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Nightlife Guiding Stockholm: What To Expect and Where To Go

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Nightlife Guiding Stockholm: What To Expect and Where To Go

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and one of the most vibrant cities in the Nordics. It has a buzzing nightlife, with a huge variety of night venues, from stylish restaurants and classical music halls to electronic music festivals and nightclubs. Despite its small size, Stockholm has something to offer for every taste. In this guide, we will explore the best nightlife scenes in the city, from old-fashioned but stylish cocktails bars to state-of-the-art dance floors.

Unique and Refined: Beauty Bar

The Beauty Bar at Ugglan is one of the most popular destinations in Stockholm’s nightlife. Located in the hipster area of Södermalm, you will find yourself surrounded by interesting locals, a relaxed atmosphere and delicious food. At Beauty Bar, you can order drinks from sazeracs to Negronis and enjoy traditional Swedish food dishes. Besides that, you can salsa dance to the music or jam to the sickest tunes from guest DJs. For those in search of some unusual fun, there’s also burlesque shows and live performances every now and then. My personal opinion is that Beauty Bar is just the perfect place to be: it’s vibrant yet laid-back vibe makes it a great bar to relax and have a good time with friends.

Elegant and Stylish: Scandic Malmen

Scandic Malmen is one of Stockholm’s most iconic bars. Located near Norrmalmstorg Square, this bar offers a cozy atmosphere and beautiful decor. With its wooden walls, vintage furniture and antique décor, it’s the perfect place to relax with a drink. On Fridays and Saturdays it plays great music that attracts large crowds of people looking for something different than the clubs and bars around. Scandic Malmen also offers a wide selection of drinks, ranging from classic cocktails to innovative creations like the Award Winning Drinks. I personally think Scandic Malmen is an excellent place to unwind after a long day at work and spend a pleasant evening with friends in an elegant setting.

Party All Night: Café Opera

Café Opera is one of Stockholm’s most popular nightclubs for a good reason: it has something for everyone. Located in rustic Gamla Stan (Old Town), it is a place for exclusive gatherings and party until early morning hours. With a perfect mix between classic and modern tunes, this club is always packed with visitors from all corners of Stockholm. The club has three floors with different atmospheres: the lower floor which is the main lounge area, and two upper rooms – the Red Room, which is mainly electro music, and the Black Room which plays more mainstream. What I personally love about this place is that with its huge dance floor and impressive sound system, you don’t need anything else but your own body to have a great time.

Mysterious and Queer: King Kong

King Kong is one of Stockholm’s oldest queer clubs with an atmospheric dimly-lit interior where young queers can meet and mingle over music ranging from hip hop to techno. Located just off Östermalmstorg Square, King Kong invites everyone regardless of color or gender identity to its events which are known for their twirling dancefloors and welcoming vibes. I myself wouldn’t mind visiting King Kong some day – it’s one those places you don’t compute until you experience it for yourself.


Tevlingen has been Stockholm’s go-to destination for electronic music since its inception in 1995. Every weekend experienced local DJs play here as well as innovative guests from all around the world who bring their own sounds to Tevlingen. The club itself is situated in the industrial architecture of south Stockholm and naturally provides an intimate atmosphere where visitors can really let go of their worries. Personally, I would love to have the opportunity to experience Tevlingen – the concept seems quite amazing!

Mama’s Bar (Morfar Ginko)

Mama’s Bar – or Morfar Ginko if you’re local – is situated in the hip Södermalm district of Stockholm and offers something special to visitors who come here: a laid-back atmosphere and quality music spun by resident DJs as well as international guests who come here from all over the world to perform. The bar has two levels with café, cocktailbar and the club – all in one building. The cocktailbar itself offers an impressive selection of drinks so no matter if you prefer classics like Negroni or fancy drinks with ginger and lime, Mama’s has it all! Personally, I would definitely want to check out Mama’s Bar – it seems to be a very interesting spot!

Chez Riz

Chez Riz – or Chez Moi if you speak French – is Stockholm’s premier underground club located in the popular Stureplan area and offers something different than other spots: the area is quite small and has a real raw atmosphere with its rough walls and graffiti markings all around it. The club caters mostly to house music enthusiasts but also sets aside some space for more underground styles such as jazz and funk. Aside from the music which is amazing by itself, Chez Riz has an impressive selection of drinks too; my favorite has been their take on the classic French Martini – pink, refreshing and delicious! My personal opinion about Chez Riz is that this place is truly unique; definitely worth visiting if you’re into underground music!

Nosh & Chow

Nosh & Chow is a contemporary restaurant and bar located in central Stockholm near Stureplan Square. The atmosphere here is great – stylish furnishings, modern decor and cozy vibes – all that on top of great drinks, delicious food and innovative entertainment. The bar primarily serves up classic cocktails like negronis, martinis, old-fashioneds and the like alongside tasty Asian-fusion bites – all seasoned with subtle music played by local DJs. Personally I’m quite fond of Nosh & Chow; there are few places in Stockholm where you can find such an inviting atmosphere as here!

The Golden Hits Club

The Golden Hits Club – formerly known as Kafe Opera – is another amazing place for some unique nightlife experience in Stockholm. Located in SoFo, this small but cozy bar offers live music from DJs as well as occasional live concerts from local bands which are always worth watching. The Amazing atmosphere here is quite unique; think of vintage vibes combined with bold colors creating something quite extraordinary. What I think about it? Well, I haven’t had the chance to check it out yet but if I ever get the chance I would certainly not pass on it considering all that great feedback!

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