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Museo Picasso Málaga: Ticket & Audioguide in Málaga

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Museo Picasso Málaga: Ticket & Audioguide in Málaga

The Museo Picasso Málaga has become one of the city’s most popular attractions since opening in 2003. Spanning the life of the world-famous artist, this museum highlights works from across multiple periods in Picasso’s prolific career. For those who wish to explore the wealth of fine art on display at this museum, it’s important to know how to purchase tickets and rent Audioguides to make the most of the experience.

Getting Your Tickets

The museum offers three types of tickets in general: normal, concession, and “lower price’ (which is available only to 16-25 year olds and people receiving certain benefits). However, only the normal and concession tickets can be bought online. The “lower price’ ticket requires proof of ID and must be purchased directly in the museum.

All tickets purchased online grant tourists free entry to the second floor of the museum once during their visit as well as discounts on all other services, such as guided tours, audio or video guides and activities for kids. The tickets purchased online cost €9 for adults, €5 for cultural concession (over 66 y/o, university students, unemployed…) and are valid for 7 days since the purchase date.

Buying Online Tickets

The simplest and most convenient way to purchase tickets for the museum is through the official Museo Picasso Málaga website. This website offers a wide selection of tickets that include different amenities and discounts.

Once on their website, first choose the language (Español, English, Cantonese, French, or Italian) then go to Admissions and click on Buy Tickets Online. Select the type of ticket desired and click Accept. A payment processing window will open up – fill out all the required information for payment. As soon as the payment is approved and finished, you will receive a confirmation by email.

Renting Audioguides

In addition to purchasing entrance tickets, visitors to the museo can also rent audioguides. Audioguides explain each exhibit in greater detail and can be rented for an additional fee. They can be rented online when you purchase entrance tickets or directly at the museum before entering.

If you choose to rent an audioguide when you purchase your tickets online, be sure to select the audioguide ticket when purchasing. Audioguide rental fees when purchased online are €5 for adults and €3 for cultural concession (over 66 y/o, university students, unemployed…).

If you decide that you would like to rent an audioguide when you arrive at the museum, you may do so at the ticket office – simply select audioguide rental when buying your tickets. Audioguide rental fees when purchased directly at the museum are €7 for adults (€6 with a ticket) and €2.50 for cultural concession (€2 with a ticket).

Visiting The Museum

Once your tickets are purchased and audioguides rented, your visit to Museo Picasso Málaga can begin. The museum will give you access to a vast collection of works by Pablo Picasso throughout his entire production – more than 5000 works. The collection includes paintings, sculptures, prototypes, photographs, sketches, metal works, ceramics, manuscripts, drawings and personal objects from different periods of his artistic career – from his Blue Period to his paintings from Cubism.

The permanent collection of works is presented in eight themed rooms related to various aspects of Picasso’s life: 1) his natal city Malaga; 2) his youth life in Barcelona; 3) his first years in Paris; 4) his study of classic greco-roman art; 5) his creation from cubism; 6) his return to Malaga; 7) his studio in Boisgeloup; 8) his relations with “el mundo íntimo’.

In addition to these themed rooms, they also have temporary exhibition halls located on two floors. These halls are dedicated to contemporary art and show conferences, round tables and concerts on topics related to Picasso’s life and work.

Making The Most Of Your Visit

To fully explore the museum and properly appreciate Picasso’s works, we recommend that you take a tour with a guide. This will give you a better understanding of each work as well as Picasso’s life and career as an artist.

As Picasso said: “Art washes away from your soul, the dust of everyday life”. So take a tour with one of their experienced guides and get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey through some of the greatest works created by Pablo Picasso.

If you want to enjoy the experience but don’t want to take a guided tour, then renting an audioguide is a great alternative. It will provide you with all the information you need to explore each exhibit in-depth without help from a tour group.

Timetable & Opening Times

The museum is open every day from 9 AM until 8 PM (last admission 7 PM). On November 1st, it is closed for Remembrance Day and on December 24th it opens at 11 AM until 1 PM. On December 31st it opens at 9:30 AM until 4 PM and it’s closed altogether on January 1st.

It’s important to keep in mind any travel restrictions that may be in place before visiting this museum as some exhibits may require reservations or additional security screening procedures.

Final Thoughts

For anyone interested in art history or simply appreciating art, Museo Picasso Málaga is a must-visit destination. Its comprehensive collection of works by Pablo Picasso spanning every era of his career is truly inspiring and informative. Before visiting, be sure you know how to purchase tickets as well as rent audio guides if desired. This will ensure a smooth visit once you arrive at the museum.
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benjamin davies Oja2ty 9ZLM unsplash

Museo Picasso Málaga: Ticket & Audioguide in Málaga

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