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Munich Things To Do In Winter

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Munich Things To Do In Winter

Winter in Munich can be a special time to explore the city – from cozy pubs and restaurants to mesmerizing Christmas markets and snow-covered parks. With its rich history, impressive architecture, world-class museums, and plenty of cultural attractions, there’s plenty to keep you busy during this festive season. Visitors to Munich will find exciting winter-themed activities, such as ice skating rinks, snowtubing hills, sleigh rides, and traditional Bavarian events. Whether you’re visiting for business or pleasure, here’s a look at some of the top things to do in Munich during wintertime.

History and Culture

Munich has been an important center of culture and commerce since the 12th century. It is the third largest city in Germany and home to a number of iconic attractions, such as the Old Town Hall, Marienplatz, and the Frauenkirche. Munich is also known for its art galleries, such as the Alte Pinakothek, and its vibrant music scene, with venues like the Bavarian State Opera and the Philharmonic Orchestra. During wintertime, the city comes alive with festive events and activities, such as the Christmas markets and traditional Bavarian music concerts.

Christmas Markets

The Christmas markets are a popular tradition in Munich during wintertime, with over 20 markets spread throughout the city. Each market has its own unique theme and atmosphere, with vendors selling traditional crafts and treats such as roasted chestnuts, mulled wine, and German gingerbread. The most popular Christmas markets in Munich are located at Marienplatz, Christkindlmarkt, Viktualienmarkt, and Schwabinger Weihnachtsmarkt.

Ice Skating

Ice skating is one of the most popular activities in Munich during wintertime. There are a number of outdoor rinks around the city, including the Olympic Ice Rink in the Olympic Park, the Odeonsplatz rink in central Munich, and the Eisbachwelle Skatepark in the English Garden. There are also a number of indoor ice rinks available for those looking for a more sheltered experience.


Munich’s snowtubing hills are a great way to experience winter fun in the city. The hills are equipped with rubber tubes so you can experience the thrill of speeding down a slope without having to bring your own equipment. The most popular snowtubing hills in Munich are located at the Olympic Park, English Garden and BMW Welt.

Sleigh Rides

Sleigh rides are a romantic way to explore the city during wintertime. You can book a horse-drawn carriage tour in Munich to take you through the city’s beautiful streets and around some of its iconic attractions. The horse-drawn carriage tours usually last for about an hour and a half, allowing you to take in some of Munich’s most spectacular sights.

Traditional Bavarian Events

Munich is home to many traditional Bavarian events throughout wintertime. The most popular event is Fasching, which includes parades and other festivities that occur during the months of February and March. The Fasching Parade is an annual event that takes place on Shrove Sunday, with participants in colorful costumes marching through Munich’s streets. Other popular events include the Winter Carnival held in February each year and the December Solstice Festival, which is celebrated with traditional music, dancing, and storytelling.

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For those looking for an immersive experience into Munich’s famous beer culture, then book a Munich Beer Tour with Viator. This three-hour tour will take you on an exploration into Munich’s beer-making heritage, with stops at three different breweries where you can sample some of Germany’s most beloved brews. You’ll also get to visit a local beer hall and learn about the history of beer-making in Bavaria as well as some unique brewing techniques. By the end of the tour, you’ll have sipped on some of Munich’s finest beers and gained a newfound appreciation for this German tradition.

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Explore Munich in a fun and unique way on this Segway tour with GetYourGuide. This two-hour tour will take you around some of the city’s most iconic sights including Marienplatz, Hofgarten Park, and Odeonsplatz Square. You’ll be accompanied by an experienced guide who will provide insight into each of these attractions as well as some interesting facts about Munich’s history and culture. Whether you’re an experienced Segway rider or just looking for a new way to explore the city, this tour offers a great opportunity to experience Munich in an exciting way.


Munich is an amazing destination to visit during wintertime – from Christmas markets to outdoor activities like ice skating and snowtubing, there’s plenty to keep visitors entertained. For those looking to experience more traditional Bavarian events and culture, be sure to check out some of the local festivals and parades that take place throughout wintertime. And don’t forget to book some unique tours such as the Munich Beer Tour or Segway Tour – they’re sure to add an extra element of excitement to your trip!

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Munich Things To Do In Winter

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