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Is La Paz Safe?

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Is La Paz Safe?

When it comes to the safety of a destination, La Paz is no exception. As the de facto seat of power in Bolivia, it’s a place that has experienced its fair share of conflict. With its bustling markets and lively nightlife, it’s often referred to as one of South America’s most vibrant cities – but is it safe?

The answer is yes, provided you take sensible precautions. La Paz is generally considered safe, though there are certain areas you should avoid at night. Just like in any other city, it’s important to remain vigilant and stick to well-lit areas when out after dark.

Crime in La Paz

Though it’s generally considered to be a safe destination, La Paz still experiences its fair share of crime. Pickpocketing is the most common offence in the city, with crowded areas such as markets and public transport being particularly prone to this type of activity. Travellers using buses should keep their handbags in sight at all times and refrain from putting valuables in accessible pockets.

When travelling around La Paz by taxi, make sure you take a reputable company (metered taxis are rarely available). Always travel with a friend if possible and avoid sitting in the front seat if travelling alone. If possible, try to have the driver pre-booked or arrange for another traveller to call the driver and introduce yourself. Taking this extra step can reduce the potential for scams or theft.

Though mugging is rare in La Paz, it’ not unheard of. Avoiding deserted or poorly lit areas can help to keep you safe and minimise the chance of becoming a victim of crime.

Safety in La Paz

Crime in La Paz is generally considered to be low and the majority of visitors to the city have a problem-free experience. In addition to being aware of your surroundings, travellers should also be aware of certain laws that apply in Bolivia and La Paz in particular.

The legal drinking age in La Paz is 18 years old and drinking alcohol in public is strictly prohibited. Tourists should also refrain from taking pictures of private property without permission and refrain from engaging in any political activities or conversations. Police officers have broad power in Bolivia and it’s best to cooperate with them if asked for any kind of documents.

Accommodation can also pose a risk when travelling through La Paz – hostels are often a more secure option as they’re usually surrounded by more people. With shared rooms, a lockable storage area and 24-hour staff, hostels offer a much greater level of security when compared to private accommodation. Most also have an emergency contact system so you can call for help in an emergency.


On balance, La Paz can be considered safe for travellers provided they take sensible precautions. Exercise caution when travelling alone or at night and be aware of local laws and regulations. Most visitors enjoy their stay without incident, and with the right precautions you can too! For more information on safety tips in South America be sure to visit Explore Share for comprehensive safety advice for the whole continent.

Insider’s Guide to Staying Safe and Enjoying La Paz, Bolivia

La Paz, Bolivia’s highest administrative city, is known for its stunning Andean Mountain views, vibrant culture, and fascinating history. Despite this, some travelers still wonder, “Is La Paz safe?” as Bolivia’s crime rate is relatively high compared to other South American countries. However, by following some basic safety tips, you can have a wonderful time exploring the city’s many attractions and hidden gems. Here’s an insider’s guide to La Paz that covers everything from sightseeing to dining.

Local Attractions

La Paz offers a bounty of local attractions, and every traveler who visits the city should experience its rich history and culture. Here are some of the top attractions that should not be missed:

– El Alto Market – This bustling market is one of the most famous outdoor markets in South America. Here, you can buy anything from fruits and vegetables to handicrafts and textiles.

– La Paz Street Food Tour – Sampling the local cuisine is a must-do activity while in La Paz. From street food to traditional dishes, there is so much to try. Take a food tour to try some of the city’s best dishes.

– Valley of the Moon – This natural wonder is one of La Paz’s most visited attractions. Its unique landscape resembles the surface of the moon and is an ideal place for hiking and photography.

– Cable Car Ride – La Paz’s cable car system is a great way to get a bird’s eye view of the city and its surrounding mountains. It’s also a popular mode of transportation for locals.

Dining Spots

La Paz’s culinary scene is as vibrant and diverse as its cultural landscape. Here are some of the best dining spots in the city.

– Gustu – This restaurant, run by Danish chef Claus Meyer, is one of the most popular dining destinations in La Paz. It offers a unique take on Bolivian cuisine, using local and regional ingredients.

– Namas Te – This vegetarian restaurant, located in the heart of the city, offers a peaceful and calm setting and serves delectable vegetarian and vegan dishes.

– Café del Mundo – This eclectic café is the perfect place to unwind after a busy day exploring the city. It serves a delicious selection of coffee, tea, and fresh-prepare food and offers live music.

Cultural Experiences

La Paz’s cultural scene is rich and diverse, from its bustling markets to its vibrant street art. Here are some cultural experiences to try:

– Cholita Wrestling – This unique wrestling event puts indigenous women at the center stage, and it’s an exciting and bizarre spectacle that should not be missed.

– Museum of Anthropology – This museum holds an extensive collection of artifacts and exhibits of the indigenous cultures of Bolivia.

– Mi Teleférico – Take an aerial tramway to explore the city and appreciate its stunning surroundings. You can buy a day pass to ride Mi Teleférico and see different views of the city.

Local History

La Paz has a rich history, and there are plenty of historic sites and landmarks to explore. Here are some of the must-visit places:

– San Francisco Church – This historic church was built in 1549 and is one of the oldest religious sites in La Paz.

– Witches Market – This is an unusual market filled with traditional Andean medicinal remedies, such as dried llama fetuses, which are used in traditional ceremonies.

– La Paz Cathedral – This impressive cathedral was built in the 19th century and is located in the city center. It’s an important religious site and a popular tourist attraction.

Off-the-Beaten-Path Suggestions

If you’re looking for some unique experiences in La Paz, here are some off-the-beaten-path suggestions:

– Take a Walking Tour – La Paz offers several guided walking tours that take you off the beaten path and show you some of the city’s hidden gems.

– Day Trip to Lake Titicaca – This stunning lake is the highest navigable lake in the world and is only a few hours from La Paz. Take a day trip to appreciate the lake’s beauty and explore the culture of the indigenous people who live in the area.

– Chacaltaya Ski Resort – The world’s highest ski resort is located just outside of La Paz and offers skiing and snowboarding opportunities for adventure seekers.


Although La Paz is known for its high crime rates, it’s still a fantastic destination for tourists who take extra precautions. The city offers an array of attractions, and its rich culture and history make it a unique and exciting travel destination. Follow the tips in this insider’s guide to experience everything the city has to offer while staying safe.

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Is La Paz Safe?

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