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How to Plan Your Victoria Falls and Zimbabwe: Scenic Day Tour & Sunset Cruise

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How to Plan Your Victoria Falls and Zimbabwe: Scenic Day Tour & Sunset Cruise

If you are looking to experience one of the world’s most magnificent natural wonders – the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe – and enjoy a relaxing cruise while taking in the breathtaking African wildlife and scenery, then the Victoria Falls and Zimbabwe Scenic Day Tour and Sunset Cruise is for you. This comprehensive tour offers visitors the chance to explore the Falls from all angles, learn the history behind the geology, observe African wildlife, and relax in style with a three-hour sunset cruise down the majestic Zambezi River.

Highlights of the Tour

  • Guided walk through the Victoria Falls rainforest
  • Spectacular view of one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World
  • Delicious lunch at the Lookout Café 120 meters above the Zambezi River
  • Sunset Cruise down the majestic Zambezi River


The Victoria Falls and Zimbabwe Scenic Day Tour and Sunset Cruise is an all-day event that begins in the morning with a guided walk through the Victoria Falls rainforest. Your knowledgeable guide will educate you on the geology, history, and wildlife while leading you through the rainforest to observe the magnificent Victoria Falls up close. You will be able to see and touch the Falls and learn about its rich biodiversity and its significance in African history.

After exploring the Falls, you will head to the Lookout Café, where you will be treated to an exceptional dining experience with a breathtaking view. Located 120 meters above the Zambezi River, the café offers visitors the best views of the turbulent rapids. Select your lunch from the menu, which boasts a variety of local and international dishes, and enjoy the stunning backdrop while you eat. Don’t forget to take in the local elephants who often make their way through the surrounding bushes.

As the day begins to wind down, you will head to the Zambezi River for a three-hour sunset cruise. Watch the African skyline transform as the golden sun sets over the river. You may see a variety of exotic animals, such as hippos, crocodiles, and elephants, as they come to the river for a drink or a swim. While on board, you can enjoy a variety of included drinks and snacks while relaxing and taking in the peaceful surroundings. Professional guides will inform you about the geography and the wildlife of the river, making your day an unforgettable experience.

Booking the Tour

Ready to experience the Victoria Falls and Zimbabwe Scenic Day Tour and Sunset Cruise? Booking the tour is easy, and you can do it online. Just click here to book your seat today. You can choose from a variety of departure times to fit your schedule, and all tickets come with a 24-hour cancellation policy.

Remember, your trip to Victoria Falls and Zimbabwe will be a lifelong memory. With a comprehensive tour like this, you’ll be able to enjoy the Falls up close and personal, learn about its history and culture, and take a relaxing cruise down the Zambezi at sunset. Don’t forget to bring your camera, sunscreen, and comfortable shoes, and prepare yourself for an unforgettable adventure.

An Insider’s Guide to Victoria Falls and Zimbabwe

If you’re planning on visiting Victoria Falls and Zimbabwe, you are in for a breathtaking experience. While the famous waterfall is the main attraction, there is so much more this city has to offer. In this insider’s guide, we’ll show you some hidden gems, delicious dining spots, cultural experiences, captivation local history, and off-the-beaten-path suggestions that will make your trip unforgettable.

Local Attractions

Aside from the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls, there are a few lesser-known attractions that will make your stay unforgettable. Take a visit to the bustling Chinotimba township, where you can explore the street art, local markets, and engage with the friendly locals. For a breathtaking view of the falls, visit Batoka Gorge and take a thrilling zipline through the Zambezi River gorge.

Dining Spots

Zimbabwean cuisine is a reflection of the nation’s history, blending flavors and spices from different cultures into unique dishes. For a true local experience, visit Mama Africa Eating House, where you can enjoy traditional dishes such as sadza, boerewors, and the famous peri-peri chicken. If you’re in the mood for something adventurous, head to Victoria Falls Safari Lodge’s Boma Restaurant, where you can taste grilled crocodile, warthog, and other game meats.

Cultural Experiences

Zimbabwe has a rich culture that is expressed through art, music, and traditions. For a captivating experience, visit the Mzilikazi Arts & Crafts Centre, where local artisans showcase their pottery, carvings, and paintings. You can also catch a performance of traditional Zimbabwean music, dance, and storytelling at the Amakhosi Cultural Centre. If you’re there during the annual Harare International Festival of the Arts, be sure to catch some of the performances, which celebrate local and international art.

Local History

Zimbabwe’s history is a fascinating mix of pre-colonial, colonial, and post-independence experiences. One captivating story is that of the Great Zimbabwe ruins, where the ancient civilization of the Shona people flourished around 1100 AD. Another intriguing site is the Victoria Falls Bridge, which was built in 1905, and played a pivotal role in the construction of the Cape to Cairo railway line.

Off-the-beaten-path Suggestions

For an unforgettable experience, rent a bicycle and cycle through Victoria Falls town and the surrounding areas. You’ll get the chance to see the town from a different perspective and explore some lesser-known spots. You can also take a guided tour of the Zambezi River rapids in a raft, where you’ll experience the thrill of white water rafting while enjoying the stunning natural scenery.

In conclusion, Victoria Falls and Zimbabwe offer much more than just a view of one of the world’s most magnificent waterfalls. From cultural experiences to captivating history, there’s something for everyone here. So, pack your bags and experience this beautiful and diverse nation for yourself.

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How to Plan Your Victoria Falls and Zimbabwe: Scenic Day Tour & Sunset Cruise

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