London The Soho Pub Walking Experience

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London The Soho Pub Walking Experience

London is the perfect destination for tourists who are looking to experience the vibrant nightlife the city has to offer. Whether you’re searching for a great place for dinner, drinks or entertainment, London’s Soho district is sure to have something that fits the bill. One of the best ways to absorb the lively nightlife of Soho is to go on a pub crawl.

What is a Pub Crawl?

A pub crawl is a guided tour of participating local establishments located in the same area. This type of tour will take you and your friends on an adventure of different pubs and bars. A member of the pub will serve as a guide, leading you to each place and informing you of interesting facts about the area along the way.

What’s Included in the London Soho Pub Crawl?

The London Soho Pub Crawl includes five different locations, each offering unique menus and events. The tour lasts approximately three hours and will take you to a variety of pubs and bars such as the Queen Mary II, The Lion, The Marquis of Granby, The Crown and The White Horse. In each establishment you will receive a free shot and half a pint of beer. Other drinks, cocktails or food items can be purchased from each location at a discounted price.

What Can I Expect During the Crawl?

During the pub crawl you will visit iconic establishments that are renowned for their interesting history and unique atmosphere. Your guide will provide a detailed description of each pub and inform you of their significance in Soho’s culture and history. There will be plenty of time to enjoy the drinks and socialize with the locals.

How Do I Join the London Soho Pub Crawl?

Joining the London Soho Pub Crawl is simple! All you need to do is visit this link for full information about the tour and to book your tickets. You will then receive an email confirming your booking and payment. You can then start planning your evening in London’s vibrant nightlife!

London Attractions Beyond Nightlife

While Soho is an exciting destination for nightlife activities, it also offers a wide range of attractions that can be enjoyed during the day as well. London’s West End is home to numerous theatres, retail boutiques, galleries and eateries that can be explored on foot. Notable locations include Buckingham Palace, Covent Garden and the world-renowned British Museum. Additionally, Hyde Park remains one of London’s most popular sightseeing hotspots, offering wide open spaces, lakes, gardens and even its own gallery housed inside Kensington Palace.

Finally, no trip to London would be complete without a stroll along one of the city’s famous bridges, such as Tower Bridge or London Bridge. Here you can take in stunning views of the iconic skyline that has become an international symbol for London’s rich history.


London nightlife offers something uniquely special and an exciting pub crawl promises to be an unforgettable experience. From iconic watering holes steeped in history to tasting refreshing drinks in lively bars, there are a variety of activities available in Soho that are sure to keep you entertained! To get started simply head over to this link to book your tickets and join one of London’s best pub crawls!

Insider’s Guide to London’s Soho Pub Walking Experience

Welcome to London’s Soho neighborhood, known for its vibrant culture, nightlife, and history. If you’re a fan of pubs, Soho is the perfect destination for you. In this insider’s guide, we’ll take you through some of the best pubs in the neighborhood and other off-the-beaten-path experiences that will make your visit to Soho unforgettable.

Local Attractions

Soho is home to multiple tourist attractions worth visiting. Here are a few:

– The British Museum: Located close to Soho, The British Museum is one of the top cultural institutions in London. With over 8 million artifacts, the museum houses some of the most significant pieces of history you’ll ever see.
– West End Theatres: Soho is located in the West End of London, so it’s no surprise that it is known for its live theater performances. Some of the popular theaters include the Prince of Wales Theatre and the Apollo Theatre.
– The Photographers’ Gallery: This is the largest photography gallery in the UK and is located in the heart of Soho. If you’re interested in photography or art in general, this gallery is a must-visit.

Dining Spots

London is known for its diverse and delicious food, and Soho is no exception. Some of the best restaurants to visit in Soho include:

– NOPI: The restaurant’s creative dishes make it one of the most popular places in this neighborhood. NOPI is known for its Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Asian-inspired cuisine.
– The Palomar: The Palomar offers its guests an unforgettable experience through its Middle Eastern & Israeli cuisine and great hospitality. The atmosphere is lively and welcoming, making this restaurant the perfect place to relax and have fun.
– Honest Burgers Soho: If you’re looking for a quick and delicious meal, head over to Honest Burgers. This small chain of restaurants located in soho is famous for its juicy burgers and excellent rosemary fries.

Cultural Experiences

Soho has a rich cultural history. Here are some of the cultural experiences you should not miss during your visit:

– Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club: This is one of the world’s most famous Jazz Clubs and has played host to many legends over the years. The club hosts multiple shows every week, making it the perfect spot to enjoy some live music.
– Chinatown: Located at the heart of Soho, Chinatown is the perfect place to get a taste of Asian culture. Go for a stroll, grab some dim sum, and check out the shops and vendors for an authentic experience.
– LGBTQ+ Heritage Walk: Soho is the center of London’s LGBTQ+ community and history. Take a walk and visit landmarks such as the Admiral Duncan pub and learn more about how the community has developed.

Local History

Soho has a rich history rooted in its diverse population. Here are a few historical stops to make in Soho:

– Berwick Street Market: This market has been in operation since the 18th century, selling everything from fruits to fabric. It is a unique shopping experience that offers an insight into the neighborhood’s past.
– The French House: This pub has a long history of being a hot spot for writers, artists, and political activists. It was also the headquarters of the French Resistance during World War II.
– The Golden Square: This leafy square located in the heart of Soho was home to many famous writers and artists. The statue of King George II lies in the center of the square, marking its historical significance.


Soho has plenty of hidden gems that most tourists don’t know about. Here are a few recommendations:

– Bar Termini: This cozy bar offers some of the excellent cocktails in London. It has an atmosphere of a 1950s Italian Espresso bar, making it a perfect spot to relax.
– Scandal Water: This speakeasy bar is hidden behind a bookshelf, making it a perfect spot for a secluded drink. You’ll feel like you’re part of a secret society with excellent cocktails and an atmosphere of prohibition-era glamour.
– Secret Cinema: This immersive cinema experience turns movies into real-life experiences. Each screening is designed with spectacular attention to detail and is an adventure you don’t want to miss.

We hope you enjoyed this insider’s guide to Soho’s pub walking experience. Happy exploring!

London The Soho Pub Walking Experience

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