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Mumbai: Ethical Dharavi Walking Tour with Options in Mumbai

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Mumbai: Ethical Dharavi Walking Tour with Options in Mumbai

Mumbai is a sprawling metropolis located on India’s western coast and is the capital city of Maharashtra. It’s the financial capital of India and home to some of the country’s wealthiest citizens. But Mumbai is also home to some of India’s poorest. Dharavi is located in the heart of Mumbai and is considered one of the largest slums in Asia. It is home to over one million people living and working in its cramped and oppressive alleys.

Fortunately, there is a ray of hope for Dharavi’s inhabitants. In recent years, the area has begun to attract tourists who want to experience one of world’s greatest slums and learn more about its inhabitants’ way of life. There are now several ethical walking tours available that offer a respectful and authentic look into the heart of Dharavi.

In this article, we will explore the various options for an ethical walking tour through Dharavi, as well as what to expect and what you might learn.

What Is an Ethical Walking Tour?

An ethical walking tour is a guided exploration of an area that provides an intimate and authentic look at local life. It focuses on the day-to-day experiences of those who live and work in the area, rather than superficial tourist attractions.

An ethical walking tour does not attempt to draw attention to any particular area or person, nor does it invite visitors to take photographs without asking for permission first. Rather, it provides an up-close and personal look at life in a specific location.

These types of tours are popular in areas where poverty is widespread, as they provide visitors with insight into another side of life they would not usually encounter on a regular holiday. The tours also provide employment opportunities for those who live in the area, allowing locals to earn a living by guiding visitors through the streets.

Options for an Ethical Walking Tour in Dharavi

There are several ethical walking tours available in Dharavi for those looking for an authentic look at life in the world’s largest slum. These tours are typically a full day event, with no more than 10 people at a time. They can be booked through several different companies, some of which specialize in ethical walking tours. It’s important to choose a tour provider that has experience leading ethical walking tours in Dharavi and is committed to respecting the local community.

A few of the most popular options for an ethical walking tour in Dharavi include:

  • Globumph Travels, providing opportunities to explore the community’s bustling workshops and learn about their efforts to improve the lives of their people
  • Unearth the World, offering a comprehensive adventure taking visitors through every corner of Dharavi to get an all-encompassing look at the day-to-day lives of those who live and work in the area.
  • Mumbai Magic, featuring experienced guides who help visitors to understand different crafts and lifestyles within Dharavi, as well as a delicious traditional meal.

What to Expect on an Ethical Walking Tour

An ethical walking tour provides visitors with insight into community life that can’t be found anywhere else. Guests will get up close and personal with entrepreneurs and artisans who are taking advantage of economic opportunities within their communities and making a difference.

Experienced guides will show visitors around commercial hubs where they can observe daily activities such as pottery making, recycling, leather tanning, sewing, candle making and more. There may also be opportunities to meet with local entrepreneurs or health workers, or even take part in community-based workshops such as yoga or dance classes.

Guests will have the opportunity to ask questions, share stories and connect with locals on a deeply personal level. They will also learn about the challenges faced by residents as well as the incredible resilience and determination demonstrated by so many people living in cramped and challenging conditions.

At the end of the tour, guests will often be treated to a traditional Indian meal cooked in homes using authentic recipes and flavours unique to this community. They may also have the opportunity to purchase souvenirs from local artisans at discounted prices.


An ethical walking tour of Dharavi can be an eye-opening and life-changing experience for visitors looking to gain insight into a side of Mumbai they otherwise would not have seen. Though forbidding at first glance, visitors quickly find that they are welcomed warmly by locals who just want to share their stories with newcomers.

Whether you’re looking for an educational experience or simply curious about life inside one of Asia’s largest slums, an ethical walking tour is a great way to uncover a different side of Mumbai beneath its chaotic exterior.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience while visiting Mumbai, why not book an ethical walking tour through Dharavi now? Discover a new side to India as you explore this unique neighbourhood with experienced guides dedicated to providing a respectful and safe experience for all!

tamara menzi Mptbg EWLUs unsplash

Mumbai: Ethical Dharavi Walking Tour with Options in Mumbai

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