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Northern Lights Forecast Tonight in Fairbanks: What You Need To Know?

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Northern Lights Forecast Tonight in Fairbanks: What You Need To Know?

Are you looking for a breathtaking adventure tonight? Do you want to see a captivating celestial show that only nature can provide? Then you should be on the watch for northern lights forecast tonight in Fairbanks, Alaska – one of the most stunning displays of the aurora borealis in the world.

Aurora borealis is a spectacular natural phenomenon of light display that happens when electrically charged particles from the sun collide and enter the earth’s magnetic field, creating a wonderful burst of colorful light in the sky. Northern lights are visible in various parts of the globe, but Alaska is one of the best places to witness this celestial event.

So, what do you need to know and do to witness the northern lights forecast tonight in Fairbanks? Read on to find out.

Check the Northern Lights Forecast

The first and essential thing you should do when you plan to watch Northern Lights in Fairbanks is to check the Northern Lights forecast. There are a few ways to do this, such as downloading apps like Aurora Forecast and Aurora Alerts or using sites like Geophysical Institute, which release up-to-date predictions and vital information on the aurora borealis. The forecast can predict the aurora’s intensity, cloud cover, and visibility, helping you decide where and when to witness the aurora borealis.

From September to April, Alaska welcomes the possibility of northern lights and although Fairbanks is one of the best spots, no location is guaranteed to see it, so it’s worth consulting the aurora forecast, and check the weather conditions beforehand to avoid disappointment

Choose the Right Time

The next step is to choose the right time. It’s worth noting that the aurora borealis is visible from late August to mid-April at Fairbanks, but it’s most active from 11 pm to 3 am. That’s when the night sky is darkest, allowing us to see the light show clearly. Keep in mind that the aurora doesn’t have a schedule and could appear in the sky with little warning, so be prepared to spend some time outside.

Find a Dark Location

The darker the location, the better the experience. When finding a spot to view the northern lights, try to avoid light pollution as much as possible. Leaving the city and heading away from street lamps into the darkness of nature will give you a better view. The Fairbanks area is much more remote than many other places, which makes it an ideal location for viewing.

To ensure that you will have a clear sky, we suggest you also check the weather forecast too. Cloudy skies will obstruct your view of the aurora borealis.

Dress Appropriately

Alaska’s winter season can be brutal, with temperatures reaching below freezing levels. When heading outside to see the northern lights, you must dress properly to avoid hypothermia or frostbite. Wear multiple layers of warm and waterproof clothes, good boots, and gloves making sure you keep your body and limbs warm. It’s essential to dress not just for comfort, but for safety too.

Ready Your Camera Equipment

Don’t forget to bring along your camera equipment to capture the magical moment you witness the northern lights forecast tonight in Fairbanks. Make sure your camera is set in manual mode so you can adjust the focus, shutter speed, and aperture as needed. Wide-angle lenses are best suited for capturing the vastness of the aurora in the sky, and a sturdy tripod will aid in keeping your shots stable. It’s also recommended to have spare batteries, memory cards, and an intervalometer to take several shots over a period for a time-lapse.


The Northern Lights show can be spectacular if you know when and where to go in Fairbanks. Checking the aurora forecast, choosing the right time and location, and dressing appropriately are essential steps to take to make sure you have the best experience. So, armed with these tips, grab your gear and head out to witness the breathtaking beauty that is the aurora borealis.

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Northern Lights Forecast Tonight in Fairbanks: What You Need To Know?

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