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Kotor: Ostrog & Rijeka Crnojevic Private Tour – Everything You Need To Know

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Kotor: Ostrog & Rijeka Crnojevic Private Tour – Everything You Need To Know

Kotor is one of the most popular touristic cities in Montenegro, with charming old town center and its steep streets, surrounded by the old city walls. The city also offers some of the most stunning views over the Bay of Kotor, making it a must visit place while exploring Montenegro. One of the most interesting day trips you can have while in Kotor is a private tour to the Ostrog monastery and Rijeka Crnojevic. This tour will offer some truly amazing experiences, so you shouldn’t miss it!

What Is The Ostrog Monastery and What Can I See While Exploring It?

Ostrog monastery is an Eastern Orthodox complex, dedicated to St. Vasilije of Ostrog, a famous Montenegrin saint from the 17th century. The friendly and helpful locals will help you to get to the mountain overlooking the Bay of Kotor and there you will be able to see a beautiful and unique holy place.

This complex consists of two main parts – upper monastery and lower monastery. The upper part is carved into the vertical and nearly inaccessible rocks of Ostroška Greda, while the lower part is quite easily accessible, and is situated in nearby Zeta valley.

Admiring this holy place during a tour will give you some of the most breathtaking views over the city and the Bay. Explore different types of buildings, admire religious paintings and artifacts, feel amazement and peace in the same time – these are real gems of Montenegrin culture!

Witness the Beauty of Rijeka Crnojevic

Rijeka Crnojevića (Crnojević River) is a unique place, situated at the border between two famous Montenegrin cities – Niksic and Kotor. This fascinating location is also part of UNESCO Biosphere Reserve – Tara River Canyon.

The Tara Canyon is a narrow gorge with steep cliffs and many cultural sites. Among them is Rijeka Crnojevicin, considered to be one of the most picturesque places in the country – this is truly an undiscovered pearl of Montenegro.

You can admire various ancient cultural artifacts (churches, paintings, artifacts and monasteries from different eras), you can try some delicious Montenegrin cuisine in a typical local restaurant (try paštrovska njeguska pljeskavica and some of the local wines), enjoy boat rides in the depths of Tara Canyon… Everything that you need in order to explore Montenegrin culture.

What Difference Does A Private Tour Make

The best choice for exploring Kotor and in particular Ostrog monastery & Rijeka Crnojevic is taking a private tour. Hiring a professional licensed driving – guide service could make your trip to this area much easier.

A professional guide can take you to all important spots, provide you with knowledge about them and offer extra interesting facts and details from this area that probably wouldn’t be disclosed if you would explore this area by yourself.

Also, with a private tour, your travel schedule can be adjusted to your wishes, allowing for more free time for some activities or trips that you might wish to take during your visit . These trips can be planned accordingly so that you get the best out of your trip. There are also private tours that offer you amazing walking tours through the city where your guide will give information about the city’s highlights. With this kind of tour you can enjoy on foot city walks through cobblestone streets but still keep pace with his commentaries.

Another great benefit of having a private tour is that you will have an experienced driver who knows all the roads and attractions around Kotor & Rijeka Crnojevic so there won’t be any worries when exploring places off-the-beaten track. Moreover, private tours usually have a custom-made timetable so it definitely makes them more versatile if you wish to combine several activities during one day.

All in all, with a private tour in Kotor, Ostrog monastery & Rijeka Crnojevic you can get the most out of your visit and explore places off-the-beaten track with an experienced driver.

Where Can I Book Such A Private Tour?

If you are looking for an activity as exciting as this one, then Get Your Guide offers an unforgettable Kotor: Ostrog & Rijeka Crnojevic private tour. This tour includes transfers from Kotor City center to either Ostrog Monastery or Rijeka Crnojevic, depending on the group choice, guided visits to either one or two destinations and a professional driver with a comfortable car transfers from those locations back to Kotor City Center.

Moreover, Get Your Guide’s partners offer special discounts for large groups giving you extra value for money! And worry not – multi-language speaking guides are available upon request as well as other useful services such as visited sites photo taking upon request.

All in all Get Your Guide offers an unforgettable experience through providing professional services combined with their knowledgeable partners that will help you make sure to get the most out of your visit to Montenegro. Imagine having your day guided by a local who will give insights into history and culture while recommending you best spots to take out-of-this-world photographs!

So if you feel like exploring Ostrog monastery & Rijeka Crnovoic and learn more about their culture and history while enjoying breathtaking views, join us on Kotor: Ostrog & Rijeka Crnojevic private tour and find out more. It might be one of your best visits ever!

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Kotor: Ostrog & Rijeka Crnojevic Private Tour – Everything You Need To Know

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