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New Orleans Haunted Pub Crawl

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New Orleans Haunted Pub Crawl: A Guide for Tourists

Have you ever been to New Orleans and wanted to explore its haunted past? Or maybe you’re planning a trip there soon and want to add some spooky evening fun to your itinerary? Take a look at this comprehensive guide to the many haunted pub crawls the Crescent City has to offer. Whether you’re looking for a guided tour of downtown drinking spots, a self-guided bar crawl in the French Quarter, or an outdoor night-time ghost tour, this guide has it all.

A History of New Orleans and its Haunted Pub Crawls

New Orleans is a city with a storied history of vibrant nightlife, rich culture, and creepy urban legends. Although it isn’t possible to visit every historic haunt, some curious travelers prefer to pay their respects in the city. What better way to explore New Orleans’ haunted past than a pub crawl through its oldest and most mysterious locations?

Pub crawls have been a popular activity in the city since the early 20th century. During Prohibition, many saloons and bars spanned underground and ran speakeasies that sold alcohol illegally and served as places for jazz musicians to perform. Today, these same haunts are visited by locals and tourists alike for an unforgettable night out.

What You Can Expect from a New Orleans Haunted Pub Crawl

New Orleans haunted pub crawls are designed to educate participants about the city’s rich history and paranormal activity. Tour guides are knowledgeable about local lore and urban legends, as well as any “haunted” spots in the area. During the tour, participants will be taken to various bar locations to sample craft beer, cocktails, and more. Additionally, many organizations hosting a pub crawl offer specialty food items and complimentary shots of traditional New Orleans cocktails.

The experience isn’t only about drinks; it’s also about learning about the city’s diverse and spooky history. Participants might be taken to sites such as cemeteries, voodoo shops, or underground tunnels that all offer insight into the past. Many pub crawls also involve interactive elements such as costumes, ghostly tales, and outdoor adventures.

Available Tours

If you’re interested in exploring New Orleans’ haunted pubs, here are some popular tours available to visitors:

New Orleans Haunted Pub Crawl

The New Orleans Haunted Pub Crawl is a walking tour of the city’s best-known bars and pubs. It lasts approximately three hours and visits three separate locations, including a classic French Quarter watering hole. Narration is provided by an experienced guide who will explain regional ghost stories and eerie tales of days gone by.

Voodoo and Ghosts in New Orleans

If you’re looking for a deeper dive into the city’s culture and history, consider the Voodoo and Ghosts in New Orleans Night Tour. This two-hour crawl explores the mysterious culture of voodoo practiced in New Orleans and includes stops at some of the area’s most haunted sights. Stop by a cemetery for some spooky stories about some of New Orleans’ most well-known figures before heading off to sample local alcohol delights.

New Orleans Above Ground Night Tour

For visitors more interested in visiting historic sites and famous spots in the French Quarter than stopping at pubs, the New Orleans Above Ground Night Tour may be the perfect fit. This two-hour guided experience takes travelers around some of the area’s most iconic sights, such as St. Louis Cathedral and Jackson Square. Along the way, experienced guides recount tales of hauntings, murder, civil unrest, and more – as well as offering glimpses inside local shops and cabarets.

Outdoor Ghost Hunt Experience

If you’re feeling particularly brave, or just want to leave the safety of traditional pubs, you may wish to consider going on an outdoor ghost hunt. This two-hour excursion takes visitors off the beaten path just outside of New Orleans proper where they’ll have the opportunity to use paranormal equipment such as EMF detectors, thermometers, and illumination machines while they track down ghouls. Not recommended for younger crowds – this one is strictly 18+ only!

Organizations Hosting Pub Crawls

Because pub crawls have become a popular public activity in New Orleans over the years, there are now many companies offering organized tours of haunted locations in the area. Here are just a few of them:

– Free Tours by Foot: This family-operated tour company provides free walking tours of New Orleans, including pub crawls. Tours last up to 2 hours and include stops at multiple attractions within an area of your choice.

– Play New Orleans: This group provides organized bar crawls from 11am to 2am every day of the week year-round. They also offer themed crawls for holidays such as Mardi Gras, Independence Day, and Halloween.

– New Orleans Tours & Activities: This company provides small group experiences with customized routes that focus on locations related to specific themes such as voodoo or ghost stories. They also provide private tours for individuals or groups who wish to create their own itinerary while still having an experienced guide accompany them.

It’s easy to find an organization offering a haunted pub crawl in New Orleans if you know where to look – consider checking online booking platforms such as GetYourGuide or TripAdvisor for more options!

Tips for Your Pub Crawl

– Bring cash! Many pubs specify that only cash is accepted at their bar.

– Wear comfortable shoes! You’ll be on your feet a lot during your crawl, so wear something that won’t pinch or rub.

– Make sure someone knows where you’re going! You never know when you might need help or want to share your experience with friends or family members who aren’t able to join you on the crawl itself.

– Hydrate! Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout your night so you don’t get dehydrated from all those drinks!

– Bring a camera! Taking photos along your journey is a great way to capture memories and document your eerie adventures along the way!

With these tips in mind, you’ll have a fun and safe experience on any pub crawls you take around New Orleans. The best part is knowing you’ll have plenty of ghostly tales to tell when you return home! With all there is to explore both indoors and outdoors in the Big Easy, why not add haunted pub crawling to your itinerary? For all details, prices and availability information related to pub crawls in New Orleans make sure to visit GetYourGuide.

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New Orleans Haunted Pub Crawl

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