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Melbourne Booze Makes History Better Afternoon Drink Tour: An Ultimate Guide

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Melbourne Booze Makes History Better Afternoon Drink Tour: An Ultimate Guide

So, you are planning your trip to Melbourne and wondering what activities to do? Then you must have come across the amazing, truly unique and probably one of the most fun things to do in the city – the Melbourne Booze Makes History Better Afternoon Drink Tour.

This tour is a guided way to explore the taste of the city, its history and its culture through 4 boozy stops. Sounds interesting and something new to try, right? Before you hop on to this tour, let’s take a closer look so you know what to expect exactly and make your experience better.

What Is the Melbourne Booze Makes History Better Afternoon Drink Tour?

The Melbourne Booze Makes History Better Afternoon Drink Tour is an amazing way to explore and discover the city’s drinking culture, its history and its people. This tour is hosted by Your Melbourne Tours and will take you to four carefully crafted destinations with extensive tales that will hold your attention from start till the end.

You will be taken around the neighbourhoods like Fitzroy and Carlton, areas that have been integral to the development of this city’s love for drinking. All the stops are handpicked and hosted by some of the most knowledgeable people around the city who will guide you through tales of past and present and leave you with a great understanding of what the culture around drinking means in Melbourne.

General Overview of What You Can Expect in the Melbourne Booze Makes History Better Afternoon Tour

Your tour begins at 11:30 am in front of Platform café, a few minutes away from Flinders St Station in the heart of Melbourne. It begins after a passionate storyteller of the city introduces you to the culture of drinking in Melbourne and answer any questions that may have. This talk typically lasts for 45 minutes to an hour before you set off on a walking tour.

In this tour, you will be taken to some of the most amazing places like bars, pubs and cafes in Carlton, North Melbourne and Fitzroy. You can interact with true locals and listen to tales unique to each place. The tour lasts for about three hours with each one being 15-30 minutes long. It ends around 2:30 pm at Platform Café, but if you wish to continue your drinks afterwards, you can also stay longer.

Things You Must Remember During The Tour

Here is a list of few things that we recommend you keep in mind when you take part in this tour:

  • Don’t forget to charge your digital camera to capture all the scenery around.
  • Choose comfortable shoes as the tour involves a bit of walking.
  • Don’t forget to carry your ID as you have to prove your age when visiting each of the places.
  • Make sure you bring enough cash as cards are not taken everywhere.
  • Have a light breakfast before taking the tour so that you don’t feel uncomfortable during it.

What Do You Get On This Tour?

This amazing Booze Makes History Better Tour offers various benefits which typically include:

  • A sensational guided tour that takes you through different parts of city looking into their history, culture, and stories.
  • You get to sample delicious drinks in almost each stop.
  • You also get enough time to mingle around with locals and can even strike up conversations with them.
  • Get a chance to visit some off beat places that only locals know about.

How To Get an Enthralling Experience From the Tour?

If you are planning on taking the Booze Makes History Better Tour, here are few tips that can help you have an even better experience:

  • Keep your questions ready before hand as there will be plenty of opportunities for queries where you have full access to a local guide.
  • Don’t forget to eat in between every stop as it helps in delivering more nutrients in your system than your regular meal.
  • Be ready to socialize and make friends as this tour is all about having fun and striking up conversations with locals.
  • If you happen to like certain drinks during the tour, don’t forget to note down their names so that you can come back later and explore more!

Find Out More

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