxford is a beautiful city that offers a variety of attractions, activities, and dining options, making it a perfect destination for tourists. We hope this FAQ guide has provided you with helpful insights and answers to some of your questions about Oxford.


How to Plan Your Self-Guided Treasure Hunt Tour in Oxford

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