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How to Survive the Berlin Winter: A Comprehensive Guide

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How to Survive the Berlin Winter: A Comprehensive Guide

Winter in Berlin can seem intense, but with the right preparation and preparation, you can easily survive a cold and frosty season. Whether you’re planning a winter getaway to the city or you’ve been living in Berlin for a while, this comprehensive guide will ensure you don’t miss out on enjoying the wintertime in Germany’s capital.

Prepare for the Cold: Dress Appropriately

When preparing for winter in Berlin, one of the first things to consider is your wardrobe. If you’re visiting from another part of the world, it’s important to understand that temperatures in Germany’s northern regions can drop well below zero during the coldest months. As such, it’s essential to come prepared with adequate protection.

The key here is to go for quality rather than quantity. Invest in thick, insulated winter clothing and accessories including scarves, gloves, hats and boots. Layer your garments to trap warmth and try to stay away from fabrics that offer limited protection against the elements. Also, make sure you purchase clothing items with water-resistant technology, such as GORE-TEX®, to stop yourself from getting wet and cold as you explore Berlin.

Choose Hotels with Convenience & Comfort

For those who are visiting Berlin for a short period, the choice of hotel is incredibly important. Not only do you want a place where you can relax in comfort and convenience, but also one with added protection against the cold.

When choosing a hotel, it pays to look out for properties with added features such as en-suite bathrooms, complimentary robes and slippers, as well as hot water bottles and fluffy blankets on the beds. Private owners often furnishes their rental properties with additional amenities too such as space heaters and heating systems that can help turn your stay into a cozy affair. If you’d rather stay in a traditional hotel, make sure you check that they include heating and running hot water in their facilities before making a decision.

Discover Warm Experiences

Berlin is home to a great selection of cultural experiences that can make it easy to enjoy a wintery stay in the city. It’s no secret that many people come to Berlin for its world-famous art institutions and galleries; however, when it comes to experiencing wintertime in the city, it’s well worth checking out some of its many music venues, traditional German restaurants and cozy cafés.

Music enthusiasts may want to take in a live performance at one of Berlin’s underground clubs or venues – this type of entertainment will not only provide a meaningful and authentic experience but it will also keep you warm while you enjoy. Similarly, there are many traditional German restaurants across the city, serving up hearty dishes and drinks such as Rinderroulade – a rolled beef dish typically served with red cabbage – and Gluhwein – a hot wine spiced with cinnamon and cloves – that will help seal in internal warmth.

Stay Active

It may be tempting to curl up at home on an especially cold day but there are many ways that you can stay active during Berlin winters without risking your health. Firstly, there are plenty of indoor sports venues to explore such as bowling alleys, ice rinks and climbing walls that provide the perfect distraction for tired bodies and minds. Similarly, some of the city’s outdoor swimming pools are open year-round – simply wrap up warm and prepared to feel invigorated after a refreshing morning dip.

Ski resorts such as Winterberg or Feldberg are just a few hours away from Berlin’s city center. So why not hop on a train or rent a car to take in some of Germany’s breathtaking mountains? Similarly, day-trips to other local cities such as Strasbourg are a great way to stay busy while uncovering foreign cultures and activities.

Stay Healthy

Finally, health is an important aspect of surviving winter in Berlin. Firstly, it pays to take vitamins and/or drink herbal teas regularly as they can help to suppress winter viruses while aiding digestion. Additionally, try to avoid processed food as it can slow down body functions and result in weight gain – during colder months, opt for natural soups, salads and microgreens instead. Similarly, make sure you stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day – carry around a reusable bottle so you can continually top up with refreshing H20 and beat those mid-day blues.


Surviving wintertime in Berlin is made easy when you take all the proper precautions; from dressing appropriately to staying healthy and active, there are plenty of ways you can enjoy the cold season within Germany’s capital. For more information about protecting yourself against the cold temperatures visit Berlin’s official page on Winter Protection.

samantha gades 7J4T1XzpJgU unsplash

How to Survive the Berlin Winter: A Comprehensive Guide

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