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Is Lubeck worth visiting? – My Personal Opinion on Visiting Lubeck

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Is Lubeck worth visiting? – My Personal Opinion on Visiting Lubeck

Located in northern Germany only 20km away from Kiel and Hamburg, Lübeck is a true coastal gem that should be visited at least once in your lifetime. As the settlement is considered to have Germany’s most appealing medieval old town, it is one of the country’s most prominent tourist destinations and as such, it attracts a large crowd every year.

It is my personal opinion that Lübeck is worth visiting if you ever find yourself in northern Germany. Being the birthplace of Thomas Mann and home to the world-famous Marzipan manufacturers, Niederegger, there are many attractions that one cannot miss. As a traveller that is interested in the history, the old town of Lübeck is definitely the best point to start from.

One of the main reasons people visit this place are for its array of buildings and attractions that were retained for over 700 years. The buildings here were mostly built during the Middle Ages and this is why it looks so charming and well preserved. One of the main historic buildings that stands out are the seven gates: Holstentor, Burgtor, Domtor, Fleethörn & Mengentor, Königstor, Moltertor, and Burgtor. All these sights serve as great examples of late Gothic art and they make a great backdrop for photos. Inside the old town one can find the city walls with towers, wide squares with marketplaces and churches, most notable examples being St. Mary’s Church or Lübeck Cathedral.

The historical centre of Lübeck is often referred to as a living museum as it witnessed a lot of architectural styles that contributed to its unique character. From Gothic to Rococo , everything is there.

Apart from being an architectural jewel, Lübeck offers a great selection of things to explore from delicious eateries to its tourist-friendly spots.

If you want to take a more relaxed approach, then Lübeck’s canals offer a romantic side trip. You can take off on a boat tour to explore the area and witness some of the greatest sights thatGermany has to offer. With an abundance of relaxing cafes and high-end restaurants, you can also have meals while enjoying views on the river and delight in many iconic historic landmarks: Trave Bridge/Kueckentor Brige, Old Town Bridge, Holstentor or St Annenmuseum church are just some of them.

Nearby one can also find Marzipan Museum located in one of Germany’s oldest Marzipan factories and one can also read more about this tasty treat on The Culture Trip .

The array of places to explore here is not limited only to museum but extends even further to places like Buddenbrooks House (Thomas Mann’s home), Eiswannenhaus museum, Neuen Wall for shopping, Grosmarkt for everyday shopping or Willy Brandt House, home of the German Chancellor who served office from 1969 to 1974.

Another thing I appreciate about Lübeck is how easy it is to explore the city on foot or with a bike . It just takes a few minutes to gain access to both the old town and suburbs of Lübeck, making it an ideal location for visitors who are looking to enjoy a good mix of nature and culture in one place.

In conclusion, I could say that Lübeck is without a doubt worth visiting as there are many things to see, do and explore inside every corner and alley of this charming northern German city. From museums and historical sights, to pleasant cafes and intriguing arcades of shopping streets, there will be something for tourists no matter what kind of travellers they may be.

An Insider’s Guide to Lubeck: Uncovering the Hidden Gems

If you’re looking for a German destination that’s full of charm, rich in history and culture, and loaded with hidden gems, Lubeck is the place to be. Instead of following the crowds, why not explore some of the lesser-known attractions that only locals know about? Here’s my insider guide to Lubeck – a city that’s definitely worth visiting.

Local Attractions: Explore Lubeck’s Best-Kept Secrets

While there’s no denying that Lubeck’s UNESCO World Heritage-listed Old Town is enchanting, there are plenty of hidden gems to explore beyond the beaten path. For example, the Burgtor Gate with its beautiful double tower entrance is one of the oldest landmarks in Lubeck. Take a stroll through the St. Annen Museum Quarter to enjoy art galleries and beautiful gardens, and immerse yourself in the city’s history at the fascinating Heinrich-and-Thomas Mann Center. For a unique experience, make sure to visit the Willy Brandt House, a museum dedicated to the former German Chancellor and Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Dining Spots: Savor the Taste of Lubeck

Lubeck’s food scene is a gastronomic delight. From fresh seafood to delicious sweets like marzipan, the city has something to suit all tastes. One must-visit spot is the quaint Cafe Niederegger, where the world-renowned marzipan originated in the 19th century. The Neideregger family still runs the cafe and produces their famous marzipan to this day. For an authentic Lubeck dining experience, head to Kartoffelkeller, which serves typical Northern German specialties like Heringstopf (herring casserole) and Holsteiner Töttchen (beef meatballs).

Cultural Experiences: Embrace Lubeck’s Rich Culture

Lubeck is a city steeped in history and culture, which makes it an ideal destination for those seeking an immersive cultural experience. The city’s annual Lubeck Literature Days attract notable authors from all around Germany and the rest of the world. The annual St. Anne’s Day is another significant cultural event, with a colorful parade, medieval games, and live music. Lubeck also has several theatres, orchestras, and museums to explore, such as the Günter Grass Haus and the Behnhaus Drägerhaus Museum.

Local History: Discover Lubeck’s Fascinating Past

As one of the prominent independent cities during the medieval Hanseatic League, Lubeck has a long and intriguing history. The city is surrounded by more than 3 miles of well-preserved walls and gates, which once protected it from invaders. The St. Mary’s Church, a UNESCO World Heritage site with the second-highest brick-vaulted ceiling worldwide, offers an exquisite glimpse into the city’s Gothic past. To delve into the darker side of Lubeck’s history, visit the city’s oldest cemetery, Jerusalemsfriedhof – whose name draws its origin from Jerusalem – and its gravestones, including those for plague victims.

Off-the-beaten-path suggestions: Experience Lubeck like a Local

For an unforgettable and unique experience, head to the old-fashioned Christmas markets, where you can buy beautiful handmade crafts as well as traditional gingerbread and hot spiced wine. Explore the city’s many beautiful parks and gardens, including the Lennépark, perfect for a picnic, or take a boat tour around the city’s waterways. Lubeck is also an ideal base for exploring the Baltic coastline and its many attractions.

In conclusion, Lubeck is a hidden gem that is worth visiting. Explore its treasures, experience its unique culture, savor its delicious cuisine, and connect with its history. With its stunning architecture, rich culture, and fascinating history, Lubeck is a wonderful destination that has so much to offer.

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Is Lubeck worth visiting? – My Personal Opinion on Visiting Lubeck

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