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Introducing Santa Maria’s Guided Snorkeling Shipwreck and Reef Tour

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Introducing Santa Maria’s Guided Snorkeling Shipwreck and Reef Tour

Are you visiting Santa Maria and looking for an exciting and unique adventure? Look no further, because the Guided Snorkeling Shipwreck and Reef Tour is definitely the trip for you! This amazing snorkeling experience will take you beneath the surface of the Caribbean Sea and challenge you to explore some of the area’s best-kept secrets.

What Does The Tour Include?

This incredible snorkeling adventure includes everything from boat transportation from the dive center to the tour location, full snorkeling gear – including a mask, fins, and snorkel – as well as the professional guidance of certified Divemaster, who will explain to you all the specifics and answer any questions you may have. The tour provides personalized attention to your group, and a maximum of 8 snorkelers are accepted on every trip.

The snorkeling locations, which you will visit, include two amazing shipwrecks located north of Santa Maria, as well as a beautiful colorful reef, home to zillions of brightly-colored fish, that makes up one of the most picturesque underwater adventures. At the end, when you get back to shore, you will be able to relax on the beach and enjoy a complimentary lunch.

Important Details That You Should Consider When Planning The Trip:

• Participants must be at least 12 years old and good swimmers.
• Tour does not include transportation from/to your hotel.
• The boat departs every day at 8:00 am from the dive centre;
• Tours take about 4-5 hours;
• A valid photo ID is required.
• Maximum capacity is 8 people.
• Lunch and drinks are provided (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic).
• Prices vary depending on the number of people (see pricing table below).


Number of People Price Per Person
1-2 people $130 per person
3-4 people $100 per person
5-6 people $80 per person
7-8 people $65 per person

Why Should You Choose This Tour?

This particular snorkeling tour in Santa Maria offers a combination of history, culture, and nature that you simply won’t find elsewhere. You’ll be able to explore two amazing wrecks up close and indulge in the stunning underwater life while getting the opportunity to relax and enjoy a delicious lunch on the beach at the end.

Plus, the guided nature of this tour makes it one of a kind. As mentioned before, a certified Divemaster will analyze your group before each dive and provide personalized attention to each individual, ensuring that everyone feels comfortable and safe during the activity. If there are any particular questions about the tour or about the particular site that you prefer to know, your personal instructor will be right there by your side to answer them.

Last but not least, this tour is highly affordable, with prices varying depending on the number of participants. You simply won’t find a better deal out there!

So if you’ve been imagining exploring some jaw-dropping sites while in Santa Maria, this Guided Snorkeling Shipwreck and Reef Tour is without a doubt the best choice! Book your tour now and make your dream come true! Get a guaranteed booking in just a few clicks with GetYourGuide.

Insider’s Guide to Santa Maria, California

If you’re planning a trip to California, Santa Maria is a must-visit destination. Located in the central coast area of California, the city is known for its beautiful beaches, wineries, and outdoor activities. And if you’re a fan of snorkeling adventures, you won’t want to miss Santa Maria’s Guided Snorkeling Shipwreck and Reef Tour. But before you put on your snorkeling gear, here’s a guide to the top things to do, places to eat, and off-the-beaten-path attractions in Santa Maria.


1. Santa Maria Valley Wine Trolley: If you love wine, you can’t miss the Santa Maria Valley Wine Trolley. Hop on this charming vintage-style trolley and visit some of the best wineries in the area. You’ll learn about the wine-making process and taste some delicious wines, while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the valley.

2. Santa Maria Museum of Flight: If you’re interested in aviation history, the Santa Maria Museum of Flight is worth a visit. The museum features a collection of historic aircraft and exhibits that showcase the city’s aviation heritage.

3. Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes: The Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes are an impressive natural wonder that spans over 18 miles along the coast. You can hike, bike, or try horseback riding on the dunes while enjoying the beautiful ocean views.


1. Far Western Tavern: If you’re in the mood for some classic American cuisine, Far Western Tavern is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. The restaurant specializes in traditional Santa Maria-style barbecue and steaks, cooked to perfection over red oak.

2. The Swiss: The Swiss is a family-owned restaurant that serves delicious European cuisine in a cozy and intimate atmosphere. From schnitzel to fondues, this restaurant won’t disappoint.

3. Pappy’s: Known for their mouthwatering tri-tip sandwiches, Pappy’s is a casual fast-food joint that has become a staple in Santa Maria. With generous portions and affordable prices, Pappy’s is perfect for a quick and satisfying meal.

Cultural Experiences

1. PCPA Theater: The PCPA Theater is a professional theater company that offers a variety of shows throughout the year. From classic Broadway musicals to new plays and comedies, this theater is a must-visit for theater fans.

2. Orcutt Ranch & Market: If you want to experience a piece of Santa Maria’s history, the Orcutt Ranch & Market is a unique attraction. This family-owned ranch has been passed down through generations and offers visitors a glimpse into traditional farming practices and country living.

Off-the-Beaten-Path Suggestions

1. Oso Flaco Lake: Oso Flaco Lake is a hidden gem in Santa Maria that is perfect for nature lovers. Located within the Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes, the lake is a peaceful spot for bird-watching, fishing, and nature walks.

2. Solstice Canyon: Solstice Canyon is a beautiful hiking trail located in the Santa Ynez Mountains. The trail takes you through a lush canyon, with gorgeous waterfalls and breathtaking views of the coastline.

Now that you know what Santa Maria has to offer, it’s time to gear up and explore the stunning underwater world with the Guided Snorkeling Shipwreck and Reef Tour. Enjoy your trip!

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Introducing Santa Maria’s Guided Snorkeling Shipwreck and Reef Tour

Experience Adventure Like Never Before: Book Your Tour Today!