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Is A Hot Air Balloon Ride Over the Valley of the Kings in Luxor Worth it?

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Is A Hot Air Balloon Ride Over the Valley of the Kings in Luxor Worth it?

In Luxor you can find some of the most impressive historical sights, such as the Valley of the Kings, the Colossi of Memnon and the temples at Karnak. For those seeking an even more unique experience, a hot air balloon ride over this incredible area is a great way to take your vacation in Egypt to the next level. In this article, we are going to discuss the potential for a hot air balloon ride over the Valley of the Kings, as well as any other features and benefits that might come with your journey.

What Is The Valley of the Kings?

The Valley of the Kings, known as the City of the Dead by locals, is an ancient burial site located near Luxor, the city which used to be called Thebes in ancient times. It is believed to have been used as a royal burial ground for more than 500 years, spanning various ancient Egyptian dynasties. During this time, many famous and powerful Pharaohs were buried in the tombs situated in this grand valley, including Tutankhamen, Seti I and Ramses II.

How To Get There

The Valley of the Kings itself is located on the west bank of the Nile River, approximately 3 kilometres south of Luxor. The easiest way to get there from the city is to hire a taxi driver to take you directly to the entrance to the valley. There are numerous entrance fees for individuals ranging from LE50-150 (Egyptian Pounds) depending on your passport’s nationality.

Hot Air Balloon Experience

If you are looking for an even more thrilling experience in Luxor, why not take to the skies on a hot air balloon ride over the Valley of the Kings? Hot air balloon rides offer a unique perspective on the dazzling area and its many famous sites, thanks to their expansive views and their gradual progress across the sky. The duration of each flight tends to last around one hour, during which you will drift silently above some of the best-known archeological sites in Egypt.

There is no better way to appreciate the magnitude and grandeur of the Valley of the Kings than by sailing gently above it in a hot air balloon. After all, there would be nothing more exciting than a unique aerial perspective of this famous World Heritage Site. Views from up above will allow you to take in multiple sights all at once – witness Karnak Temple lit up in the sunrise, take in a bird’s eye view of Luxor Temple’s majestic pylons and follow in Queen Hatshepsut’s footsteps as you survey the wonders of her funerary temple from thousands of feet in the skies!

The experience can be safe and enjoyable provided that you fly with a licensed and experienced pilot and operator. One example is Get Your Guide, who offers hot air balloon rides over Luxor from early morning to late afternoon, complete with certified pilot who has been residing in town for years. These pilots will typically come with extensive knowledge about the Valley, its historical sites and any other information that could make your journey even more delightful. When booking a hot air balloon ride in Luxor, it pays to properly research your operator and make sure that your safety is accounted for before you take off into the skies!

Is It Worth It?

Apart from offering  amazing views of Luxor and its many historical sites from thousands of feet in the sky, one of the best things about taking a hot air balloon ride is that it allows you to enjoy a real and unique Egyptian experience. After all, what could be more spectacular than seeing some of Egypt’s greatest monuments unfurl beneath you?

On top of that, hot air balloon rides also come with additional benefits. In fact, hot air balloons prove to be a great way to capture gorgeous aerial photographs without any obstructions or interference from other aircrafts. Moreover, due to their majestic nature and undeniable grace, they can also make for a unique and magical way to celebrate special events such as anniversaries or even renewing your wedding vows.

All in all, taking a hot air balloon ride over Egypt’s Valley of the Kings will surely prove to be an incredible experience if you book from an approved service provider. Whether you are looking for beautiful photographs or an unforgettable experience, you will certainly get your money’s worth from such a fantastic experience! If you’re looking for an even more extraordinary journey, consider booking a hot air balloon ride with GetYourGuide today!

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