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Kyoto: Izakaya Food Tour with Local Guide

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Kyoto: Izakaya Food Tour with Local Guide

Are you looking for an amazing experience while in Kyoto? If so, then you should consider taking an Izakaya food tour with a local guide. On this tour, you will get to explore the hidden gems of Kyoto’s traditional dining scene. Immerse yourself in a unique and authentic culinary journey, while your private guide introduces you to local delicacies and provides insight into the culture and etiquette of Izakaya dining.

Izakaya are traditional Japanese pubs and are often frequented by locals. The atmosphere is casual and laid-back and it’s an ideal setting for enjoying a variety of Japanese foods and drinks. The Izakaya Experience tour is a great way to get to know some of Kyoto’s hidden culinary gems, while deepening your understanding and appreciation of Japanese culture.

The tour is led by an experienced local guide who will take you to either two or three Izakayas and explain the menu, atmosphere, culture, and etiquette specific to each destination. During the tour, your guide will take you on a culinary journey, stopping at each stop to explain the food, drink and atmosphere. At the end of the tour, time will be left for you to explore the establishments and sample a variety of dishes at your own discretion.

What’s Included in the Tour?

The Izakaya Experience tour typically lasts around three hours and includes:

  • Transportation by private vehicle
  • Private guide to lead the tour and provide insight into the Izakaya culture and atmosphere
  • Visit and sampling of various local delicacies in two to three Izakayas
  • Explanation of Japanese culture and etiquette during the tour
  • Complimentary sake tasting of local sake varies depending on the season

What Can I Expect from the Tour?

Your private guide will explain the etiquette for dining in an Izakaya, which typically involves start with an order like sushi or pickles before gradually moving on to larger dishes. It is recommended to order a variety of dishes, but don’t worry as Izakayas are quite affordable so you don’t need to break the bank! Your guide will explain the intricacies of each dish while providing insight into their secret ingredients that make them stand out from what can be found in a restaurant.

You will be served a variety of dishes such as tempura, kara-age (deep fried chicken), grilled yakitori (skewered chicken) and nabe (hot pot dishes) along with various side dishes, including pickles and salads. As sake is traditionally served with every dish in Japan, you can expect a generous pour of sake at every Izakaya. The sake served on this tour may be slightly sweet or light-bodied depending on the season.

Your professional guide may also introduce you to some hidden gems where you can enjoy some rare specialty dishes not found in restaurants. At the end of your tour, some time will be given for you to explore these places yourself.

What is the Session Fee For?

The session fee for Izakaya Food Tour with Local Guide is ¥15,000 per person. This fee covers the cost of the service provided by your guide, transportation to the Izakayas and sampling of various delicacies in two or three establishments. Drinks (including sake) and other incidental expenses are not included in the session fee.

Where Can I Find an Izakaya Food Tour with Local Guide in Kyoto?

If you’re looking for an unforgettable culinary experience in Kyoto, then an Izakaya food tour with a local guide is for you. You can find a range of Izakaya food tours in Kyoto on GetYourGuide – one of the leading tour operators in Japan. GetYourGuide offers a variety of tours that allow you to explore Kyot’s culinary scene with a local guide, including the popular Izakaya Food Tour with Local Guide. On this tour, you will explore some of Kyoto’s hidden gems in its Izakaya culture while being guided by an experienced local.

With GetYourGuide, you can find a range of tours that have been hand-picked by locals and have expert guides who are available to provide detailed insight into food, culture and etiquette. On top of that, GetYourGuide is also offering special discounts and promotions that make these tours even more affordable and worth your while. So why not book your spot on an Izakaya food tour with Local Guide today and experience an unforgettable culinary journey in Kyoto?

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Kyoto: Izakaya Food Tour with Local Guide

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