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How to Spend Two Weeks in Istanbul?

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How to Spend Two Weeks in Istanbul?

Istanbul is a vibrant destination that has something to offer travelers of all ages and interests, making it the perfect location for an exciting two-week stay! Located right on the tip of the European side of Turkey, the city is nicknamed ‘the gateway to the East’, and its culture, attractions, and hot spots prove the moniker right. Here is the ultimate guide to exploring Istanbul in two weeks.

Day 1: Exploring Sultanahmet & Grand Bazaar

Your two-week stay in Istanbul starts in the famous historical center of Sultanahmet. Here, you can explore the city’s history and its rich culture by visiting such icons as the Blue Mosque and Topkapi palace. Once you’ve chilled out on Sultanahmet’s wide square and enjoyed the views from the minaret of the mosque, you should visit the Grand Bazaar to explore its many nooks and alleys. This is a great place to experience traditional Turkish cuisine and shop for souvenirs, jewelry, and original items.

Day 2: Fun on the Boats

For the second day of your trip, take a cruise on Golden Horn bay and explore some of the amazing fortresses and mansions that line the coast of Istanbul, such as Kiz Kulesi (Maiden’s Tower) and Rumeli Hisarı (Rumelian Castle). Once you’ve reached the European side of Istanbul, you can cool off with a swim in the cool waters of Buyukada before heading home and enjoying a delicious fish dinner at one of Istanbul’s many fish restaurants.

Day 3: Exploring the Asian Side & Patara Beach

Day 3 takes you to the Anatolian side of Istanbul so that you can explore some cute little towns like Kadıköy, Balat and Üsküdar. Here, you can sample delicious street food, wander around colorful bazaars and sample some historic buildings. Once you’ve explored the streets of Kadıköy and enjoyed the hustle-and-bustle of Üsküdar, head to Patara beach. This beach is known for its beautiful fine white sand, clear waters and fantastic sunsets – ideal for a chilled evening before heading home.

Day 4: Touring Istanbul By Ottoman Elegance

For day 4, take a break from wandering around and enjoy a luxurious day touring Istanbul by Ottoman Elegance. The tour gives guests the opportunity to experience a flying carpet-like journey around one of Istanbul’s top historical attractions – from Sultanahmet, to Galata Tower and Mahmutpasha Bazaar – atop an authentic Ottoman wooden casket, custom-built for parties of up to 8 people. The tour takes about three hours, during which time travelers can learn more about Istanbul’s history and take amazing photos of the city’s spectacular scenery.

Day 5: Visiting Zeugma Mosaic Museum

For day 5 of your stay in Istanbul, enjoy a day out exploring Zeugma Mosaic Museum. This museum houses some of the most beautiful and intricate antique mosaic art pieces that have been discovered in Turkey. Zeugma Museum displays finds from Zeugma, Ankara, Konya, Gordion and Antioch, as well as an interesting collection of artifacts from ancient Greece and Rome. A visit to this museum is definitely worth it if you are looking to learn more about Turkish art and culture.

Day 6: Exploring Mediaeval Markets & Churches

On day 6, take a stroll around Beyoğlu – one of Istanbul’s traditional markets. Here, travelers can find all kinds of antiques, street food, souvenirs and more. Beyoğlu also has some fantastic churches worth visiting due to their unique design inspirations as well as their incredible beauty. Take some time out to browse through mediaeval markets, pick up souvenirs or just explore this amazing part of this lively city – it will definitely be a day to remember!

Day 7: Traditional Cultural Experiences

By day 7, you might want to turn your attention away from sightseeing and put your feet into some traditional cultural experiences. There are plenty of activities available around Istanbul that will help get you immersed in local customs. Start with a traditional Turkish hammam bath experience – one of Istanbul’s popular activities – then tour Turkish arts such as bookbinding, shadow theatre or leatherwork before taking part in some “folklore night’ that involves folk songs and dances like whirling dervishes or belly dancing.

Day 8: Exploring the Straits & Passing by Monuments

Start your second week exploring this vibrant city by heading out onto İstanbul Strait for a cruise along its majestic waterway. On this captivating tour, you will be accompanied by local guides who know all about the city’s history, culture, and archaeological sites. Enjoy passing by well-known monuments such as Leander’s tower & Maiden’s tower as your own private guide tells you pages from Istanbul’s amazing story.

Day 9: Touring Old Villages & Mountains

On day 9, head out on a full-day tour of the old villages located in the hills between two villages – Büyükçekmece & Sile on the Asian side. Here you can explore many untouched historical sites with vibrant landscapes such as Domuzali Valley or Yanimahalle Castle before heading out to Marmara Sea or Kumbaba Castle located on Uzunburun Mountain to check out two marvelous hidden places.

Day 10: Visiting Rumeli Fortress & Riding Hot-air Balloons

Make sure you don’t miss out on visiting Rumeli Fortress – one of Istanbul’s most impressive structures and once a fortress built by Sultan Mehmet II in 1452 to help conquer Constantinople from Byzantium. After taking a tour around this fascinating place and learning about its history, why not ride hot-air balloons? There are plenty of companies around Golden Horn offering visitors the opportunity to watch Istanbul from above in one of their colorful baskets suspended from hot air balloons!

Day 11: Sightseeing Beylerbeyi Palace & Polonezköy

Located close to Üsküdar on Istanbul’s Asian side lies Beylerbeyi Palace – another one of Istanbul’s amazing monuments with great views across Bosphorus strait. After having explored the palace grounds, head out to Polonezköy village – one of Turkey’s oldest villages – where you can enjoy local dishes from various Anatolian regions such as Bereketli Köy and Kuzuluk in a luscious green valley surrounded by volcanic hills.

Day 12: Enjoying Baklava & Visiting Pierre Loti Hill

No trip to Istanbul would be complete without visiting Pierre Loti Hill located on top of Çamlıca Hill in Üsküdar district on Asian side with amazing views across both continents! After indulging in delicious baklava specialities while perched atop this hilltop café while admiring the views of Sea Of Marmara & Bosphorus Strait below your feet, wander around Pierre Loti Hill while immersing yourself in Ottoman nostalgia with old Turkish homes built over two centuries ago.

Day 13: Tasting Wines & Shopping In Taksim

Taste some amazing wines at one of Istanbul’s best wineries located close to Bosporus banks such as Sapanca Wine House and Miniada Wine Land before heading on over to Taksim Square & Istiklal Street – two famous areas in Beyoğlu district with plenty of shops, restaurants & cafés – for some last minute shopping! Once satisfied with your purchases head over to Karaköy district for some delicious fish by Bosporus sea banks!

Day 14: Finding Yourself In Princes’ Islands

For your last day in Istanbul make sure you don’t miss out on discovering Prınces’ Islands – also known as ‘Adalar’ – located between Uskudar district & Asian continent across Sea Of Marmara banks! Take part in local weekly bazaars before hopping onto one of ferries connecting islands amongst one another then wander around cobblestone roads & narrow alleys surrounded by Ottoman houses while admiring stunning views towards Bosphorus Strait!

To conclude, spending two weeks in Istanbul is enough time to enjoy all interesting places that rhe city has to offer its visitors! From sightseeing historical monuments to finding yourself at beautiful natural settings as well as shopping around lively bazaars – there’s something for everyone no matter what his/hers interests are! Make sure you also have time in hand for a few relaxing activities such as drinking Turkish tea & enjoying delicious delicacies during your stay – turn it into an unforgettable experience!


samantha gades 7J4T1XzpJgU unsplash

How to Spend Two Weeks in Istanbul?

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