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Munich Hofbräuhaus Tour: Everything You Need To Know

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Munich Hofbräuhaus Tour: Everything You Need To Know

Are you planning a trip to Munich and want to experience the popular Hofbräuhaus? This visitor’s guide will provide all the essential information you need to plan a smooth journey and to get the most out of your time in the city.

What is the Munich Hofbräuhaus?

The Munich Hofbräuhaus is a beer hall and restaurant renowned for its Bavarian culture, history, and brewing tradition. Located in Munich, Germany, it’s the oldest brewery still in operation in the country and is one of the most well-known tourist destinations in the city.

Founded in 1589 by Duke William V of Bavaria, the brewery has been in operation through the centuries. Over time, it has come to embody Bavarian culture with its traditional beer hall, food, live music and Jodler (typical Bavarian folk music). The famed “Hofbräukeller” is currently Europe’s third-largest beer garden.

Why Visit the Munich Hofbräuhaus?

The Munich Hofbräuhaus is an essential part of Bavarian history and culture and serves as an iconic stop for any visitor to Munich. Here are some of the highlights of visiting the Hofbräuhaus:

  • Get immersed in the traditional Bavarian atmosphere which brings with it beer, live music, songs, dancing, and good food.
  • Enjoy a unique taste of Germany’s best beer while learning about 500 years of Bavarian beer brewing tradition.
  • Witness an amazing Jodler performance that you can’t experience anywhere else.

The best way to experience one of Munich’s main attractions is through a guided tour of the Hofbräuhaus. This will allow you to get up close and personal with the fascinating history and exceptional brews of this iconic landmark.

How to Get to the Munich Hofbräuhaus

The Munich Hofbräuhaus is located at Platzl 9 in Munich.

The public transport system – the MVV – provides an easy way to get there, whether arriving from the airport or from other points of destination within the city. Here’s how you can make your way to the Haufbräukeller using public transportation:

  • The suburban train (S-Bahn) – take the S8 to “Hackerbrücke” station.
  • The underground train (U-Bahn) – take the U5 to “Marienplatz” station and then walk for five minutes.
  • Take a bus – take bus number 100 to “Marienplatz” station and then walk for five minutes.

It’s also possible to take a taxi or a ridesharing service like Uber or Taxify to get to the Haufbräukeller. Just make sure you note down the address so that you can provide it to your chosen driver.

What To Expect During a Munich Hofbräuhaus Tour

Taking a tour at the Munich Hofbräuhaus is a great way to experience traditional German beer-brewing culture and traditions. A guided tour usually lasts around two hours and covers a wide variety of activities:

  • Experienced guides will provide you with an overview of 600 years of Bavarian beer brewing traditions, culture and history.
  • You’ll have the chance to sample beer directly from the brewery’s copper vessels.
  • You’ll learn how to properly “tap” a beer, a significant tradition in Bavaria.
  • You’ll be able to sample traditional German food such as pretzels, saurkraut and more.
  • You may get to sample an alcoholic beverage in one of Europe’s oldest beer halls.
  • You may be able to experience fun activities such as games and dancing.

It’s also possible to book a private tour at the Hofbräuhaus if you want complete flexibility to do what you want- choose your own beer, snacks, entertainment and more!

What Are The Best Times To Visit The Munich Hofbräuhaus?

The beauty of the Hofbräukeller is that it is open all year round with peak season during summer (May-September). Here are some useful tips on when is best time to visit:

  • Spring & Fall – April/May and September/October are when Munich experience some of its nicest weather for outdoor activities likes sightseeing, exploring parks, etc.
  • Summer – from mid-May to mid-September is when Munich is at its busiest, with plenty of events, festivals, beer gardens and outdoor activities such as canoe tours.
  • Winter – December and January are two months worth avoiding as this is when winter weather really sets in.

Another helpful tip: Avoid tourist hotspots during Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays – this is when most locals take advantage of their free time which results in huge crowds at popular attractions.

At any time during your visit, make sure you book tickets in advance. During peak tourist season tickets can be sold out days before so it’s best to plan ahead!

Essential Tips For Visiting The Munich Hofbräuhaus

The popular destination can get very busy throughout the year, so take these tips into account during your visit:

  • Even though the Hofbräukeller is open all year round, it tends to get really crowded during peak season from May to September – arrive early or late if overcrowding is something you want to avoid.
  • If you’re travelling with kids, check out “The Little Beer Garden” for fun activities suitable for all ages.
  • Dress for warm weather if you plan on visiting during summer – it can get really hot outside! Coats and jackets are essential during winter.
  • Dress appropriately – it’s advised that visitors dress smartly from mid-June until mid-September. Check out this dress code guide before you go.
  • Tourist attraction websites like Viator are perfect for booking guided tours and tickets early so as not be disappointed.

Planning your visit early will allow you to get the most out of your visit and make sure you don’t miss out on anything during your time at the famous Haufbräukeller.


The Munich Hofbräukeller is one of Munich’s most iconic attractions due to its rich history, culture and brewing tradition. A guided tour through the Haufbräukeller allows visitors to immerse themselves into traditional Bavarian life while enjoying delicious beer, food and entertainment.

Whether you’re looking for an educational experience or just want to people watch, visiting the Hofbräukeller is an excellent way of getting a real taste of Bavarian culture. For more information or to book tickets for your tour, check out GetYourGuide’sactivities page.

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Munich Hofbräuhaus Tour: Everything You Need To Know

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