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Languages Spoken in Thrissur: A Comprehensive Guide

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Languages Spoken in Thrissur: A Comprehensive Guide

Thrissur, also known as the cultural capital of Kerala, is a city located in the southern part of India. The city is known for its rich culture, diverse and vibrant festivals, and stunning architecture. It is a hub for art, literature, and politics. The city is also famous for its cuisine and hospitality. Being a melting pot for various cultures and religions, Thrissur is home to many languages. In this blog post, we will explore the languages that are spoken in Thrissur.

1. Malayalam

Being a part of Kerala, which is a Malayalam speaking state, Malayalam is the most widely spoken language in Thrissur. Malayalam is the official language of Kerala, and it is spoken by almost 96% of the people in the state. The language has a Dravidian origin and has a unique script of its own. The language is easy to learn and is known for its literary richness. Malayalam is also spoken in other parts of the world, including the Gulf countries and the United States.

2. English

English is a widely spoken language in Thrissur due to the city’s high level of education and literacy rate. The language is the official language of India and is widely spoken by educated young people, especially those in the IT sector. The government also uses English as one of its official languages, which makes it an important language for business and politics.

3. Tamil

Tamil is spoken by a small section of Thrissur’s population, particularly among Tamil migrant workers. Tamil Nadu, the neighboring state of Kerala, has a large Tamil speaking population, which is why Tamil speakers can be found in various parts of Kerala.

4. Hindi

Hindi is also spoken by a minority section of the population in Thrissur. It is the official language of India, and the language is taught in schools as a compulsory subject. Hindi is spoken by migrant workers from northern India who come to Kerala for various jobs, including construction and hospitality.

5. Other Languages

Apart from the above-mentioned languages, Thrissur is also home to speakers of other languages like Kannada, Bengali, and Telugu. These languages are spoken by small populations of migrant workers or people who have moved to the city from other parts of India.


Thrissur is a city known for its cultural diversity, and this is reflected in the languages spoken by its population. Malayalam, as the official language of the state, is the most widely spoken language in the city, but English is also spoken by a large group of people. Tamil and Hindi are spoken by a minority of the population, while other languages like Kannada, Bengali, and Telugu are also spoken by small communities. Diversity in language is an essential part of the city’s cultural heritage and a testament to the vibrant and welcoming nature of its people.

Languages Spoken in Thrissur: A Comprehensive Guide to Kerala’s Cultural Capital

If you’re looking to travel to Kerala, India, you won’t want to miss out on the vibrant city of Thrissur. Often called the cultural capital of the state, Thrissur boasts a mix of religious, artistic, and historical attractions and traditions. To fully appreciate everything the city has to offer, it’s crucial to understand the languages spoken in the region and how they impact the local culture. This insider’s guide will give you an overview of the languages spoken in Thrissur, as well as some of the best places to visit, dine, and experience during your stay.

Languages Spoken in Thrissur

Malayalam is the official language of Kerala, including Thrissur. However, Thrissur has a unique blend of cultures, and as a result, English, Hindi, and Tamil are also widely spoken in the city. As a tourist, you’ll find that most people in the hospitality and tourism industries speak English and will be able to communicate with you.


Thrissur is a city known for its historical, cultural, and religious significance. Here are a few must-see attractions to add to your itinerary:

– Vadakkumnathan Temple: This ancient temple is located in the heart of Thrissur and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It’s a beautiful example of traditional Kerela architecture and is one of the most visited temples in the state.
– Athirapilly Waterfalls: Just outside of Thrissur city limits, these waterfalls offer a breathtaking view of nature’s beauty. You can hike through the jungle to reach the falls and swim in the water at the bottom.
– Kerala Kalamandalam: Established in 1930, this cultural institution is dedicated to preserving and promoting South Indian performing arts. You can watch live performances or enroll in courses to learn more about traditional dance and music.


Kerala is famous for its diverse and delicious cuisine, and Thrissur is no exception. Here are some dining spots you won’t want to miss:

– Paragon Hotel: This iconic hotel has been around for over 80 years and is synonymous with delicious food. Be sure to try their signature dish, Malabar biryani.
– Cafe Pookkitha: This cozy cafe offers authentic local cuisine and is located in the heart of Thrissur. The outdoor seating area is the perfect spot to enjoy the ambience.
– Dwaraka: If you’re in the mood for a vegetarian feast, head to Dwaraka for their all-you-can-eat thali. The food is authentic and delicious.

Cultural experiences

Visiting Thrissur is a chance to immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Kerala. Here are a few cultural experiences you can’t miss:

– Thrissur Pooram: This is the most famous festival in Kerala and takes place in May each year. It’s a magnificent display of fireworks, drums, and elephants and attracts thousands of visitors.
– Theyyam: This is an ancient ritual art form that’s performed in the northern areas of Kerala. You can witness this unique tradition in Thrissur during the months of December to March.
– Guruvayur Temple: This temple is located just a short drive away from Thrissur and is one of the most important pilgrimage sites for Hindus in Kerala.

Local History

Thrissur has a rich and diverse history, and there are many historical sites to visit in the city. Here are some of the most notable:

– Shakthan Thampuran Palace: Built in the 18th century, this palace is an example of traditional Kerela architecture. It now houses a museum that displays the history of the palace and the royal family who once lived there.
– Archaeological Museum: This museum is located in the heart of Thrissur and is home to a vast collection of rare and ancient artifacts, including sculptures, paintings, and inscriptions.
– Amballoor Mana: This traditional Brahmin house is over 600 years old and is a stellar example of the ancient architecture of Kerala.

Off-the-beaten-path suggestions

If you’re looking for something a little different during your visit to Thrissur, consider checking out these hidden gems:

– Kauthuka Park: This eco-tourism park offers many recreational activities like trekking, camping, and zip-lining.
– Chavakkad Beach: If you want to escape the crowds of the more popular beaches in Kerala, head to Chavakkad Beach for a quieter experience. It’s known for its pristine waters and beautiful sunsets.
– Gass Forest Museum: Located just outside of Thrissur, this museum is dedicated to showcasing the diverse flora and fauna of the region and is a must-visit for nature lovers.

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Languages Spoken in Thrissur: A Comprehensive Guide

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