How to Prepare for a Pub Crawl

by | Jan 26, 2023 | Pub Crawl FAQ

A pub crawl (or bar crawl) is an event where people gather in a group to visit multiple bars or pubs to socialize and explore different places over the course of an evening. Hosting or participating in a pub crawl can be a fun way to see and experience the city nightlife and explore many different local bars and pubs.

If you’re considering hosting or participating in a pub crawl, there are a few things to keep in mind and prepare before the evening of socializing and pub exploration starts.

Planning the Event

The most important thing when it comes to planning a successful pub crawl is figuring out how many people will be coming along and how many stops you want to make during the evening. It’s ideal to plan for a larger group as it can make the night more exciting and approachable for new or less experienced participants.

A reasonable number of stops on any given pub crawl is anywhere between four to six — if the night is too long, people may lose interest or energy by the end, while if the night is too short, people may not be able to appreciate all the pubs you had in mind.

Choosing Pubs and Bars

Choosing the right pubs and bars for your pub crawl is essential as this will set the tone for the evening. It’s wise to mix up the types of places you visit: if your pub crawl features one beer pub, try to also include one relaxed wine bar or one fun place with cocktails, for example. This will keep it interesting for everyone throughout the entire night.

Make sure that all the places on your pub crawl list are accessible — be mindful of how spread out they are, how long it will take to get from one place to another, and how much time everyone has for reaching their destination when it’s time to move on. Additionally, ensure that all the pubs chosen accept large groups so that everyone can properly socialize at each stop.

Also, keep everyone’s budget in mind when picking pubs. You don’t want any of your group mates feeling uncomfortable about spending too much during their visit.

Create a Pub Crawl Checklist

Write out a checklist that includes all the important elements you need to keep in mind during the event. Make sure the list includes items like

  • Date & Time
  • Participants (max # of participants)
  • Routing (which place is visited first, second etc)
  • Transportation (walking distance/public transport/private car)
  • Costs (for some locations there might be a fee)
  • Time Frame (how much time at each place + travel time)
  • Drinks & Food (depends on the chosen bars)

By planning out every aspect and ensuring accessibility for everyone involved, your group can easily enjoy all aspects of a proper pub crawl and organize it quickly, smoothly, and successfully!

Distribute Information Beforehand

Make sure that all participants know what to expect from the evening and are prepared with everything they need before they arrive. Let them know which pubs you’ll be visiting and what the expected order of events is – by distributing this information beforehand you can avoid any confusion during the evening itself. Additionally, make sure everyone knows what time they should arrive at each destination since showing up late could potentially disrupt your pre-planned schedule.

If possible, also consider providing additional useful information such as public transportation routes, possible entrance fees, dress codes at each location, etc. Providing this information before the day starts will make everyone more prepared and create a shared anticipation that will kick off your exciting evening appropriately!

Maintain Group Safety

First and foremost — safety is always key! The main purpose of a pub crawl is for people to explore different places and socialize throughout the night, so be sure to keep an eye on how everyone in your group is feeling throughout the evening and words of caution from experienced party goers. Ensure that people are keeping an eye on each other and trust that everyone will look out for each other. Consider forming partnerships for individuals who are less experienced or who may need support throughout the night.

Additionally, communicate clearly throughout the entire night — everyone should know their route and have backup plans in case someone needs help or gets separated from the group during their adventure! Having a pre-determined wake-up time or meeting point if anyone gets lost can also easily help with this endeavor. Most importantly — if someone in your group feels unsafe or uncomfortable at any point during the event, this should be taken seriously and dealt with accordingly!

Preparing Food and Drinks

Depending on the amount of money you have to spend on food and drinks, you can have some refreshments available before you start your journey. A common practise is to have light snacks available for those looking for something before their night begins — chips, nuts and crackers are some common snacks people opt for before embarking on their pub crawl. You could even plan ahead and bring some bottles of beer or wine or champagne to get things started!
Additionally, you could also save some money by offering non-alcoholic drinks such as juice or soda if needed – this could be especially helpful if people in your group are under 21 years old.

Make It Memorable!

If possible, try to have some sort of games or activities planned during the event itself — bar trivia, singing karaoke, charades, group prizes – anything that your group enjoys can easily be included within a pub crawl! You could also plan surprises such as arriving at a venue earlier than expected — this could add an unexpected spark of excitement to your evening! If you’re feeling extra creative, make sure everyone wears a matching t-shirt or hat — it’s a great way for everyone to easily identify each other during your pub crawl adventure!


Pub crawls can be an incredibly fun way to explore different bars and pubs with friends, get out of your comfort zone and have a few drinks during an evening out on the town. Preparing for a pub crawl is key since it allows you to keep everyone safe while also giving them an enjoyable night packed with fun activities – like dancing or games – along with lots of exploring!

Just remember to plan accordingly by keeping costs, route, timing and more accessible by providing useful information before you set out on your evening adventures! With the right preparations and attitude, your pub crawl adventures are sure to be successful and enjoyable for everyone involved!

How to Prepare for a Pub Crawl

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