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Kotor Boat Tour: Our Lady of the Rocks, Mamula and Blue Cave in Kotor

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Kotor Boat Tour: Our Lady of the Rocks, Mamula and Blue Cave in Kotor

Going on a Kotor boat tour is one of the best and most memorable ways to explore the stunning coastal scenery of Montenegro. On a Kotor boat tour you can take in the beautiful sights of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and come to appreciate why it has been declared one of the world’s natural and cultural sites. Taking a Kotor boat tour is an amazing way to explore the region’s fascinating history and enjoy the breathtaking views of its natural beauty.

Kotor boat tours usually include stops at some fascinating places such as Our Lady of the Rocks, Mamula and Blue Cave. These are some of the highlights of the area and make a Kotor boat tour truly unforgettable. Here is a guide to Our Lady of the Rocks, Mamula and Blue Cave in Kotor, so you can make the most of your boat trip.

Our Lady of the Rocks

Our Lady of the Rocks is a tiny island in the middle of Boka Bay, off the coast of Kotor, Montenegro. It is an extraordinary site, full of history, art and mystery. The islet was artificially constructed in the 15th century, with stones taken from Boka Bay. It is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and was built by local sailors as a sign of gratitude for escaping a terrible shipwreck.

The island has been declared a historic site as it contains many interesting monuments, frescoes and sculptures. Visitors can take in the beautiful sceneries and discover how it was created by local fishermen. The entrance to Lady of the Rocks is free and there are guided tours available in English, Italian, German and other languages which can be booked at the information office by the harbour.

Mamula Island

One of the highlights of a Kotor boat tour is Mamula Island, located north-east from Herceg Novi. It was built during the 19th century by Austin Thamilos as a fort for military purposes. Today, it is an iconic symbol for this region and popular among tourists who visit Montenegro. Mamula Island has been beautifully restored and it has become a great place for relaxation, with stunning views from its lighthouse. It has also become popular for its inviting transparent waters, making it a perfect destination for swimming and snorkeling activities.
Diving trips to this island can be organized to explore the marvellous underwater world. The island also provides several restaurants, a cocktail bar and beach volley courts, making it a well-rounded tourist attraction.

Blue Cave

Another great site to explore during a Kotor boat tour is Blue Cave or Modra Spilja, an awe-inspiring cave located at the small island of St. George near Perast. This unique cave is filled with blue-turquoise waters due to an interesting phenomena of reflecting light coming through an underwater window. Stunning light effects can be seen inside this magical place. Diving activities can be organized here for those who want to explore its depths. Nonetheless , visitors can take a walk around this incredible place and take in its beauty from outside .

How to book a Kotor boat tour?

Now that you know about these amazing places near Kotor,you may be wondering how you can book your own boat trip to these attractions. The best way to do this is by booking it through an experienced tour operator who can organize the entire trip for you. GetYourGuide is one such experienced tour operator specialized in making your adventure memorable and safe. GetYourGuide has great reviews and offers itineraries that ensure that you get to see all the sights while taking full advantage of your time in Montenegro. You can easily book a Kotor boat tour package that includes visits to Our Lady of the Rocks, Mamula Island, and Blue Cave online at GetYourGuide.

A Kotor boat tour truly offers the experience of a lifetime and is definitely worth exploring if you are visiting Montenegro. With stops at Our Lady of the Rocks, Mamula Island and Blue Cave, it is no wonder why this experience has been so popular with tourists for so many years. Booking through GetYourGuide ensures your experience is hassle free and enjoyable as you get to explore some of Montenegro’s most beautiful attractions with ease and comfort.

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